Tattooed Heart [n.h au]

Summer had a good life back in America;
But all of that changes when Summers dad was promoted for a higher position. All her family had to move to England, including her. She refused to go along with them, but something changes her mind along the way.She discovers things that she never knew until now about the people she cared about for all these years. But little did she know that someone special was waiting for her.

His name is Niall Horan. A broken boy, with a broken story. Not many people want to be with him and not many people know his story like Summer will.

Will Niall finally let Summer into his life after what happen with his ex-girlfriend Jessica?

The boys in this fanfiction aren't famous. @copyright 2014 all right reserve. #NiallHoran


4. Three

*Summer's P.O.V*

This can't be happening. No... No,no,no,no. this is a joke. yeah that is! this is just a joke... it must be.

"Hahah good one dad. you nearly had me there."

"Honey this isn't a joke or anything, this is Serious" My Mother said making her way over to my side.

"WHAT!? YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! But... WHY!?" i shouted to my dad. I've never shout at my dad before, but this caught me by surprice.

"Darling listen to me..." My father pleased making his way over to me.

"NO! You don't have the right to do this to me! I have a life here! I have everything I need to live here."

"SUMMER STOP AND LISTEN TO ME!" my father shouted louder making me shut up.

"I just received the news this morning at work, and believe me, I was surprise as you are. My boss called me to a meeting when I was doing some paper work and in the meeting he offered me a job in England because... they just opened a new building there and he wants me to go and work over there!" he explains taking a deep breath.

I looked down, I couldn't believe this.

"Darling this is once in a life time. This is what I've been waiting for all these years! And they are willing to pay everything for us to get there. we have everything arrange and ready to go"

"But... what about me?! have you though just for a minute about me? I have a life here you know? What will I do there, is nearly the end of the year anyway and I can't move to another place just like that!"

"We have everything ready like I said, we've talk to your school and they will transfer all your details to your new school in London. you don't have to worry about anything." My father made his way over to my side and rapped his arms around me.

"What about Eric?" I whispered with a shaky breath.

silence...that is all you could hear. dead silence. if you were to drop a pin to the floor, you could probably hear it while it hit the cold floor.

"Well... You could work things out with Eric. if he really loves you. he will wait." my mother said hopefully while giving me a tissue to clean my tears.

"Ok..." My lips was wobbling and my head stared to hurt a lot. I just need to get out of here. I need time to proses everything that is happening... I need Veronica.

"Umm.. I'm just going to sleep now, I'm tired" i finally said after a long pause.

"Sure darling, have you eaten?" My mother said while grabbing some plates from the table ready to serve dinner.

"Yeah. night" i

"Night darling, sleep tight" My mother made her way to me and give me a kiss in the cheek.

"We'll talk about this in the afternoon. When I come home from work" said my dad giving me a kiss also.

I slowly went to my bedroom. When I finally entered my room... I lost it. tears stared pouring down my face. I was a disaster. EVERYTHING was a disaster! How can they do this to me?! Haven't they thought about me for just once in their life!? It's just unfair.

I quickly grabbed my coat and made my way over to my balcony. thank god I have a tree next to it so I can climb down and get away for a bit.

I went carefully down the tree so I don't step on a thin branch and fall into the ground.

When I got in the concrete,i ran down the street as fast as I could.

"Hopefully no one saw me" I thought while ruining out of breath.

Veronica's place is only a few houses down the road from mine. I saw the lights of her bedroom on. well that's a good sign. she must be studying.

I quickly made my way over to the side of her house and over to her window.It was a double store house so I can't just knock on her window. I quickly searched for my phone into pocket.

"Shoot" a whispered

I must of left it on my nightstand.what do i do? think summer, think! I looked around me and found a small rock by me. I quickly graved it and throw it to her window...

...nothing. I threw another rock at her window just when she opened it. It hit her right in the face!... oops?

"Ugh!!!! Fricken hell! Who's there?" She yelled looking everywhere.

"It's me; Summer. Open up!" I yelled/whispered at her.

After, she opened the back door so I could get in and not getting seem by her parents, otherwise they would of call mine. I jumped in her arms and cry my heart out to her. "Summer... what happen?"

I couldn't form a word, all I could do was cry. I felt like my throat was dry and tight. I couldn't breath properly. my heart was hurting.... I am a mess right now.

"I'm moving to England in a month" That is all it took for Veronica to take me to her bedroom so I can seat and explain everything to her.


Uff! I'm so emotional right now. so much drama!!!!

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