A Desire of the Heart

With a heavy heart a lone wolf wanders around. Nobody knows the true story of this despicable creature, and so far no one intends to do so. What can something like that hide beneath the cold and feared reputation?

Copyright 2014*TheOneAndOnly*

To any of my old readers, i have one other story on here, a story i once was very proud of. But about a month ago i gave it a look over and i am ashamed of my grammar.. damn. So when i finish this story i will probably go through it and fix it up, also the wholes in the plot i discovered.
(Also i had started another story, One Mistake, which i am sad to say got removed my Movellas so i apologize to anyone who enjoyed the story)


3. Chapter 2*

“Can I help you up?” He asked. I shook my head and slowly stood up myself. He sighed and stood up as well.

“I’ll show you where you can take a shower, after that we need to talk. Okay?” he asked softly. I breathed in deeply and nodded. He walked up a flight of stairs and down to the end of a hall.

“This is my room, and I guess my clothes will have to do for now.” He mumbled as he opened a few drawers.  He took out a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. He handed them to me and I made sure not to touch him by accident. He then opened the door to a bathroom and I walked in.

“There is no lock, but I will sit out here and make sure nobody come in there.” He assured me. I quietly thanked him and walked inside. I closed the door and placed the clothes on the counter. I hurried to remove the t-shirt and put it in a bin. It was nearly soaked in sweat.

I turned on the water and found a towel before stepping in. I enjoyed the feeling of the sweat leaving my body, and even more when I rinsed with soap. Lastly I washed my hair, it wasn’t in need but I felt dirty, and I feared that there were remains of the sweat in it. I enjoyed the water for a few seconds before turning it off. I quickly dried of with a towel and pulled on the clothes. My hair was very wet but I couldn’t really do much about it. With a deep breath I exited the bathroom and found Nathan sitting on his bed; lost in thought.

When he heard me his head flew up and his eyes locked on mine. His eyes were flashing in colour and I knew it was his wolf trying to get out. With cautious steps he came closer to me. I backed against the wall and soon he was so close that I could feel the warmth of his body. As his scent hit me I almost passed out. He smelled so good. He took a sniff as well and within a second he had his face in my neck breathing in deeply. My eyes opened wide, but I quickly discovered that he was only familiarising himself with my scent. His hands wrapped around my waist as I could feel his heavy breathing on the side of my neck. My body was responding to him, in a way only mates did. There wasn’t a bone with doubt in me that he was my mate. 

Though I feared that he would reject me, as everybody else had. But for the time being, I enjoyed the feeling of being loved and cared for, a feeling that over time had become very foreign to me.

After a good minute he pulled back slightly.

“What’s your name?” He asked, as he looked me straight in the eye.

“Laura…” I mumbled.

“Why wouldn’t you let me touch you before?” He asked with hidden hurt in his voice. I sighed.

“It is a long story…” I said.

He pulled back and with a tug on my hand he made me sit down on the bed with him. His hand never let go of mine. “I have time.” I sighed and looked down at is fingers playing with mine.

“Uhm yeah… When I get scared, or feel threatened I start to kind of sweat…” He chuckled.

“It’s not like I would reject you for the fact that you sweat, everybody does” He said calmly. But my mind was playing tricks on me at the mention of rejection. He saw my horrified expression and rubbed my hand with an excusing expression.

“But I don’t sweat like normal people… I do not know how, but when people touch it, the sweat, they feel pain. Some even get severe damage on their skin from the contact. I don’t know what it is, I only know that it hurts people and I don’t want them to get hurt because of me…” I spoke with a sad face. His eyebrows furrowed.

“So when you told us not to touch you, you weren’t afraid of us… but afraid of hurting us?” He asked. I nodded. Without a doubt he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him. I relaxed in his embrace, his hands caressing my back.

“Have you lived the rouge live your entire life?” He asked into my hair. I shook my head.

“I was originally a part of the Northern Irish pack but they kicked me out when I was five. They thought I was a danger to them after I got scared when they wanted to give me the regular shot, and I burned the pack doctor’s hand with the sweat. They thought I was send by the devil…” I explained. Nathans arms tightened around me and a low growl sounded from deep within him. With caution I put my hands on top of his. I enjoyed the feeling of his skin. I felt kind of creepy, feeling like this after knowing him for no more than half an hour. But oh well, he is my mate after all.

“What shot exactly are you talking about?” he asked confused. Just as I was about to answer the door bust open. With wide eyes I looked as a very angry Hunter, I think his name was, stormed in.

“Get away from my brother, NOW!” he roared. Shaking and doing everything I could to stay from getting scared I complied. But Nathan wouldn’t have it. He tightened his grip, and just that made it a lot easier to keep calm.

“Nathan she is tricking you! We have just sent THREE unmated wolves away, who claimed they felt the mate bond with her as well!” He roared. My eyes widened. They all thought I was their mate? A deep threatening growl came from Nathan. “She is MY mate.” His arms pulled me behind him as he stood and starred down his brother.

“Then enlighten me, how come that now 4 wolves in this pack believes that she is their mate too? Huh? And how come she is all of a sudden so happy to touch you, when she was screaming downstairs for everyone to stay away from her?” He was getting angrier by the second and I curled up.

“I have no idea. But for someone to feel the mating bond, you have to get eye contact. And if they are so damn sure, how come she didn’t feel it? You SAW, with your own eyes when I came downstairs, you don’t freaking fake that! Her eyes did exactly like mine, and like yours did when you found Elene! Nobody, not even witches can do that. So back off, she is scared enough as it is!” He defended me. I wanted to say something but I didn’t know what. Nathan was saying all that needed to be said.

“So you are saying they lied to me?” Hunter hissed.

“Not necessarily…” He thought for a second. “Leave. I don’t give a shit at the moment, and even if she is faking it then let it fucking be. I know this isn’t fake.” He put his hand over his heart. His brother breathed unevenly. He sent me a deathly look before storming out and slamming the door shut. I thought he had left when I heard him yell. “You have ONE HOUR Nathan. Then I am locking her up until we figure this out!” I breathed in deeply and shooed away the familiar feeling of the sweats arrival. My eyes squeezed tightly shut and I breathed through my nose. I felt a hand rub the side of my face; the tingles that followed told me it was Nathan. Suddenly I was calm.

I relaxed and felt his arms circle around me. 

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