Fame & Crushes

My name is Amber Horan. I am 15 yrs old, and I have a sort of 1/2 cousin called Darcy Styles, who is 3 yrs older than me. Amber thinks life is finally going her way, when her crush, Harry, asks her out and Simon Cowell offers her a singing job. But boy was she wrong!


4. Sleepover

-Lizzie came round after school for a sleepover, 'cause it was finally Friday.Yay! Plus, she wanted to talk about Harry, AGAIN. When I got home, I got a text.BEEP!

"BEEP!" Lizzie repeated, like she always does when I got a text. It's kind of annoying really.

H:Hi! U home yet?

"It was Harry," I told her, surprised. He doesn't usually text me, so, of course, I immediately texted him back.

A:Yh. U?

Before I had the chance to put my phone down, he texted back.


I smiled, when I looked at my phone. Then I groaned. I was starting to get hungry.

"GIRLS," my Dad called, "DINNER TIME!"

"Yay!" Me and Lizzie squealed. I take it she was hungry too! We raced downstairs and into the dining room. Pizza! We wolves down our food and hurried into our PJ'S's, before my mum, Lily Horan, could catch us out of them.


Hi guys! Plz post comments! What do YOU think should happen in th next chapter?


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