Bad Memories

I do not own regular show. This follows on from the episode "It's Time" So there will be a lot of spoilers for this episode.
After hurting Rigby, Mordecai deals with the fact that whats done is done. As Mordecai is finally coming to grips with what happened, a new villain rises to test both Mordecai and Rigby. Will Mordecai let anything happen to Rigby? Will Mordecai open up to Rigby about what happened?


4. Chapter four

Chapter four


Night was looming over the park as Mordecai and Rigby were settling down on the sofa to watch a new VHS rigby had rented, 'Night of the killer moose'. Mordecai went to pick up the VHS and saw the title, a long sigh escaping his mouth. 

"Dude... Why did you rent yet another horror...? Do you not rememeber 'Ello Govnor?"

"Ah come on dude! That was so a few months ago I can totally handle it!" Rigby replied, He too settling into his seat.

"Whatever dude, Don't come crying to me when you get scared-"

"STOP TALKING!!" Rigby shouted, and the movie started playing which made them both silent.


Five Minutes Later


"M....M...Mordecai...?" Rigby stuttered behind a cushion. Rigby came to the conclusion that this movie was way to scary for him, right where the moose decided that he was going to grow another head and run a rampage on a city.

"Yeah dude?" Mordecai asked, Looking at Rigby's face and seeing the fear he was currently feeling. Mordecai went and grabbed the remote off the table and turned the tv off, Rigby visably relaxing instantly. Mordecai glanced at the clock as he moved to put the remote back, 11pm. 

"Hey Rigby it's getting late wanna go to sleep now?" Mordecai yawned before moving off the sofa, knowing the racoon would follow him. After getting ready for bed both Mordecai and Rigby were both in their own beds. 


It only took Rigby a few minutes before he was asleep, Something that wasn't unusual for the racoon to do. Mordecai sat and listened to the creaks of the house. Pops would long be asleep now, so that meant Mordecai would be the only person left awake. Mordecai tossed and turned for what felt like forever before he gave up. Mordecai looked to his side and saw the time, 12:30pm.


Mordecai sighed quietly before slowly moving on the bed and creeping out of the bed and out of the room. Mordecai double checked to make sure Rigby was asleep before fully leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. Mordecai crept downstairs and made his way into the kitchen and flicked on the light. He knew his feathers were ruffled, But he couldn't muster up the energy to rearrange them into their normal style. 


Mordecai pulled out his normal chair and grabbed a snack before sitting down and eating it slowly. The silence of the house was calming, Meaning Mordecai couldn't help but finding his eyes slowly becoming more alert at his extended period of being awake. Mordecai sighed, This was going to be a long night...

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