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Lexie is going to her very first concert ever! Along with her best friend Jack. This happens to be a 5SOS concert. Her fave is Luke. Always has been. Always will be. What happens when her phone dings right before they get to the arena? Whats the notification? - @Luke5sos is now following you!


2. Chapter 2

"How in the world did you know we were gonna be here?" Jack asked.

"Oh, Michael knew." Calum said.

"Yeah, I have this wierd sense. Everytime a hot girl goes to a park, i can feel it. Its like I have ESPN or something." Michael said.

"I didnt know there were other girls in this park. You know except me and Jack." I said.

"Hey," Jack said poking me in the stomack.

"And theres not. YOUR the hot girl." Ashton smiled.

I blushed.

"Thanks for the followers earlier. My twitter is blowing up." I smiled at the ground.

"No problem cutie." Luke said.

"Honestly Luke, that means the world coming from you." I giggled.

"Ok, that was adorable." Michael said putting his arm around me.

"Dude," Calum said putting his arm around me on the other side.

"Can I mabey get a picture with all of you?" I asked pulling out my phone.

They nodded.

First, I took a picture of me and Luke.

He picked me up and help me bridal style and Jack took a picture.

Then Calum. He had his arm around me and we did a normal picture.

Then Michael. He kissed my cheek durning our picture.

After Michael was Ashton. We did the his signature hand thing and took the picture.

Then I took one with all of the boys. Then an old lady was walking by so Jack got in the picture and she took it for us.

"Thank you guys so much." I smiled looking through the pictures.

"Can we see them?" Ashton smiled.

"Yeah." I said walking over near the boys.

"Wow! That ones really good." Luke said about ours.

Then he reached his head over and kissed my cheeck.

"Luke?" I asked.

"Michael kissed you, so I wanted to too." He smirked.

"I kmow this may seem wierd but do you wanna hang out sometime? Mabey just the two of us?" Calum asked.

"Hey no fair! I was gonna ask her!" Michael argued.

"But I wanted to!" Ashton said.

"Hey hey, i was the one to show you her twitter anyway so I should ask her!" Luke shouted.

I backed away.

"Woah," Jack said.

"What the heck are they doing?" I asked.

"I think their fighting over you Lex." Jack said putting his arm around my shoulder.

I layed my head on his shoulder and watched the 4 idiotic boys argue.

Calum turned around.

"So, we figured since al- wait are you two dating?" Calum asked.

"Nope." I said.

"Then why is his arm around you and you have your head layed on his shoulder?" Luke said in a jealous tone.

"Shit Luke, calm down. He's just my best friend." I said.

Jack removed his arm and I pulled my head up.

"So, what I was saying, we figured since we all like you we should ALL hang out sometime. Your friend can come too." Calum said.

"Oh my gosh are you serious?" I asked.

"As serious as my mum is about me getting tattoos." Lule giggled.

"So fucking cute." I mumbled.

"So thats a yes?" Michael asked.

"Sure. What about you Jackson?" I asked.

"I-I guess so. When?" Jack asked.

"How about tommarow night?" Ashton suggested.

"I'll have to ser if we have plans. Pretty sure we dont but I need to make sure." I said looking for my phone.

I pulled it out of my pocket. I checked my calendar. Nothing at all. Yes!

"Im free." I said.

"What about you, Jack?" Calum asked.

"I dont know. Let me see." Jack said pulling out his phone.

"Nahh im free." He smiled.

"Great. Oh, and speaking of phones, can I get your number?" Luke asked me.

"Sure." I smiled telling him my number.

All of the boys put it in their phones.

"Great. We should all walk." Ashton suggested.

"Yes." Me and Luke said at the same time.

I walked by Jack and Luke walked by me. The other three walked infront of us. Me and Jack were holding hands.

Honestly, we act like a couple, but were not. Were just beat friends. Were really close.

"So, what kind of stuff do you like?" Luke asked me.

"Well, i do competitve cheer, i like bands obviously, and penguins are kinda cool." I said.

"Kinda?" Luke stopped.

"Sarcasam. Penguins are life." I said.

"Same." He said.


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