My Next Door Neighbour

All I have to say is that I like my next door neighbour...


4. Aaliyah POV


  So I haveto get some school supiles today but I had no idea where I was going. I knew which school I was going to but I needed to know where the shops where. So in a result of that I texted someone.

To Lukeeyy- Hey can I ask you something??x


Lukes pov


I got a text from Aaliyah at around 11;30 saying

from Aaliyah<3-Hey can I ask you something??x

My stomach churned I like. I mean we are now like best friends cause we know everything about each other  but I mean I didn't know she was going to ask me on a date. Well I don't no for sure yet.

To Aaliyah<3- Sure what is it xx

To Lukeeyy- Umm can you take me to the nearest mall you don't have to stay or anything its just you know where it is xx

So she wasn't asking me out on a date. Good. I want to do that job if you know what I mean. No not like s e x or anything  like that.

To Aaliyah<3-   Yeah sure;) and I can stay cuz 1. your like now my best friend and 2. I have nothing on xxx

To Lukeeyy- Okay xx thanks xxx

I have a number 3 to but this is only for your eyes. I like her.

To Aaliyah<3- see you in 5 Aaliyah xx

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