Triangle of Promises

A story about a mother who uses lies to keep her promise to her daughter.


7. Mia's POV

When my eyes flicker open I see the glimpses of street lights flashing before me, buildings rushing by the window in which I lay my head against. It's so dark, the stars shining brightly in the...

I sit up. Suddenly alert. Where the hell am I?

I look to my side and it takes a while for it to sink in - the formal uniform, the badge, the police officer sitting right beside me. My heart races in my chest as I click off my seatbelt and try for the door. But it won't open. It's locked. Am I dreaming?

"What's happening? Where am I?" I yell frantically. The policeman is taken aback by my sudden reaction. 

"What the hell am I doing here? Am I in a police car?" I start screaming, banging on the windows as hard as I can. It was only a moment ago I was in the hotel room, drifting off to sleep.

"Let me out! Where's Mum? Why am I here?"

I feel a hand on my shoulder. "Calm down Sydney, we'll have you taken to soon."

Hearing the name "Sydney" is enough to silence me. For a moment. How does he know my real name? But then I realise he's a policeman and he knows the unknown -  that's what my Mum always told me.

"But...but why are you taking me away? This must be a mistake! I haven't done anything and my Father is after me and..."

The confusion is enough to send me breaking down. I feel angry as my confusion seeps out my eyes and frustration as my cheeks redden from the hot lava streaming down my face. I don't understand. Perhaps I've never understood. But what's so wrong with me knowing the truth?

I watch as the policeman beside me holds a walkie-talkie out in front of him and says into it, "Almost there. Get her in a good state."

What? Who in a good state?

"Can you please tell me what is going on?" I try to quieten my voice but it's hard to stay calm.

"Sydney, please..."

But he doesn't get the rest of his sentence out. I immediately lunge on top of him, my arms flinging at his face so I've done my part. Almost underestimating him, I immediately get pushed to the floor and he cuffs my hands behind my back.

"Get off me!" I yell, kicking and screaming. But he won't let go.

On the floor it feels like the car is swerving, the whole world tilting, and more than anything I just want to go back, go back to Mum and the house and everything so familiar. Where even is she? I never meant to hurt her like I did last night. Surely she didn't call the police because of that? Or maybe they're taking me in for questioning about my Dad?

"Now sit on the seat and stay quiet until we get there." The police officer says to me, as if the punches I swung at him did no damage at all. He's lucky I didn't kill him there and swear. It wouldn't have taken much, I'm telling you now.

But despite this, the rest of the journey I'm silent. I feel the glare of the policeman, his pupils eyeing my every move, every twitch, every thought. I feel as if he's reading me, figuring me out. 

But what is there to figure out?

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