my brother , where art thou?

Darren drake has been Missing for three years.After the police have stopped searching it is his brother who never gives up hope and then one day a chance meeting sends that hope higher than it had ever been before and starts a journey that may just bring the closer that is needed.


1. THREE YEARS LATER (prologue)

Everyone had given up the search for my brother. The police had told us that they had exhausted every line of enquiry. The case would remain open but they would not be actively looking for him anymore. 


My brother was twenty three when he disappeared. The night of the disappearance he had been out with two friends, both of them had been questioned extensively and ruled out. They had been to a club where they had been talking too three girls. My brother had left the club alone, this was established by C.C.T.V. footage from the club.

After leaving the club he was seen on camera getting onto a bus that would have taken him back to the stop just outside of his flat. It didn't appear th as t he had even gone back into the flat. The bed remained undisturbed and a carton of milk had been left out and had turned. One would think think that had he been home the milk would have been thrown. All of his belongings were still in his flat.


In three years there had been no activity on his bank cards or any withdrawals from his accounts. My brother had simply vanished from this Earth that night. My parents had been devastated and for the first two years they used every spare moment to see if they could find that one possible lead that would give them back the hope that had been fading so fast.


Now the question that you always get asked is "did he have any one who would want to harm him?" The simple answer to that question was  "no" My brother was a much loved, happy go lucky person. When you left his company you always felt as if he had taken away some of your daily burdons. He knew what just vanishing would do to my parents, to all of us!  There was no way he would do this to his family and friends. That is what made the thought that something  had happened to him all the more difficult to live with.


Something told me that my brother wasn't gone. I just felt like he was still with me. It wasn't something I could explain to anyone. I guess it could have just been my minds way of coping. Every morning when I awoke I felt like he awoke also, somewhere in this world. If he had a reason to leave we had never found it. If fear of someone or something had taken him we couldn't find out who or what. The only thing we had was the mystery of it all. 



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