Amnesia || Luke Hemmings

"I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things..."
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1. Chapter One

*Kylie's POV*

"Guys!" Tiffany screams, dragging out the 's' in 'guys'. "One month until your 3 years together!" She jumps with joy and excitement.

"Jesus," Shayla says. "you're more excited about it than they are, calm down."

"Well, somebody has to be excited for them since neither of them are." Tiffany says in defense.

I just stand there as they conversate about mine and Luke's 3 years. I mean, I'll be more excited when it happens. Luke and I have been having a lot of problems lately.

"Can you guys talk about something else?" I ask, staring at all of them.

Colleen, Tiffany, and Shayla all throw their hands in the air. "Sorry." They all say in perfect harmony.

We all walk out of the locker room and to our next period right as the bell rang.

Tiffany skips up to Ashton and kisses him and the rest of us just continue on, leaving them behind.

Tiffany is the hyper-girly-fangirl-over-everything girl in our group. Her and Ashton have only been together for about a year and a half now. They're so cute together, they haven't had a single fight yet. I'm happy for them.

Colleen and Shayla leave me as we pass Calum and Michael and I'm left walking to my next class to meet Luke in there since we have that class together.

Colleen is the shy and quiet one out of us. She has her moments where she can be really loud and stuff, but that's not very often. Colleen and Calum's 2 years was about 4 months ago and they almost broke up before it because they got in a huge fight cos some homewrecker gave Calum her number. That was their very first, and only, fight.

And Shayla's just the loud one. You tell her a secret and she'll literally scream it to the world. Her and Michael have been together for almost 3 years, their 3 years together is about 5 months after mine and Luke's.

I get to my classroom and there's Luke, sitting at the desk beside mine and a million girls swarmed around him.

I put my stuff down on the desk and stand in a sassy pose. "You whores better back the fuck up before I tie all your saggy tits in knots."

All of their eyes widen and they go back to their seats.

Luke is choking in his seat, trying not to laugh.

"I'll tie your saggy titties in knots too, you whore." I say, playing around with him and wrapping my arms around his neck kissing his cheek.

He bursts out in laughter. "Holy shit, that was the best thing you've ever said!" He shouts.

"So, 'I love you' isn't the best thing anymore?" I make a pouty face.

As you can probably see, I'm the sass-queen out of my group.

"I meant," He starts. "uhh, I meant, that was the best thing you've ever said to the girls who surround me, not to me." He smiles a cheesy smile.

"Nice save," I say, smacking his shoulder lightly and then reaching in for a kiss.


*Luke's POV*

"Goodbye, I love you," I say kissing her and leaving her at her doorstep as Calum and I continue to walk on since I'm staying at his house tonight.

I watch her walk inside until she closes the door and I can see her no more.

"Dude," Calum says, making me snap my head back towards him. "she's such a bitch. What do you even see in her?"

"Everything," I say simply. "I see everything in her."

He rolls his eyes at me.

"Well, what do you see in Colleen?"

"I like her quietness," He says. "she doesn't talk back to me and she doesn't tell the girls who flirt with me off."

"She should do that. It just shows that she cares about you and doesn't wanna lose you," I say. "I guess you just don't care about her as much as she does about you,"

"Whatever," He huffs as we walk into his house.

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