Safe & Sound || Calum Hood

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, I just... I didn't think it would hurt anyone... but myself."
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1. Chapter One

*Dani's POV*

I grabbed my bag and walked to my dads car since he was driving Michael and I to our new school since we haven't figured out what bus we take yet.

Michael was already sat in the front seat, of course, waiting for my dad to get out to the car.

Michael and I got along most of the time, we would only bicker about things here and there. Most of the things we'd bicker about were stupid and pointless, but I guess that's how most brother and sister relationships go.

Michael and I were twins, but he was older by a few minutes. He still thinks he's the boss even though were only, like, two minutes apart.

My dad finally came out to the car and turned on some AC/DC on the radio and drove away from our new house that we just moved into a few weeks ago.

We drove for about a minute just listening to AC/DC before my dad opened his mouth. "You guys will have to walk home after school until I figure out what bus you're going to be riding."

We nod our heads and continue to listen to the music.

We get to the school and my dad doesn't even walk us in because he doesn't wanna be late to his new job, the only reason we moved here.

Michael and I walk into the office, closely together. I could feel people staring at us, but I tried to ignore them.

"Hello, you must be Michael and you must be Danielle." She said shaking our hands.

"Dani." I corrected her.

She nodded and handed us our schedules. "I'll get Mrs. Hahn to show you around the school and take you both to your first class."

She called Mrs. Hahn and she came out and took us around the building. All the lockers were red, there were only a few blue ones. Mine and Michael's lockers were right beside each other.

She took Michael to his first class which was social studies and then to me to my first class which was math.

I walked in and all the students stared at me like I was a murderer.

I give an awkward smile as I walk back to an empty seat close to the back of the room.

The seat was behind an Asian looking boy. He was tan and had black hair and brown eyes. He gave me a small side smile as I sat down.

There was another boy in the seat beside me who had curly brown hair and brown/green eyes. He gave the boy in front of me a small grin and then the boy in front of the curly haired boy turned around to him and they smirked at each other.

The boy in front of the curly haired boy had blonde hair that was spiked up and he has bright blue eyes and a lip ring.

All the boys in this school were honestly kind of attractive, but I can't let boys get in the way of my dream of becoming an artist and having good grades in school.


After a long and boring 30 minutes of math class, the bell rang to go to second period.

I stood up and picked up my stuff, but before I could even make it out of the classroom, the three boys stopped me.

"I'm Ashton." The curly haired boy smiled.

"I'm Luke." The boy with the lip ring said.

"And I'm Calum." The Asian looking boy said, his cheeks turning a crimson red.

"Hi." I said, rudely to the boys who had stopped me from going to my next class. "I'm Dani."

I walked around the boys and out of the classroom, but they followed me.

"We thought since you're new around here, we'd be your friends, you seem pretty cool." Ashton said to me.

"Whatever." I shrugged.

I honestly didn't care if I had friends or not, I just wanted to do art and be done with school, but I'm not quite there yet.

"Can we see your schedule?" Calum asked me, biting his lip.

I handed him my schedule and they looked it over, then handed it back.

"Ashton and I have the same class as you for second period, we're gonna walk you to it." Luke said smiling.

They walked me to my class and sat in the back again. We sat in a row this time.

In front of me was a girl who had short auburn hair and bright, really bright, blue eyes, she looked kind of preppy. She kept looking back at Luke, who was sitting right beside me while Ashton was on the other side of him.

She'd look over at the girl beside her who was in front of Luke sometimes, too.

She had long hair that was brown at the top and faded into a blonde. She looked kind of preppy, too. She had bright blue eyes as well, and she kept looking back at Ashton.

The girls and guys at this school were so good looking and I'm just... well, me. I have short black hair with blonde streaks here and there and brown/green eyes. I didn't look preppy, I always wore a band shirt. Today I was wearing a BOTDF band shirt and some red skinny jeans. I didn't wear makeup at all, I looked ugly compared to the girls looking at Ashton and Luke.


The class went by faster than I thought it did and the bell had rung. I got up quickly grabbing my stuff and walking out before anyone could stop me.

I decided to wait for Ashton and Luke for whatever reason I had in my mind to ever wait on them.

They came out of the classroom and had the two girls with them.

"This is Carter." Luke said pointing to the auburn haired girl.

"And this is Tionna." Ashton said pointing to the girl with the brunette to blonde hair.

I shook their hands and told them my name. They seemed nice, too nice.


We went through all the classes until it was finally lunch time.

I walked with my new friends and my brother and his new friend.

She had short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, no makeup besides maybe a little concealer and she was really pretty. I'm surprised my brother even made one friend.

My brother finally walked up to me with her.

"Hey, sis, this is Karalyn." He said smiling. This is the first time I've seen him smile a full smile in a few months.

I shook her hand. "I'm Dani."

She smiled at me and walked back behind Michael.

"Who's your new friends, sis?"

"This is Ashton, Luke, Calum, Tionna, and Carter." I told him, proud that I remembered all of their names after only knowing them for a few hours.

We grabbed our trays and sat down at a table. Tionna and Ashton sat by each other, Luke and Carter, Michael and Karalyn, and Calum and I.

After a few minutes someone else came to join us. She had short bright red hair and black eyeshadow on her eyelids.

"Whose the new girl?" She asked, kind of snobby like.

She had a band shirt on like me, but hers was Black Veil Brides.

I seen the others giving her dirty looks, Michael and I looked at each other and just shrugged.

"Her name is Dani. What do you care, Samantha?" Carter said rudely, rolling her eyes.

"Sammy." She corrected her. "And I don't. Just curious."

"Just leave." Calum said, staring down at the table.

I don't know what this Sammy girl did but they really do not like her. If they don't like her, then I won't either.


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