Adrea and Alex were best friends, but never thought of each other as a thing. Adrea had her eyes on Connor, the guy that every girl secretly drools over in High School. But soo, Adrea realizes she got pregnant. Her only suspect was Connor, but it might be someone else too...


1. Prologue


"Are you sure those fake IDs are going to work?" I scoffed as I reached for the seat belt, pulling it over my waist and locking it down.

"Please. I'm technically I'm 21 already, I mean my birthday is tomorrow." he said, trying to hide the doubt in his voice. He shifted the gear and backed out of the drive way.

"Sure," I said in an orotund voice. "And if we get caught I'm going to say you drugged me and forced me to drink."

Alex pulled his beanie off of his head and threw it onto the dashboard. Something he always does when he drives. He says it "distracts" him. "Are you forgetting my UNCLE owns the nightclub?" he said in a tremulous voice.

I rolled my eyes and snatched the beanie off the dashboard, sliding it onto my head. "Are you forgetting my UNCLE owns the nightclub?" I mimicked his voice. 

"I do not sound like that!" he looked at me and then back on the road. "I do not sound like that!" I repeated. 

"Ha ha, very funny." he sneered. "Ha ha, very funny." I pouted.

 He snatched the beanie off my head and threw into the backseat.

"Hey!" I shrieked. "Whatever. Smells too much of your GIRLFRIEND anyway." I emphasized on 'girlfriend'. Ugh. I hate her. I don't know what Alex sees in her. Saying her NAME makes me throw up in my mouth. 

"My GIRLFRIEND is nice enough to let me hang out with you, so be thankful." he sighed, making a left turn.

"Since when does Slutty Jessica tell you when to hang out with me? You're my BEST FRIEND. Stop making everything seem so difficult." I said gutturally.

We sat there in an awkward silence as the sound of sick beats slowly faded in. "We're here." he muttered.

"No shit." I said cockily.

 I  hear the music blaring as I stand in line. It's freezing outside, but it was a Thursday, so not many people were in line. I wrap my arms around myself and move forward. 

"Are you cold?" Alex asked in a concerned tone. "No." I lied. Like what was he going to do? Take off his jacket and hand it to me? That's the dumbest thing he'd ever do. He took out his phone and started texting as we waited. 

"So," I sighed trying to break the silence. "Who are you texting?" What a dumb question. Of course he's texting Jessica.

"None of your business." he muttered. I could hear a hint of tense in his voice.

"Eek! Alex I'm so glad to see you!" a high-pitched voice screeched in my ear as she entered our scene, cutting the line.

It was Slutty Jessica. 

"You invited her?" I whispered-shouted as Slutty Jessica threw her arms around him. Alex shrugged as the line moved on.I rolled my eyes as I turned away. I was standing in front of them, so all I could hear was: "You're so cute!" or "You're cuter!" or "You're cutest!"

This is the part where I draw the line. I'd rather lick the bottom of a garbage can. 


Author's Note

Holy Shet. I am so excited to write this story!

How'd you like the Nightclub Scene?

I know I'm excited asf.










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