Fame & Crushes

My name is Amber Horan. I am 15 yrs old, and I have a sort of 1/2 cousin called Darcy Styles, who is 3 yrs older than me. Amber thinks life is finally going her way, when her crush, Harry, asks her out and Simon Cowell offers her a singing job. But boy was she wrong!


2. Alwood High

~Alwood High is a 3 story, beige coloured, trap of torture. At least, that was how I saw it. Good to be back. NOT!!! I trudged towards Building C, throwing exaggerated tired looks at Lizzie, which sent her into fits of giggles. I rolled my eyes at her, she was so... all of a sudden, my thoughts were interrupted by someone tapping me on the shoulder. I spun around angrily, about to shout at them. Then I stopped. It was Harry.

"You looked pretty embarrassed on the bus, I came to check if you were all right," he explained, putting his hands up.

"I-I'm fine," I blushed, twirling my hair around my finger. He nodded, and left with a grin.

"OMG!!! He totally likes you!" Lizzie burst out.

"What? No way!" I said laughing. I hadn't even noticed she was still there.

"I mean seriously, come ON! Look at me," I pointed at myself "and look at him." I waved my hand down the corridor, toward his back. I giggled at my friends stupidity. Harry couldn't possibly have a crush on me.

Could he?


Hey! Hope u totally LOVED this chapter! Luv u guys! ~Mystery~

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