Bad Memories

I do not own regular show. This follows on from the episode "It's Time" So there will be a lot of spoilers for this episode.
After hurting Rigby, Mordecai deals with the fact that whats done is done. As Mordecai is finally coming to grips with what happened, a new villain rises to test both Mordecai and Rigby. Will Mordecai let anything happen to Rigby? Will Mordecai open up to Rigby about what happened?


2. Chapter two

Chapter two


As Mordecai and rigby opened the door to the house and shut it they both made their way to the couch. Rigby noticed something off about his friend, But knew better than to push. To say the racoon wasn't concerned would be a lie, But he knew that his bro would come clean to him. Rigby felt the cushions dip slightly as Mordecai sat down on the couch. Mordecai looked at rigby again and once again was greeted with both guilt and happiness...


"Ummmm... Dude im going to the bathroom..." Mordecai said warily before heading up the stairs and into the bathroom. Mordecai felt sick. Who knew that even when you risk your life to get something back, you still feel guilty for what you did to it? Mordecai sat with his back to the door for what felt like ages before he heard and felt a door heavily slam downstairs. 


"What are you doing Rigby?! I told you and Mordecai three hours ago to clean the benches! Now get back out there and clean those benches or else YOUR FIRED!" Benson angrily screeched before Mordecai could hear him mumbling to himself and another door slamming which signaled that he had left again. Mordecai didn't feel like working today, Which is odd because it would normally be that he is the only one that did the work. Yet, If either benson or Rigby knew what had happened then surely they would give him some time and space? Mordecai didn't know if he should tell Rigby about what happened... But wouldn't Rigby end up hating him because he was the one who pushed him? Mordecai didn't want to lose Rigby's trust. They had been best friends forever and Mordecai couldn't lose that now.


Mordecai heard small footsteps slowly getting louder as they walked up the stairs before stopping outside of the bathroom door. "Hey mordo, You ok dude?" Rigby asked, Concern noticeable in his usually perky voice. Rigby waited a few minutes before knocking and repeating his previous question. Mordecai gave in and slowly moved round to sit on the floor with his back to the cabinets before unlocking the door, Leaving the choice of wether or not to come in up to Rigby. Mordecai watched as the door slowly opened and the small racoon popped his head around the door. His face was a picture of concern. Neither of the pair said anything as Rigby stepped into the small room completely, shutting and locking the door again. Rigby sat with his back to the door, Across from Mordecai.


They sat like this for a long time before a groan could be heard from the blue jay. Rigby's ears perked up at the sound before he watched Mordecai shuffle a bit before adjusting his head to rest comfortably on the cabinets. Rigby couldn't take it anymore. "What's up dude?" Rigby asked quietly, His voice completely changed. Mordecai seemed to brush the question off as he replied "Nothing dude, just feel sick." Rigby nodded, Aware that it's not often that Mordecai becomes ill. "Want to come downstairs dude? Ill make us some drinks and popcorn and if you want any you can have some?" Rigby asked, a small smile spreading across his face. "Sure dude" was the only reply Rigby got before Mordecai stood, Took a minute to regain his balance before watching Rigby unlock the door. They both headed back downstairs together, and then both headed into the big kitchen. Rigby jumped up onto the counter and grabbed the popcorn which was on the top shelf, before jumping back down. "Make your own popcorn! OOOOOOH!" Rigby and Mordecai both shouted as Rigby threw it all into the microwave... Mordecai then remembered again... He had killed Rigby on a microwave... 


"-Listen to the little popcorn wail Mordecai, 'no no don't eat me!' Well to bad little popcorn to bad!" Rigby shouted as the microwave beeped and Rigby grabbed the bag out of the Microwave and quickly throwing it into the bowl. Rigby grabbed the bowl and placed it infront of Mordecai before grabbing two cups and filling it with orange juice. Rigby carried the juice and was slowly followed by Mordecai who carried the popcorn. 


"I'm being player one! Take that Morda-drool haha!" Rigby giggled as he picked up the controller and threw it down. "In your faace loser!" Rigby laughed before picking up even more popcorn and throwing it into his mouth. "Haha good work dude, I'm just gonna watch you play..." Mordecai mumbled as he buried his head into the soft cushions. Rigby glanced at his friend before starting up the game.

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