Scandinavian Goblin Rebellion

A 'Road to El Dorado' and 'Frozen' crossover.
A lot is going on in Arendelle. After finding land after his adventures in El Dorado, Miguel is kidnapped along with Anna and Olaf by goblins. As Elsa, Kristoff, Tulio and Chel go to rescue them, there is also an even darker force about to spread...


9. Chel

Early sunrise woke us up. When I said ‘we’, I meant ‘me’ alone really. I was always an early bird. I stood up and stretched. Everyone else was still sleeping. I looked around to see if there was anything we could eat quickly for breakfast. Then I saw an apple tree nearby. I walked over and started to climb it.
   Most of the apples were at the very top. The better looking ones, anyway. I jumped up to grab the top branches and I caught one, but the apples fell down onto the ground.
   “Whoa! What?” Tulio yelled, as he jumped onto his feet.
   Elsa quickly rose up, alerted and arms ready for action.
   Kristoff and Sven also woke up alert, too. And a very scared Altivo neighed wildly.
   “It came from that apple tree!” cried Tulia, pointing to the tree I was hanging onto.
   Altivo and Sven were the first ones to dig into the apples.
   “Chel, what are you doing?” Tulio asked me, as I made my way down to the ground.
   “Since we don’t have time to waste, I got us a little something for breakfast,” I told everyone, as I held two apples in each of my hands. “Here, take them before Altivo and Sven do.” And I threw to an apple each to my friends.
   “Good idea, Chel,” said Elsa, as she caught and examined her apple. “Now let’s get going.”
   We were about to start but both the animals were groaning.
   “Oh, God!” yelled Tulio, as he frustratingly walked to Altivo. “Fine time you picked to get tummy ache, horse!” He tried to pull the horse up, but had no success.
   “Not this time, Sven,” said Kristoff, as he tended to the lying-down reindeer.
   “‘But I’m not feeling well’,” he said talking for Sven.
   “Well, it’s your fault for eating too many – ”
   Then his face was under attack by a flying storm of apples cores. Sven chuckled a little. 
   “Very funny,” said Kristoff.
   Elsa and I couldn’t help but find it a little bit funny.
   “Hey, how about a little less laughing and a little bit more helping me get the horse up?” snapped Tulio.
   I quickly went over to him and helped Altivo up. Then I saw something on the ground. I leaned down and put my finger in the wheel tracks. Then I looked ahead.
   “What are you doing, Chel?” asked Kristoff.
   “Oh, just finding out where the goblins precisely went,” I replied.
   The others came a bit closer to me and looked at the tracks the goblin cart made.
   “Well, now that we know where we’re going,” said Elsa, “let’s not waste any more time.”
   And she led the way, followed by me, by Kristoff and Sven.
   “Hey, a little help, please?” called Tulio.
   But all he got was Altivo’s head on his shoulder.
   “Oh, great,” he sighed.

The tracks took us into a big forest. We were still following the tracks, but we were so long in that forest for so long that I was beginning to think that we were starting to get lost.
   “Hold it!” whispered Kristoff, who was in front of us. “Behind this tree!”
   We ran behind the nearest big tree.
   “What is it?” asked Elsa.
   Kristoff put his head around and pointed ahead. We all looked ahead to see some goblins running out past the tree line of the forest.
   “Guys, over here,” whispered Tulio.
   We all turned to see Tulio and Altivo over by another big tree. He waved for us to come over and we all did. He pointed ahead and we saw the monsters in front of the giant mountain.
   “I can see Olaf in that prison carriage,” said Elsa. “But not Anna.”
   “I can’t see Miguel, either,” I said.
   “So what do we do?” asked Kristoff.
   “I don’t know,” said Tulio. “We really need a plan and I can’t make one without something like a map.”
   I took one look at the goblins and the mountain. Then I had an idea. “Elsa, can you give me some snow?” I asked.
   “I can’t,” she said. “You heard what the trolls said.”
   “Just a patch of snow at where I am,” I said. “Trust me. I know what I’m doing.”
   Elsa pushed her arms out and soon there was a patch of snow under my feet. Without making a noise, I quickly jumped away from its chillness.
   “Sorry,” said Elsa.
   Then I got a stick and I started drawing.
   “Why are you playing in the snow?” asked Tulio.
   “I’m actually working,” I replied.
   Everyone came to see what I was doing. I was finished with my drawing.
   “Nice picture, Chel,” said Tulio. “But what is it suppose to be actually?”
   “A map.” I pointed to the triangle I had drawn with my stick. “Triangle is the mountain. And the ‘M’ and ‘A’ on it is for Miguel and Anna, who I assume is in the mountain at the moment. ” Then I went down on my map. “Wiggly lines are the goblins. Square is the prison carriage where your snow buddy is in.”
   I moved the stick down and pointed on the lightly drawn line I had drawn. “This line is the forest we’re in currently.” Then I pointed to a carrot. “Carrot’s Sven. Apple’s Altivo. Snowflake is Elsa. Hammer is Kristoff. Flower is me. And Tulio – you’re the stone.”
   “I can’t see a drawn stone,” said Tulio.
   “No, no,” I said. Then I pointed to the little stone on my map. He didn’t look impressed.
   “Well, I ran out of ideas and space,” I told him. “And I don’t have any plans of how we’re going to do this, but I hope this helps you guys.”
   Tulio approached me. “Stick, please.” And I gave it to him.
   “This is my idea,” he said. “Snowflake could create a blizzard – ” We all looked at him as if he hadn’t been paying attention about Elsa’s risk of using her powers at all. “ – a secret blizzard – without those monsters knowing, you know, while everyone could dig a tunnel under the mountain, assuming ‘M’ and ‘A’ are inside the mountain, that is.”
   “Well, here’s my idea,” said Kristoff. “How about we all just fake our deaths, let the wiggly lines come and find us? Then they take us to the triangle. Then we can try to get in and rescue our friends.”
   “And just how do we fake our deaths?” asked Tulio.
   “We could use crush some berries onto our clothes and pretend that we’ve been scratched to death by wolves,” replied Kristoff.
   “Do you have any ideas, Elsa?” I asked.
   “No,” replied Elsa. “I don’t know anything about goblins or witches.”
   Tulio giggled quietly.
   Elsa glared at him. “Did I say something funny?”
   “Well, your Majesty, what you just said was funny coming from someone who has ice and snow powers and who knows trolls,” he giggled.
   “So you think just because I have ice and snow powers, that I know every witch, fire-breathing dragon and every magical creature in the whole – ”
   “Hey, where’s Sven?” asked Kristoff.
   We all looked around. Sven was nowhere to be seen. And neither was Altivo.
   “Where are they?” asked Kristoff.
   “I hope they’re not where I think they are,” said Tulio.
   We looked at where he was looking at. He groaned and banged his head on the tree in frustration, which meant that his fear had come true. Altivo and Sven were running to the goblins!
   “No, Sven, come back!” cried Kristoff, starting to run after him, but Elsa grabbed him.
   “There’s nothing we can do for them,” she said.
   “But why are they running to them?” Kristoff asked.
   “Probably because of those,” I cried, pointing to a bag of carrots in the hands of one of the goblins.
   “Hey, that looks like my bag,” said Kristoff. Then he checked his coat and his pockets. “Oh, no.”
   “Oh, yes! We took them from you when you weren’t looking!”
   We all turned around to see goblins with swords and bows and arrows aimed at us.
   Elsa stepped forward. “I am Queen Elsa of Arendelle and I demand – ”
   An arrow fired at her feet.
   “That’s far enough, Your Majesty,” said one goblin.
   Elsa angrily grinded her teeth and pushed her hands out, but she was knocked down and a goblin held a sword at her throat.
   “Do you really want to do this?” she asked. “Do you really want to see your sister coming out of that mountain to find you and your friends dead?”
   Elsa sighed as she led the goblin handcuffed her. “If anything happens to my sister – ”
   The goblin slapped her face. Then the other goblins handcuffed us, got us on her feet and started pushing us.

We were thrown into the prison carriage where the snowman Olaf was.
   “Elsa! Kristoff!” cried Olaf.
   “Hey, little guy!” cried Elsa, hugging him.
   “How are you doing, buddy?” asked Kristoff.
   “I’m great!” cried Olaf. “I’m still in one shape!”
   “But your nose is missing,” said Elsa.
   “Oh, yeah,” said Olaf, as he used his stick arms to feel between his eyes and his mouth. “I forgot about that.” Then he looked at Tulio and me. “So who are your new friends?”
   “We’re friends of Miguel,” said Tulio. “I’m Tulio and this is Chel.”
   “Olaf, how long has Anna and Miguel been in the mountain?” asked Elsa.
   “All morning,” replied Olaf. “It’s all been very boring in this cage.”
   “Did you hear any shouting or groaning?” asked Tulio.
   “Well, some of the goblins had been wrestling to keep themselves entertained,” Olaf replied.
   “From the mountain,” said Tulio.
   “Oh, now you care about your friends now, do you?”
   We looked ahead to see the same goblin that handcuffed and slapped Elsa hanging around the cage. There were two little goblins next to her and they were tying Altvio and Sven to the prison carriage.
   “These friends of yours, Olaf?” asked Kristoff.
   “Well, I thought they were my friends,” replied Olaf. “I thought they were our friends who were going to get me and Anna and Miguel out of this mess. But, in fact, they’re the very ones who tricked Anna and Miguel to go into the mountain in the first place.”
   “Well, in our point of views, we have more faith in them than you do,” said the goblin. “Beata’s the name, by the way. This is Heddy and Abram, my nephew and niece.”
   “What do you mean you have more faith in them than we do?” demanded Elsa.
   “Well, we’ve heard your friends talking to each other last night,” said Heddy.
   “And your snow buddy over there will know we ain’t lying,” said Abram.
   “Yeah, you big man, being a workaholic – all work and no time for Anna.” Heddy laughed at the angry-looking Kristoff.
   “And you two giving Miguel all the jobs so you two can hug and kiss all the time,” Abram teased Tulio and me. This angered us a lot.
   Tulio stood up. “Whatever business I have with Chel is private!”
   “Is that one of the millions rules you gave Miguel?” asked Abram. “Or is that one flaw you’re going to let fly past for once in your life? Would it kill you?”
   Abram laughed evilly. Tulia groaned and sat back down again.
   “And, you, sister,” Beata said to Elsa. “Ha! I don’t know how or why Anna still lives with you – being busy dating with princes and rich boys, while she’s been doing all the hard work with negotiations without praise and recognition.”
   Elsa just glared at her.
   “Also I heard Miguel had plans to take Anna away from this place and have adventures on their own,” said Heddy.
   “And, you know what, I don’t blame them for wanting to,” said Abram. “I bet they’re happier in that dangerous mountain than being stuck with these miserable cows.”
   “Olaf, is it true?” asked Elsa. “Has Anna been feeling like this?”
   “And is Miguel planning to run off with her?” asked Tulio. “Without us?”
   Olaf sighed. “Yes, they said all that. And they also said that I could come with them and share their adventures. With my flurry, there is nothing that can stop. Not even fire breathing dragons who can - ”
   We just sat down and were very quiet while Olaf went on about the adventures he wanted to have. I felt like we were wasted our time looking for Miguel if he didn’t want to be with us anymore. Tulio seemed more silent and upset than I was. And I could understand that since he had been friends with Miguel since childhood.
   I didn’t know if Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf felt the same about Anna, but they didn’t look any happier than us.

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