Kelly is a sister of Ashton. She calls him ash but after a few days in Sydney she realizes that her parents died through a car accident.
What will happen next?

Read this book to find out!


2. Chapter 2

A Big Surprise

Kelly's P.O.V

It was 11o'clock. I woke up and went to my parents room like what I do everyday but couldn't find them. I tried to dial both my father and mother but they didn't listen. As I was about to call Ash, someone called. I pressed the listen button without looking at the caller ID. A weird man said"Hi! Is this Kelly Fletcher Irwin?" "Yes"I said hoping nothing wrong happened but it turned out that i wasn't correct. He told me he was a cop and my mother and father died through a car accident and they will have a funeral tomorrow. I ended the call and threw a pillow in my face and cried. I shakily called Ash, I bit my lip trying to not to cry in front of ash but I failed coz I heard him crying too. He said while crying" Y-y-you h-h-have y-you h-heard t-the n-n-ews?" "Y-y-es." I said hurt and flashbacks came to my mind.


"Mommy me want cookie!"

"Ok darling here you go." Mom said

Ashton scrambled to mom's hand and bit a bit of the cookie.

"Mommy! Ashy bit my cookie!"

"Share ok?" Mom said.

Dad chuckled.

End of Flashback

"Kel? Kel? Are you ok?" I very worried Ash voice came through the phone. "Yeah. I guess you stopped crying... Same as me."

It was kinda quiet then suddenly ash said"why don't I call my buddy's and let have a hangout time at home?" He said " sure but who are they?" "Secret. Gotta go now bye! See you at 6:00." "Bye..." I ran upstairs and chose a long beautiful white dress with a classic makeup. I put on a nice golden bracelet that said"LOVE". I sat on the couch and waited for them.

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