The Night That Changed My Life


1. Chapter 1

Lauryn p.o.v.

My brother Alex is so overrated with his blow-out midnight parties, and it gets better when I have a science test to revise for. All you can hear are the adrenaline-pumping beats of the music, the screaming, shouting and grunting (EW!) of the guests too. I was so disgusted by all these events taking place at once; so I decided to freshen myself up with a glass of ice-cold water. Trudging down the stairs, I made my way towards the kitchen, squeezing through all the people grinding and making out with each other. I filled the aqua blue glass up to the rim with water. I turned around so that I could get away from all this ruckus immediately-but what did I get into...TROUBLE.

Splash! The water splashed onto what looked like a young man. I was so startled that the glass dropped out of my hand and hit the floor; Crash!

"I'm so sorry" I said, apologizing to the guy.

"No, it's nothing" He replied. I decided to rub his torso, where his shirt was wet and obviously I failed... which made a light chuckle escape from his mouth. I felt so embarrassed. Just to be polite, I offered him one of Alex's shirts:

"You can take your shirt off and I will get you another one. Just bare with me for a second," I offered. Stepping around the shattered glass pieces, I picked up a dust pan and brush and cleaned it all up.

After that, I told the guy to follow me to Alex's room. He trailed behind me as I searched through Alex's shirts...

"That looks OK! I'll give him this one because Alex just left it in a crappy pile" I thought to myself. I passed him the shirt whilst he took his shirt off- Damn, he was hot! I turned to face the floor as my cheeks burned up, coated with a rosy pink shade.

"So what's your name?" He asked casually.

"My name is Lauryn Summers" I replied.

"Jason. Jason McCann. "He smirked.

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