Kelly is a sister of Ashton. She calls him ash but after a few days in Sydney she realizes that her parents died through a car accident.
What will happen next?

Read this book to find out!


4. Chapter 4

2 More?

Luke's P.O.V

Kelly's eyes where so beautiful I couldn't resist staring at it. I hoped that I was with her an not. I just can't make up my mind! I quickly stopped staring. Kelly said "Why don't I call my friends Hannah and Heather. Coz I'm he only girl here like duh!" I shakes my head and acted normal.

Kelly's P.O.V

I quickly went upstairs to grab my phone and dialed my 2 fav besties I just couldn't choose who I liked more. Taylor was first them the 2nd H sisters. I put out a finger to land on Hannah. I heard a loud blast of "My anaconda don't" I giggled. The music turned off. "Hey Kel! How's it goin?" "Good now stop dancing and come over with Heather ok?" "Yes mam" she said and hanged up. I ran to the door as Ash tried to stop me. I sat on the front step.

Hannah's P.O.V

"Yes mam" I said as I hung up." Heather c'mon let's go to Kel's! " I shouted as I picked a violet Lacey dress with a purple purse and Heather? Well she was wearing a dress with clouds and took a purse with cloud shapes and ran to me. "Let's go!" I exclaimed.

Kelly's P.O.V

2 glamorous lady's walk to the door of my house as I hugged them. "Your finally here! I'm playing 7 minutes in heaven. Come join us for the party!" I said as they busted through he door.

Ashton's P.O.V

I was just talkin about what the lads thought about my sister as 2 other girls came in. "Guys this is Heather with the clouds and Hannah with the violet dress. They are both 17 so don't bother asking. Now get to the game!" She said excitedly so they sat in a circle and I spun the bottle.

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