A Desire of the Heart

With a heavy heart a lone wolf wanders around. Nobody knows the true story of this despicable creature, and so far no one intends to do so. What can something like that hide beneath the cold and feared reputation?

Copyright 2014*TheOneAndOnly*

To any of my old readers, i have one other story on here, a story i once was very proud of. But about a month ago i gave it a look over and i am ashamed of my grammar.. damn. So when i finish this story i will probably go through it and fix it up, also the wholes in the plot i discovered.
(Also i had started another story, One Mistake, which i am sad to say got removed my Movellas so i apologize to anyone who enjoyed the story)


2. Chapter 1*

“Will you follow without any problems?” she looked seriously at me. I merely nodded. She did as well. With caution I rose from the ground. They slowly walked, and I along with them. Most of them were glancing from time to time. I felt more exposed than ever. I hugged my arms around my body and felt the tears falling slowly. My days as a free wolf were over; I would never get away without hurting people along the way. I was a huge danger to everyone in this pack.

We neared a huge house that blended in very well with the trees. Most people slowly vanished in different directions and soon only the girl and the five trackers who chased me in the beginning were left. They walked inside the house, still giving me wary glances. The Alpha started walking further into the house before she halted…

“Elene! Where are you!?” An annoyed, yet caring voice rumbled.

“Hunter could you come down here for a sec?” The Alpha responded and stopped completely. Violent steps on a staircase could be heard.  “Could you please warn me next time before y…” He stopped mid sentence and starred at me. He then starred at the girl, who I assume must be Elene. Without a word he went to a closet and threw three pairs of shorts to the men, and came over with four huge t shirts. He gave one to both the girls, with a curious stare he handed one to me. I made sure not to touch him. I quickly covered myself in the shirt and watched as he approached Elene and helped her into the shirt. His arms circled her waist as he turned to me.

“Who are you?” he asked. I took a shaky breath.

“Laura…” I mumbled.

“What is your purpose here?” He asked.

“Passing through.” I answered shortly.

“Why?” He asked. I shook my head.

“I just need to get past your packs boarders…”

What are you?” he asked. I felt offended, auch mister.

“Wolf. Like you.” I mumbled. Elene looked up at whom I guess was Hunter. “She was a grey.” She mumbled. It was funny how small and fragile she looked now, compared to her superior stance in the woods.

“Are you the grey wolf? Are you the grey wolf!?” He asked surprised. My eyebrows furrowed.

“I don’t quite know what you mean…” I mumbled with a frown.

“Shift.” He ordered. I whimpered at the order. He was obviously the Alpha if his commands hurt like this, then they must be mates. Slowly I peeled the shirt from my body and shook out each limp into paws and fur. When fully shifted I looked pleadingly at him.

“Impossible… How can YOU, a scared little girl be the grey wolf!?” He roared. “How can the entire world fear you to their bones?” He said almost angered. I whimpered, still in my wolf form and backed up against a wall. Elene put a hand on his chest. “Relax…” She mumbled softly. He closed his eyes and put his own hand over hers.

Suddenly loud steps could be heard from upstairs. “Hunter what are you having such a fuss about?” A deep voice boomed. A shiver ran down my spine. The person came down the stairs and immediately his eyes locked on me. In that second everything stopped. Only this man, with his dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and sincere smile on his lips was there. He had this dreamy look on his face as he starred at me. He took a few steps towards me and once again I whimpered. He of all, I did not want to hurt. He frowned at it.

With my paw I dragged the t-shirt closer and swiftly shifted and covered myself. I heard a purr. Cautiously I looked up and was met with him only mere inches away. I backed myself against the wall. And with a whimper I said.

“Please don’t touch me… please” He frowned.

“I won’t hurt you…” He said softly.

“Please…” I croaked out between tears.

“Nathan…” A voice came from behind us. The man in front of me turned.

“She is the grey wolf… She can be dangerous…” It was Elene, who spoke cautiously. I wanted to thank her, thus the fact that at the moment I was dangerous. But Nathan, didn’t agree. He growled lowly her Elene.

“How freaking dangerous do you think she looks, huh? She asked ME not to touch her. That is not exactly a THREAT.” He turned towards the five trackers. “You are dismissed. If people ask about anything that happened here, they are private matters.” He ordered. They nodded and left with a bow of their heads.

“Nathan I know what it looks like, but when we caught her,” He growled again. ”a lot of the unmated males felt the attraction, as well as the mated, just a little different. She is probably not your-“ A loud growl cut her off.

“Leave, both of you.” He hissed. I had curled my legs against my body and looked at the scene unravelling in front of me.

With a sigh the two left. Only he and I were in the hall now. He crunched down and starred at me with a sad look. 

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