Bad Memories

I do not own regular show. This follows on from the episode "It's Time" So there will be a lot of spoilers for this episode.
After hurting Rigby, Mordecai deals with the fact that whats done is done. As Mordecai is finally coming to grips with what happened, a new villain rises to test both Mordecai and Rigby. Will Mordecai let anything happen to Rigby? Will Mordecai open up to Rigby about what happened?


6. Chapter six

Chapter Six


As Benson ran out into the bright sun, he wasted no time in grabbing the cart and driving off to find Skips. It didn't take the bubblegum machine long before he reached the recognisable house that belonged to the Yeti. Benson parked the cart and quickly walked to skips garage, Seeing that the yeti was sorting out his tool bench. Skips turned around and watched as Benson walked quickly over to him. Skips skipped to Benson, Closing the gap between them. "Skips! Just the guy I wanted to see! Have you noticed anything weird going on with Mordecai and Rigby?" Benson asked, Looking at the yetis eyes with intent. Skips shook his head and benson sighed loudly, Not even caring if the Yeti thought any different of him for voicing his opinions like that. After all, Benson had known Skips for a long time.


"You sure you haven't heard anything?" Benson asked again, Concern becoming more evident on his face. 

"Sorry Benson I haven't heard anything. Have you tried asking Rigby about it? If anyone knows whats going on it will be Rigby." Skips explained.

"He looked more concerned than all of us. I'm just worried, Mordecai is never normally like this..."

"Why don't you try and approach him Benson? If it's something that's really bugging him then he may come clean you never know." Skips suggested, Watching Benson nod.

"Good idea skips, After the park meeting ill ask. Thanks" Benson replied, patting the yetis shoulder before turning around and walking back to the cart.


Once Benson got into the cart he checked the schedule one more time before heading back to the house to wait on the steps for the employees to slowly turn up for work.

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