You Saved Me || Luke Hemmings

"D-daddy, please stop, you're hurting me..."
(Jaclyn pronounced Jack-lynn)
*Story on Wattpad and Quotev*


1. Chapter One

*Jaclyn's POV*

I woke up to the smell of smoke and the fire alarm going off. I quickly jumped out of bed, my phone said it was 3am. 

I heard the sirens coming and I ran out of my room to make sure everyone in my house was awake and alarmed, trying to get out of the house in time. 

I ran to Hannah's, my little sister, room first to make sure she got out. She wasn't out but she was up and standing there, crying, not knowing what to do. I ran in her room and grabbed her hand and pulled her out.

I then ran to my parents room and they were already gone. I seen them running down the stairs to the door to get out and my sister and I quickly followed after them.

We stood outside as the firemen tried to save what was left of the burnt down house we called home, but I'm sure most of what's in there was gone now.

I held my crying sister to comfort her and calm her down.

One of our neighbors ran out of their house and over to my sister and I. "Would you guys like somewhere to sleep for tonight and a few other nights rather than going to a hotel?" She kindly asked. 

I looked over at my parents and they shook heir head in a 'no' kind of way.

"No, thank you. We'll be okay. Thanks for the ofer, though." I smiled the best smile I could work up and the lady smiled back walking away and back into her home.

It's a good thing my parents had already been looking for a new place to live even though we've lived there for only 4 months now.

"Jaclyn?" My whimpering sister whispered in my ear.

"Yes, Hannah?" 

"Does this mean we have to move again?" She let out a little cry when she ask that. "I don't wanna keep moving." She said her voice sounding tired.

I pushed her hair out of her eyes. "We will be moving again, you know this. You already knew mom and dad were already planning on moving." I said. "Hopefully we won't have to move after this."

She nodded her head on my soak and wet shoulder from her tears.

Our family wasn't even a family. More like a hell hole and our dad was the Devil while my mom was his queen and we were their servants. We always moved when something went wrong or people started to get suspicious of us. See, my dad is abusive sometimes and doesn't want us to talk or make friends or anything, he pretty much wants us to be miserable. My mom didn't really do much besides lay on the couch and watch reruns of old shows. 

But when we moved, we'd move alright. We'd completely leave the state we were in and move to a different one. Right now we were in Ohio, my dad said if we moved again it'd be to Florida.

Also the only reason I had a cell phone was to contact him when he made me do his grocery shopping or something, I'm also allowed to read on it, but no social media or texting people from my school. He'd go through it every once in a while to make sure I didn't have anyone else's number besides his and my moms.

I honestly can't wait to move to Florida and hope it's the last move we'll ever have.

*one week later*

It's been a whole week since the fire and we finally found a good house in Florida. We've been in the car for at least three hours. My sister fell asleep on my shoulder and hour after we got in the car. 

Since most of our things were burned in the fire, we didn't have much to bring with us, but my dad got paid a lot before he quit his job to move to Florida so we will buy new clothes and stuff that we need.

It's about 9pm and we haven't had anything to eat since 5pm an hour before we left and I'm starving.

I tried to ignore my stomach growling by getting out my phone and turning on One Night by Ed Sheeran and reading The Fault in our Stars. It seemed to work for a while until we stopped to get more gas and use the restroom.

I got out of the car and stretched before waking Hannah up to come in and use the restroom. She whined a little when I woke her but she looked out the window and quickly got out.

We walked inside with my mom while my dad pumped the gas. We used the restroom and when my sister and I came out my mom was looking at the snacks.

"Mom," I quietly said. "Can we please have something? Something small."

"I guess but it can't be no more than three dollars." She said handing me the money and walking back out to the car.

I went to the 2 for $1 bags with different options and grabbed some candy oranges since their chewy and last me for a little bit. 

"Are you hungry, Hannah? Do you want a snack?" I asked.

She nodded her head and grabbed one bag of the oranges that I got and one bag of gummy bears and handed them to me.

I held her on my hip and walked up to the register, placing the bags on the counter. I watched as he scanned the bags. He looked to be around 20, maybe a little older. He had light brown hair and bright blue eyes, he was kind of cute but I'm not allowed to talk to boys or anyone, not that I want to or anything, though.

"Your total is $2." He said, taking my attention from looking at him and I blushed.

I handed him the money and he said, "Have a nice night." He smiled. I just nodded and felt my cheeks burning.

We finally got back in the car and drove off, continuing our way to Florida.

*Luke's POV*

I was laying on my bed, listening to Come as You Are by Nirvana and singing along, while Michael was on my computer talking to the girl he liked from school named Rose. She was kind of pretty, I'll admit that, but I think her and Michael were meant to be. Her hair was a light blue and it was just a little past her shoulders. Her natural hair color was blonde and it was a gorgeous blonde, I don't know what made her want to dye her hair. She didn't wear makeup at all but like some mascara occasionally and some concealer, she was still pretty though. Her skin was pale but she didn't have a single blemish on her face. She didn't have a thigh gap, but she still had a pretty good body, not too big and not too small. She was perfect for Michael.

She has a really good sense of humor as well. She wasn't as popular as you'd think she'd be, but she has a good amount of friends, like Leah, who has a huge crush on Ashton. Ashton thought she was a bit annoying, though.

Leah has really long hair and it's dyed blonde at the bottom, like an ombré, and brown at the top. She seems to always have it up in a messy bun with a cute bow in it. Her body was actually perfect, she didn't have a thigh gap but she was still super skinny, I'm sure if she worked out some she could have a thigh gap. She wore makeup, but not a lot. She only wore a lot of makeup if it was like a special day and she had to look super good, like our choir concerts. She was actually really petty and nice, she was just annoying sometimes, I have a few classes with her and so does Ashton, he hates how much she talks, she always talks about boy bands, like One Direction or something. Sometimes she'd even talk a whole lot about Little Mix or Fifth Harmony. It got really annoying sometimes.

Ashton and Calum were warming up some pizza for us to snack on while we tried to figure out what to do for the rest of the night. We knew we didn't wanna sleep so we had to think of something to do.

Calum's phone went off next to me, it was probably just that Logan girl he likes but wasn't sure if she likes him back or not considering she has lots of guy friends. I don't think she's had a boyfriend for a few months, though.

Logan was like one of the guys. She was chill and really cool. She was a younger than us by a year but she was still pretty cool to talk to, even though I've only talked to her a few times.

She had this black hair with blonde streaks here and there and it went down a little past her shoulders. She never wore makeup, ever, and she still looked pretty. Logan was friends with Rose and Leah, too, they were always hanging out.

I didn't have a girl that I liked at school. I thought girls were pretty and stuff but just never enough to want to be with them. Most of the girls at our school were sluts, like Logan's older sister Emma. Emma always tried to get with me.

She had this really short pink hair with blue tips and to be honest, it was kind of ugly. Her makeup was always piled on her eyelids, I'm surprised she can even keep her eyes open with all that makeup. She was a little bigger than Leah and she walked kind of funny sometimes, like she was trying to walk like a gangster. 

Emma has dated half the school. For all I know is she hasn't done anything with any of them besides make out with at least half of them. She claims to be in love with each guy she dates but then she tries to flirt with Ashton or me. She doesn't like Calum or Michael at all, she thinks they're ugly, but honestly they're better looking than almost 97% of the guys she's dated.

Rose has a sister and Leah has three. None of them have any brothers. Rose's sister is about to graduate this year and so is one of Leah's sisters. Leah's youngest sister is still in elementary, but the other one who is younger than her is in 8th grade while were all in 10th besides Logan who is only a grade behind.

Calum and Ashton finished warming up the pizza and handed a piece to Michael and I. We ate our pizza and listened to more Nirvana songs, trying to think of how to spend our night.

Michael stretched his body out on my computer chair and turned himself around to face us. "What if Rose and I started dating? Do you guys think we'd be cute?" He asked looking at Ashton then Calum and finally looking at me.

We sat there thinking for a moment about him and Rose being together.

"I think you guys would be adorable." Calum said smiling.

"I agree." I said. I actually think Michael and Rose were made for each other.

Ashton thought about some more before saying anything. "Yeah, I agree." He said. "But why do you wanna know? Did she ask you out or something?" He added.

Michael shook his head. "No, but I was thinking about asking her sometime soon, though."

We just nodded our heads and continued eating our pizza and thinking.

It took about 30 minutes before someone came up with an idea of what to do tonight.

"We should t.p. some houses since it's like midnight." Michael said, grinning.

"Yeah! That sounds fun!" Ashton, Calum, and I said at the same time.

We threw the t.p. at three houses already and were about to t.p. the fourth one, which would be the last house we t.p. for the night.

It was a white, two story house and had a For Sale sign in the front with 'SOLD' taped on it. It wasn't completely in town, but it was pretty close. 

We threw the t.p. at it and ran to Ashton's car as fast as we could and drove back home to just be bored again.


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