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2. chapter 1!

The bad boy's phone Chapter 1

Michael's p.o.v

January 5th. The day i admit i hate.

I open my eyes and look at my clock by my night stand. It says 6:30 am. School starts at 7:40. Means i have hour an a half to prepare.

I went in my bathroom and statt to brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth, i remove all my clothes and step in the shower. I wait till the water went warm. I put my shampoo on my hair and wash it with my hair. I grab my soap and wash my body with it.

After my shower, i blow dry my hair (i know i act like a gay but idc 😂 i love my hair). After blow drying it, i grab my gel and put it on my hair making me look like an emo. To be honest, i am the bad boy of school and i dont want to ruin my reputation.

Carla's p.o.v

Its 7 am when i finish doing my light make up and hair. I grab my dress which is a floral one. Mom always buy me dresses. I grab my vans and put them on. Hope my senior year is cool. I grab m eye glasses and make sure it fits the bridge of my nose. I grab my bag and went downstairs.

After i eat my pancakes, i say my good byes with my mom and sttt to walk to school since its just 5 minutes away.

As i enter the school, i saw the bad boy waiting near my locker. I walk straight in my locker with a nervous face. He looks up and saw me…… wait its not me. Its samantha he's looking at!

I sigh a sigh of relieve. Samantha smile at me and says "hi carla!" I smile at her and walk in my locker. I hear michael says "HI COUSIN!" To sam, loud enough for us students to hear.

I grab my books that i need to bring in the library back. I lock my locker and went straight to the library until.…….…

Sam grabs my arm and says "MIKEY THID IS CARLA SCOTTS! CARLA MEET MY ASS OF A COUSIN, MICHAEL!" She says happily.

Hello guys hope you enjoy my first chapter! Enjoy! xxx


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