Bad Memories

I do not own regular show. This follows on from the episode "It's Time" So there will be a lot of spoilers for this episode.
After hurting Rigby, Mordecai deals with the fact that whats done is done. As Mordecai is finally coming to grips with what happened, a new villain rises to test both Mordecai and Rigby. Will Mordecai let anything happen to Rigby? Will Mordecai open up to Rigby about what happened?


7. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven


Rigby watched Mordecai stand up from the table and head upstairs. Rigby waited until Mordecai had shut the bathroom door before running on all fours to find Mordecai's phone in the main room. Rigby spotted the phone on the table infront of the tv and unlocked his phone, Checked his inbox. Rigby wanted to make sure nothing had happened between him and Margaret.

 Nothing seemed out of the ordinary however, and rigby huffed before slamming the phone back down onto the table. Rigby heard the door upstairs open and someone coming down the stairs. Rigby didn't even need to look up to know that it was Mordecai. Mordecai sat next to the racoon, The silence screaming between them. 

Mordecai glanced at the clock, And saw they were yet again going to be late for the morning park meeting if they didn't make there way outside soon.

"Hey Rigby?" Mordecai said, Glancing at his small best friend.

"Yeah dude?" Rigby replied, Turning to make eye contact with the blue jay.

"We should probably head outside before Benson blows a fuse yet again..." Mordecai concluded, Not really waiting for Rigby to agree with him as he stood up and started to move to the steps outside.


Mordecai made it to the door and could hear the muffled voice of Benson yet again complaining about him and Rigby. Mordecai opened the door and immediately felt the suns rays on his feathers. He took his normal position on the steps, Making sure there was enough room for Rigby to sit next to him. Mordecai didn't make eye contact with anybody, Despite knowning everyone was watching them. Benson waited a moment before coughing loudly, Signalling he wanted to start the meeting. 


"Now that everybody is here we can finally begin... Muscle man and High five Ghost, I need you to collect new plants for the garden as those teenagers have pulled them up again. Pops I want you to help Skip's clean the carts. Mordecai and Rigby, the grass needs mowing again. Any questions?" Benson stated, Looking up from his clipboard to make sure no one had their hands raised. 


"Ok everybody we have a long day ahead of us so everybody get to work. Mordecai can I see you in my office please?" Benson said, Walking up the steps to the house. 


"Oooh! Somebodys busted!" Rigby chanted when Benson had left, High fiving both Muscle man and High five ghost. 

"Shut it! Don't know what your so happy about... Your gonna have to mow the lawn on your own!" Mordecai stated, Punching rigby in the side.

"Ow.... Why?!" Rigby questioned as he rubbed his side. 

"You know who else has to go to the bosses office cause she was in trouble...? MY MOM!" Muscle man shouted, High fiving high five ghost before they both ran off to go and do their daily chores.


Mordecai watched them run off, turning to look at Skips as Skips patted him on the shoulder. Pops giggled and followed Skips as they both left to do their own chores, Leaving just Rigby and Mordecai alone.

"Good luck dude" Rigby stated before jumping down the steps and walking to the garage. Mordecai threw his head back when Rigby had left, Feeling the sun pleasantly burn the feathers under his beak. Mordecai waited a minute before rubbing the feathers on the top of his head and standing up, Preparing himself for what Benson was going to say to him.

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