The Hunt

A Fan lore story set in the Elder Scrolls universe.


1. The Meeting


Disclaimer: I do not own The Elder Scrolls franchise, all characters,places,names,etc. belong to the their rightful owners at Bethesda. (with the obvious exceptions of characters and non-official lore I create for the purpose of my writing)

4E 202
"What do you mean, he's not with the Dominion?"
Lacien drummed his long jeweled fingers on the desk, thumbing through the dossier of a masked Wood Elf. A lot of information had been left blank.
"Well Sir, he isn't in any of our records, and has never shown any support for our -"
Lacien raised an eyebrow, an the usually tall High Elves standing guard around the office seemed to shrink a few inches into their armor.
"Tell me simply" Lacien was becoming impatient. "Has he ever killed one of my agents?"
"To be frank Sir, from what I've heard, he has killed one of just about everything"
Commander Lacien rolled his eyes and pulled at the black fabric on his elbow. Comfort seemed to have been low on the list of priorities when designing the Thalmor Mage's robe.
"He accepted the job, did he not?. That will have to be enough for now"
"We assume so, sir. You see, he was quite introverted when we met with him, and almost entirely mute"
"He doesn't say much, Sir"
"Yes, thank you for that insight"
Sensing the uselessness of his questioning, Lacien opened the second file on his desk, this one had a lot more written in it; and a lot more red ink.
"What about this one then? the Nord."
"As un-cooperative as ever, a heathen, like so many of his kind, refusing to acknowledge the eight. He is ,however, more of a concern than the usual rabble. He has ties to Windhelm, and apparently had something to do with the Eye of Magnus incident."
"No doubt, no doubt"
"He is an esteemed swordsman and conjurer, or so the locals are so fond of warning me, Sir"
Lacien closed the dossier and stood.
"Apprentice of all, Master of nothing" he drawled, admiring the collection of soul gems in a case next to the desk.
"Have the party we sent to detain him returned, as I expected?"
"Only their heads, Sir"
"He had them delivered to the embassy two nights ago"
"I see."
"Nords are very old fashioned that way."
"Let us be of to this meeting then!" Lacien proclaimed. "If our Thalmor justicars have returned with precisely none of their appendages, I'm certain the mute Bosmer hermit you have hired as an assassin will do a sterling job!"
And with that he stormed from the office.


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