Bad Memories

I do not own regular show. This follows on from the episode "It's Time" So there will be a lot of spoilers for this episode.
After hurting Rigby, Mordecai deals with the fact that whats done is done. As Mordecai is finally coming to grips with what happened, a new villain rises to test both Mordecai and Rigby. Will Mordecai let anything happen to Rigby? Will Mordecai open up to Rigby about what happened?


1. Chapter one

Chapter one

Mordecai sat and stared at Rigby as he cracked the same joke as Mordecai had heard previously. Mordecai couldn't believe it had worked! Rigby was back! Mordecai wasn't listening to Margaret or Rigby.... ".....Mordecai? Dude?" Rigby questioned, putting his expresso down and trying to snap Mordecai out of his creepy stare.


Mordecai fixed his attention back onto Rigby to see the concern in the small racoons eyes. "Huh...? Dude, Wanna go back to the park and play some video games before we go to the movies?" Mordecai asked, Already standing up to move out of the door. Rigby's eyes shined before he took a big, long quick drink from his expresso and slamed it onto the table. "Yeah I do!" He shouted before jumping off the bar chair and running out of the door. Mordecai followed his small best friend without the same speed of Rigby, As Mordecai was still in overwhelming shock that it actually worked. His best friend was back!


As Mordecai reached for the door, he opened it to see Rigby sitting impatiently in the passenger seat of the cart. "Hurry up dude!" Rigby whined, Throwing his arms up then down as if that would help put urgency into the tall blue jay. "Alright alright jeesh im coming dude" Mordecai groaned as he threw himself into the drivers side and started up the cart. Rigby pumped his hands up and down as they started to move. Mordecai glanced at his small friend and was once again greeted by an overwhelming sense of relief. Mordecai was devastated when he had pushed his small friend off the microwave and turned Rigby into dust... Despite having Rigby back, Mordecai would never forgive himself for even trying to hurt his buddy like that. Apparently, jealously wasn't good for the Blue jay and neither was lying to his best friend...


Mordecai started to pay attention to the road again, Realising they had made it to the park. He quickly put the cart in the garage and high fived Rigby as they walked into the house.

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