Kelly is a sister of Ashton. She calls him ash but after a few days in Sydney she realizes that her parents died through a car accident.
What will happen next?

Read this book to find out!


10. Chapter 10

Going To The Funeral

Kelly's P.O.V

It was the day I've been waiting for. The funeral. It was suppose to be yesterday but they changed it to today. Luke woke up and said"how ya doin my princess?" I smiled"good" we woke up and Luke said " ya know I never really had a f..." I cut him with saying"it dosent matter you just have silence say a few words them you go. Ok?" He smiled "now go get changed for your mom and dads funeral ok?" He said "Yes sir!" I said exited as I chose a long simple white dress since we only dress in white as he wore a white tuxedo. I left my hair wavy as I put on my moms special necklace she gave me.


"If there is anything you need I'm beside you. Here is a expensive necklace I bought for millions of dollars just for you. Remeber. I'm with you." Mom said

Her "you" at the end echoed as I fell in darkness again.

Flashback end

"What's wrong princess?" Luke said "nothing Prince Charming" I smirked as he chuckled at his new name. Ashton came back home shouting"FUNERAL CAR!!!!" The security guard came and told him to stop shouting because the guards didn't want fan girls to recognize his voice then the adress. We came running down the stairs as I but my necklace on. We drove to the capital city. As we drove I said a last word to myself.

"Remeber." I smiled

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