Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


17. Chel

I gasped for air as I reached the surface. Not only were the choppy waves made it hard for me to swim to the raft, but they were making me seasick. But, with luck, I managed to reach the raft.
   “Anything?” Tulio gulped. It looked like he was getting seasick, too. “Not for now, but for later. You know, when the waves aren’t so... choppy.”
   “No,” I replied.
   It’s been five days since we left Arendelle. Since then we’ve been lost out to sea, with no map, no water and no food. Every day, I swam underwater for a few times to try and catch some fish, but there was no fish or anything we could eat wherever we moved.
   “You want to try again?” suggested Tulio.
   I sighed. I had dived down for eight times already this morning. But then my rumbling stomach made me remember that I was getting hungrier as everyday passed by. So I took another deep breath and dived down.
   I tried to swim down to the bottom of the ocean, but, the further down I went, the more of nothing I found. I was starting to think that if the fish were hiding during the storm above.
   Soon I felt like I was losing air. So I started to swim back up to the surface. I was swimming so fast that I wasn’t even looking where I was going.
   BUMP! OW! My head hurt. I quickly opened my eyes to see that I’d just bumped my head very hard on something. It was the hull of a ship. I made my way back to the surface and gasped for air. I saw a big boat in front of me. I saw the anchor being dropped down.
   I looked up to see someone I was very pleased to see.
   “Miguel!” I cried happily.
   Ever since Tulio and I left Miguel in Arendelle, I have been wondering if blind anger forced us to leave him there. Also I have been thinking about what he said, about whether we were relying on him too much. But I knew one thing for certain: I missed him. I didn’t know if Tulio did, but I did and was completely overjoyed to see Miguel, along with all the food and water on his ship, after I climbed up to board the ship.
   “I thought you were staying in Arendelle,” I said, as I hugged him.
   “Yes, well, about that – ”
   I turned around to see Tulio coming aboard. “Miguel?”
   Miguel sighed. Then I watched him head over.
   “You were right, Tulio,” he said. “I wasn’t using the little voice and was speaking my mind too much.”
   “Well, we weren’t using the little voice either,” Tulio said. “Weren’t we, Chel?”
   We? I reminded him about how it was him and him alone who decided to sail away from Arendelle in a flash.
   “Oh, yeah,” said Tulio.
   Then Miguel put his hand out. “Partner.”
   Tulio took his hand. “Partner.”
   Then they did their handshake.
   “Well, you managed to get a bigger boat, I’ll give you that,” smiled a proud Tulio, as he looked around. Then he ran over to the crates where the water and supplies were coming from.
I was about to join Tulio, until I stopped and saw Miguel sitting next to the mast. He was looking quite sad.
   “What’s wrong, Miguel?” I asked, as I walked towards him.
   “Oh, uh, nothing,” he told me. I could see he was lying.
   “You miss your friends from Arendelle, don’t you?” I said.
   “Well, there wouldn’t be anything exciting for me back there,” said Miguel. “I mean, Anna has got Kristoff and it’s not like Elsa needs me to be a king. Or a knight.”
   “It’s okay, Miguel,” I said, putting my hands on his shoulder. “I know what you’re going through.”
   “You do?” he asked.
   “Yes,” I replied. “Before you guys came into my life, the only friend I had in El Dorado was this guy called Tlazopilli. I called him ‘Tlaz’.”
   “Better name, in my opinion,” said Miguel.
   “Anyway, I spent a lot of time with Tlaz,” I continued. “I loved being with him because he was adventurous, funny and romantic. The more time we spent together, the more we fell in love. But just before he was about to propose to me, Tzekel-Kan had him arrested and executed for stealing gold rings from the gods’ temple.” Telling the whole story started to make me tear up.
   “I’m sorry,” Miguel said.
   Then I wiped the tears from my eyes. “That was when I decided there was nothing for me to stay in El Dorado and decided to come with you guys.”
   “Uh, I’m trying my best to be not stupid,” said Miguel, “but I’m not getting your point.”
   “My point is I know how you feel about leaving Arendelle,” I said, “but, in time, you will get over it and remember about the good times you’ve had. And I’m glad you’re back.”
   “And so am I,” said Tulio, as he approached. “Besides, what about all that fuss you made about not wanting to go back to Spain?”
   “Well, this made me change my mind about Spain,” said Miguel. “If we do get to it, that is.”
   Then I saw Miguel getting out a little bag. He threw it to me. I opened the bag and looked inside. I was amazed.
   “Whoa!” I cried.
   “Whoa!” Tulio dug into the bag and pulled a handful of diamonds.
   “I know it’s not a tenth of the pile of gold from El Dorado,” said Miguel, “but this could be worth a fortune if we sell it.”
   “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” said Tulio. “Everyone, new plan. If the next place we stop off at is not Spain, we find whatever riches we can and take them and sell them when we get to Spain.”
   “Or whichever place we may decide to retire to,” I suggested.
   “Probably,” said Tulio.
   “Or what about buying more food and water,” said Miguel.
   “What do you mean?” asked Tulio, looking at the food and water crates. “Didn’t you ask Elsa to give you enough – ”
   Then he looked back at the crates where Altivo was.
   “No!” yelled Tulio, as he ran to shoo the horse away from the supply crates. “Bad boy! Go away!”
   Miguel and I just giggled.
   “Now we don’t have even a day’s worth of food now,” moaned Tulio.
   “Well, then, we’d better get our adventures started,” I told the boys.
   “Aye aye,” said Miguel as he saluted.
   Then he and Tulio, who were best friends once again, went to weigh the anchor up. I released the sails and the big wind gave us a big push. We didn’t know where we were going, but I did know wherever we were going, we were going... with the flow. 

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