A Desire of the Heart

With a heavy heart a lone wolf wanders around. Nobody knows the true story of this despicable creature, and so far no one intends to do so. What can something like that hide beneath the cold and feared reputation?

Copyright 2014*TheOneAndOnly*

To any of my old readers, i have one other story on here, a story i once was very proud of. But about a month ago i gave it a look over and i am ashamed of my grammar.. damn. So when i finish this story i will probably go through it and fix it up, also the wholes in the plot i discovered.
(Also i had started another story, One Mistake, which i am sad to say got removed my Movellas so i apologize to anyone who enjoyed the story)


4. Chapter 3*

“Please tell me he is lying…” He mumbled into my hair.

“I don’t know why or if they feel that thing. But no matter the case I do not. I’ve only ever felt like this with you…” I replied. He let out a shaky breath.

“We need to figure out why they all think that you are their mate.” He said it through gritted teeth and tightened his grip. I held onto the side of his hand, not wanting him to let me go.

“Where will he lock me up?” I mumbled softly. I had been locked up one too many times and didn’t cope well with it. A low growl sounded from his chest.

“If he gets past me and actually goes through with it,” he paused and somehow got me turned around so he could see my face. “It will probably be in the dungeons.” He took a deep breath. “But I wont allow it.” He sounded too sure of him self. I knew his brother was the Alpha, which meant he had a certain power over everyone treading his land.

I sighed and nuzzled into him. The mate bond surprised me, but in a good way.
I feared that he would leave me once he saw the full aspect of what I was capable of. Everybody did.

After a while of just thinking he took out his phone.

“I just have to make a quick call, I will be right outside the door…” He softly said and reluctantly helped me off of his lap. I nodded and curled up on top of the bed. My mind couldn’t cope with all of this. I saw a pillow and slowly hugged it to my front, for some sort of comfort.
The last time someone locked me up, they said it was a special cell, which I would never get out of. Then one day I was leaning against the bars and all of the guards had thrown a fit, for THAT reason. They tortured me for hours. Eventually they thought I was dead and dumped me in a lake. When I woke up I had drifted to the boarder of the lake and I hurried to get away, as far from their land as possible. I still had scars and bruises from that. Many of them, in my mind.
I could not go through that again. I would break down mentally.
Lost in thought I didn’t notice the door open. A hand on my shoulder made me turn quickly. Elene was standing with a curious look on her face.

“Can I speak with you?” She asked. I merely nodded and scooted away so she could sit down. She did so and looked at me.

“You really don’t know why the wolves felt the way they did, do you?” She said almost as a fact, but gave me the opportunity to answer.

“No I really don’t… I just know that I didn’t feel it towards them… Only Nathan.” I mumbled. She nodded.

“Did you realise why the wolves growled, back in the forest? When you shifted and were crying?” She asked.

“Because I addressed their Luna in a threatening way. I know the drill of a pack…” I mumbled. She chuckled.

“Well that would have been the obvious reason. But actually… They all felt protective of you. They saw you in a very vulnerable state, and somehow they felt some kind of connection towards you and therefore they… they got angered to see you like that. Even the females.” She thought for a moment. “Neither them or I know what this connection is, but we all know it is there. Even Hunter, even though he wont admit it.” She smiled at me. I nodded and looked shyly into my lap. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t remember the last person, who had a sincere conversation with me.

Just as I was about to reply a loud growl erupted from the hall.

“ELENE! I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU ARE WITH THAT…” He never finished the sentence as he burst through the door and saw us.

“That’s it! Get away from my wife! You are going to the dungeon, NOW!” He roared in pure anger. With wide eyes I stared at him as he marched towards me. The fear rushed through my veins and I felt the sweat already. I scooted back to try and make some distance between us. When he continued and ignored his mates pleads, I hurried and jumped of the other side of the bed and ran as quickly as I could out the door. I heard a slam and I knew he was right behind me. For a second I looked back and just as I did I ran face first into someone. That someone being Nathan.

“Laura what… AUCH GOD DAMN IT!” He cursed as he dried his hand in his pants. He had gripped my bare arm.

“Oh my god… Nathan I am so sorry…” I started sobbing as huge blisters started forming on his hand. He looked at me as his features softened.

“Hey… It’s not that bad. Just relax what is wrong?” Just as he said that Hunter came around the corner. He saw Nathan clutch his hand and even more anger erupted from him.

“You little…” He hissed. He started approaching me and the sweat was rolling off of me. Before he got too close, Nathan stepped in front of me.

“Hunter you gave me an hour, now chill. She hasn’t done anything…” he said trying to calm his brother.

She hasn’t done anything!? Then what is that on your hand!? And tell me why the fuck she was talking to Elene? I bet you, she was brainwashing her or something!” He exclaimed. Nathan growled lowly.

“Back off Hunter. Go be with Elene and figure out if she has been brainwashed.” He sourly said. Hunter’s eyes flashed with fire. A shiver ran down my spine from the power suddenly floating from him.

“I Alpha Hunter Woods, order you, Nathan Woods to step out of the way and let me lock her up.” He said in a voice that could make the biggest and most bad dragon crawl into a mouse hole.

My eyes widened. Although I hadn’t lived in a pack, I knew the rules. Alpha Hunter just made a huge mistake. I quickly wiped off my hand in my shirt and reached out to touch Nathan. Hoping it would make the damage smaller. But before I could touch him he took a step to the side and I could see his entire body shaking and the tears leaving his eyes didn’t go unnoticed by me.

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