A Desire of the Heart

With a heavy heart a lone wolf wanders around. Nobody knows the true story of this despicable creature, and so far no one intends to do so. What can something like that hide beneath the cold and feared reputation?

Copyright 2014*TheOneAndOnly*

To any of my old readers, i have one other story on here, a story i once was very proud of. But about a month ago i gave it a look over and i am ashamed of my grammar.. damn. So when i finish this story i will probably go through it and fix it up, also the wholes in the plot i discovered.
(Also i had started another story, One Mistake, which i am sad to say got removed my Movellas so i apologize to anyone who enjoyed the story)


1. Prologue

My paws dug into the ground and pushed me forward even faster. I could hear several thumping behind me and I knew they eventually would catch up with me. I could hear my own ragged breathing, mixing in with the growling behind me. Growling, their wordless threats I somehow knew exactly what meant.

Rouges were not welcome anywhere, this pack was no excuse. But to have 5 trackers hunting me down were a surprise. Normally I wandered from land to land, boarder to boarder without getting noticed much. But then again, when someone noticed me, an abnormal, grey wolf wandering and smelling like rouge, shit got real.

Just like today, shit. My eyes were frantically searching for a way out. I knew they were just doing their job, to protect their pack, and I would never hurt them for that. Two of them were females, their wolves were built differently as well as their smell, in some way it comforted me. Males reacted strangely towards me, and I didn’t like it one bit.

I quickly changed my direction rounding a tree and lowered my head to increase my speed. I could still hear them hot on my trail and I felt my fur slowly soak itself in sweat.

I panicked, I had to get away quickly, or else people would get hurt. Suddenly other smells surrounded me, and with wide eyes I realised that wolves were also coming from my front, and with a quick glance to the sides I saw even more. I was trapped.

I slowed my speed and whimpered as I took a stance of obedience. I prayed that no one would touch me.

With wary eyes I glanced around and saw a circle of wolves, both male and female, had surrounded me. As I made eye contact with a few I saw most of them soften, and a few eyes widened. Within a time span of 30 seconds all 20 or so wolves had changed into their human form. I shrunk even more, I felt exposed, even though I was the only one properly covered.

A girl stood out from the circle. Trembling I looked at her.

“Show yourself.” She commanded. I shivered of the power rolling off of her, an Alpha. My head shook itself. She took a few steps closer.

“Show yourself, I said.” She said in a low threatening voice. I whimpered and looked away. I saw her take two more threatening steps towards me, and in panic I shifted faster than ever and held out my hand.

“Please… I beg you don’t come near me…” I said with tears running down my cheeks. Her eyes widened and a chorus of growls sounded around me. I curled up trying to hide myself. I could still feel the sweat on my body and the slight uncomfortable sting that came with it. I was still looking pleadingly at her...

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