My Next Door Neighbour

All I have to say is that I like my next door neighbour...


5. Aaliyah POV

 SHIT !!!!!

 I have to get ready in 5 mintues.

I quickly slipped in mi black ripped skinny jeans and nirvana tank top put my hair in a messy pony tail and put macara on and slipped on my black vans on no jacket cause it was roasting. Then I heard a knock on he door.DAMNN I got ready in 5mins. I opened the door and therewas Luke wearing....

Lukes pov

so considing I had to get Aaliyah in 5 mins to put a shirt on and jeans on  with holes in them. And do my hur(Michael joke) it was easy. I put on my Nirvana top on and black skinny jeans on with rips in then and done my hair I was ready. I put on my black vans. So I went next door and chapped it. Bout 10 seconds later the door opened reavling Aaliyah with the same outfit on .She emmidently whisperd "shit"

I laughed "nice outfit" she blushed

"fuck off Hemmings" and then laughed to. She shut the door and went "soo you like Nirvana"

" no Aaliyah I put the top on just to copy you" she looked at me man shes so cute "im kidding" I pulled her in for a hug.

"TO THE MALL" I shouted as I ran to my car.

She bursted in to a  fit of laughter

*skip car ride*

the car was so fun she knew every word to songs I had on. The thing is they were like green day,blink,nirvanakiss,iron maiden ect.

Man she was perfect I had to hide her from Michael.



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