Suicide || Ashton Irwin

"Please just let her stay, I will keep her safe."
*Story on Wattpad and Quotev*


1. Chapter One

*Devyn's POV*

"Why'd you do it?" Emily, my best friend, asked, breaking the awkwardness of the silence around us.

I shrugged. "We all die in the end anyway, why not die sooner?"

Emily may have been my best friend but she never knew about the bullies at school because they only bullied me when she wasn't around cos they know she'd kick their asses. She never knew they bullied me online either, I've kept everything from her and she will never, ever know. Ever.

She looked so sad. "So you're really moving? Will you keep in touch with me?"

I nodded and we both stood up and just hugged each other for a while, both letting the tears roll from our eyes.


Here I am a day after saying goodbye to my best friend and my old house and my old town, and moving for the third time in the past year. First was Indiana, then Michigan, then Ohio, now it's onto New York.

Each time we've moved have all been for the same reasons, I tried to commit suicide and my parents want to keep moving so no one thinks that we're crazy. My mom thinks they should just home-school me after this move so that the chances of me getting bullied would be not as much and I wouldn't try to commit suicide, but my brother would get mad that he can't be home-schooled, too, and my dad thinks it's better that I go to school because the teachers can teach me better than they can and he wants me to at least try to make friends each time we move too, but I usually only make one or two each move and the rest of the school bullies me.

Hopefully at this school I'll make more than one friend and there won't be any bullies.

Really, I just want to be done with school and move out of my parents and move somewhere far away to just be completely alone so that I can kill myself without failing, and no one would even notice or care.


"Devyn, wake up!" My brother was screaming in my ear and shaking me. "We're here, we're here! The house is only a few minutes away, Devyn!"

"Alright, alright! I'm up!" I screamed back at him. "Jesus, Carson,"

"Hey! Do not use The Lords name in vain." My father glares at me from the mirror.

He's really Christian and I hate it so much. He yells at me for most of the things I do and say.

"Sorry, dad." No I'm not, I thought while saying it.

We pulled up to the new house moments later and went in to check it out and start a little of the unpacking right now since it was very late, it was about midnight and we have to go register my brother and I for school tomorrow and my dad has to go find a new job, so we will need at least a little bit of sleep.


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