My Next Door Neighbour

All I have to say is that I like my next door neighbour...


2. lukes POV

       This really cute girl Aaliyah is coming over literally in like 2 minutes. I jumped up fixed my hair and the doorbell rang so I went downstairs and then when I got to the door I realized that I had no shirt on shoot. Oh well. I opened the door. She was more beautiful in person than from a distinct.

''Hi'' she said in her cute Scottish accent.

''Hey'' I said a little embarrassed  cause the whole shirt thing.

I invited her in to my room.

''Where are your parents'' she asked sweetly

''Oh at work''

She looked at me and blushed I could tell she likes me.

''Like what you see'' I giggled as I pointed down to where I had no shirt on

she laughed and said ''aye'' and quickly covered her mouth and went bright bright red . I blushed


''So why did you move'' I asked

''Oh my mums job'' she said and looked at the floor.

We talked for like 6 hours I gave her my number and she texted me even though I was right next to her. So I took her phone and started to take loads of pictures of course she went to get it accidently falling on top of me I still had no top on . She got her phone and said ''This has been fun, I will text you okay and do you want to hang out tommorow''

''Yes it has been fun and okay and last but not least yeah I will hang out with you tomorrow''

We got down stairs and I was gonna openthe door and the Aaliyah gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek ''see you tomorrow Hemmings''

''umm bye I said''

that was the best 6 hours ever. She knows everything about me and I know everything about her.


*buzz buzz*

It was a text from Aaliyah

'Hey bestie' she was in her room I could she her behind her blinds. I texted back' look out your window '

then I see her blinds open.

our windows were open now I got up on my bed and started to jump it was fun until I realized something.


Aaliyahs POV

luke started jumping on his bed it was funny until I saw he only had his boxers on . He looked down and noticed to and blushed while putting some trousers on.

Once again he  said '' did you like that der''

''Im not saying noffin this time''

he chuckled. I fell for him.

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