My Next Door Neighbour

All I have to say is that I like my next door neighbour...


1. Aaliyah POV

   Hi im Aaliyah Dunn. IM 18 AND Scottish. 5.7FT with blonde hair and blue eyes and im moving to Sydney, Australia. Tomorrow. Ugh!

''Mum do we have to go'' I moaned

''Yes hunny It is my job'' She frowned ''Im sorry Hun please understand''

 nodded. I did understand but I just didn't want to go I mean all my life is here and now im gonna need to start a new one in Australia. Oh well I guess I need to suck it up:(.


We get to the airport and do all they airport things and finally get on the damn plane.

*skip plane ride*

We get off the plane and go get our luggage and get a taxi. We got in to neighbour hood and well it was really cute. We  got off at our new house and unlocked the door. Inside it was already decorated.


''I know it looks great I done before we moved do you wanna go see your new room ''


My mum showed me to my room . It was Perfect . One wall was blue and the rest was cream. I had a new desk with a new mac book on it, a new double bed , and nice vintage picture frames on the walls and a walk in wardrobe. It was Friday so I had no school. I needed suppliys any way. I looked out my window then realized I had a neighbour that was home he had a guitar in his hand. I love playing my guitar. His window was open so I opened mine to hear. He had no shirt on. I thought nice body der mate.

''That's a nice tune your playing der''i shouted he jumped up.'' Sorry didn't mean to scare you''

''Its fine and thanks'' he said in a pure Australian accent.

'' My name is Aaliyah by the way''

'' The names Luke Hemmings''

'' oh my sir name is Dunn''

We were shouting quite loud it was really funny.

''You new'' Luke asked

' Yeah''

'' Where did you move from''

''Scotland'' I said '' That's why my accents weird''

''I think  your accents cute'' he said I blushed.

''come over here if you want'' Luke asked me I nodded and went I told my mum first.


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