Tattooed Heart [n.h au]

Summer had a good life back in America;
But all of that changes when Summers dad was promoted for a higher position. All her family had to move to England, including her. She refused to go along with them, but something changes her mind along the way.She discovers things that she never knew until now about the people she cared about for all these years. But little did she know that someone special was waiting for her.

His name is Niall Horan. A broken boy, with a broken story. Not many people want to be with him and not many people know his story like Summer will.

Will Niall finally let Summer into his life after what happen with his ex-girlfriend Jessica?

The boys in this fanfiction aren't famous. @copyright 2014 all right reserve. #NiallHoran


7. Six

*Summer's P.O.V*

"Whoa Summer... that's a lot to take in." Veronica said in surprise while hugging her best friend.

"I know and the worst part is that... how am I going to tell this to Eric? How will he react?"

"Well, that's hard to tell. I can't read his mind or feelings but I know that your mom is right, if he really loves you, he will wait and see how things go from there"

I don't' know what to do. If I tell Eric about all this, I fear that he will leave me. Why did my father have to accept that stupid offer?! I know im being selfish right now. I know he deserved this position; he worked his bum off all these years.

I remember when I was a little girl, I always saw my father in his studio doing paper work after paper work. Some nights, I could sneak down to the kitchen and the light of is studio will be still on.

Sometimes he would work until 5 in the morning and not sleep at all. I guess they finally saw that my father had the potential to be in a higher position.

I still remember once when my father was new to the company and we had a gathering with all the workers and the big bosses of the company.

They would laugh at him just because he was the cleaner of the company. I never understood why he never quit that job. I wouldn't be that strong. But he made his way up by working as hard as he could and for that I admire him so much. He sacrificed everything he had so we could have a better life.

"I'll figure it out tomorrow...I don't have any more energy within me for now. I think I better head home. It's getting late"

"Okay... do you want me to drive you back home? I don't mined"

"No, its ok Vero. I can walk, after all is not that far. Thank you for listening to me. I really appreciate it" I got up from her bed and put my shoes back on.

"Any day love, see ya tomorrow?

"See ya tomorrow"

With that we walk quietly down the stairs so we don't wake up her parents or else I'll be in trouble. We walk to the back door and I got out of the house. We said our goodnights and I head back home. I felt goosebumps in my arms and lower back as the cold breeze of fall blowed my hair in all directions. Finally I got home and I stared climbing the tree. Safely and in pieces, I opened my window and entered my bedroom. I changed into my zebra onesie. Brushed my teeth and take my make up off.

I lazily climb to my double bed. It is incredible how your life can change in one day. I don't wanna let go, I don't want say goodbye to all these memories and all those special places that I've discover over the years. But I have to be strong. It's for the better.... Right?


*next day*

"Good morning darlin', it's time to get up"

"Uuuggghh! Five more minutes mom"

I felt the sheet of my bed been taken away from me. Damn why does it have to be so cold every morning?!

"I expect you to be ready in 10, im taking you guys to school"

With hat she left my bedroom, leaving me with my privacy to get ready for that day... I decided that im going to tell Eric about what is happening, and will figure something out.

I got ready for the day. ate my breakfast quickly and I nearly choked on a piece of bread, luckily I had a glass of milk in front of me.

Later I brushed my teeth and go in my mom's car. She drove us to school, we said our goodbyes.

I spotted Veronica, Fernando and Eric waiting next to the school's gates.

"Hello guys!"

"Hiya Summer! Said Veronica cheerfully

"Hey babe! How are you?" Eric said while stealing a kiss from me.

How am I? Terrible! Im feeling like a zombie!

"Excellent, couldn't being better"


"Well that's the bell guys. We should go to class. See ya after class Vero?" said Fernando hopefully.

"See ya after class handsome"

I graved Veronica's arm and dragged her to class before we arrive late to maths class again. Haha I'm so naughty.

~after school~


Finally school is over for now; graving all my belongings and putting them in my bag, I made my way over the school's front gates. Searching for my mother's red Alfa Romeo. She waved her hand from the car signalling me to come over.

When I got into the car the spell of strawberry filled my nostrils. Her car was amazingly clean for a woman. Usually we would find toilet paper scrambled over the floor or magazine in the back seat. She must have cleaned it.

"Good evening young lady. How was school?"

"Evening mom. Can't complain... is school after all"

We drove in silence until I decided to put the radio on. "Bang Bang" by Jessi J was on.

"OH THIS IS MY JAM!" I turn the volume on; dancing in my seat while my mother is driving is not a good idea. She likes nearly everything I like and we have the same taste of music. We sang from the top of our lungs, sticking our arms out of the car's window. People were looking at us like we were maniacs. Luckily we managed to get home safely.

I got out of the car and went to my room. Minutes later my brother entered my bedroom just to tell me that dinner was served. I went downs stairs and we all ate lasagne. While I was eating my dinner I felt something vibrate on my back pocket. It must be my phone. Yup I got a text from Eric.

"Hey babe! I need to tell you something. Can you meet me at the park in at 7? Xx - Eric"

"Sure see ya at 7 xx- Summer"

I wonder what it could be. I hope everything is ok. The front door opened and my dad came through it.

"Daddy!" my little brother said with joy jumping on his arms.

"Hello kiddo did you behave while I wasn't home?"

"Yes, I helped mommy with the dishes today! " Sebastina said with excitement on his voice.

"That's my boy. Well done!"

He then looked at me with tiring eyes,"Hello darling, how are you?"

"Hi daddy, im fine, thank you for asking"

He sat on the table next to me "Hey listen... I wanted to talk to you about yesterday I-"

"It ok dad, I understand. We'll talk about this later, now I gotta go and meet Eric at the park, he wants to tell me something important"

I kissed my dad's cheek and then grabbed my phone and headed to the front door. A cold wind hit me right in the face. I felt a little drop of water on my face, I think is going to rain soon; I should have brought a jacket. Oh well, it won't take long I hope.

I made my way to the park that was only a couple of houses up the road from where I live.

When I arrived there, I immediately spotted Eric seating on a bank in front of the lake looking at the duck that lived there. He looked lost in thoughts. I made my way over to seat next to him. "Oh princess you scared me" said Eric while touching where his heart is supposed to be

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" I said truthfully "is there something wrong? You look a bit... distant."

"What? Yeah im fine don't worry about me"

"Well, then why are we here?"

"What! Can't I spend some time with my girlfriend?"

"Haha of course you can you dummy, but why at this hour? You know that we have school tomorrow and I-?"

"Do you love me Summer?" He said out of nowhere.

It took me by surprise when he grabbed my cold hands in his and pulled me towards him crushing me into a hug. That was unexpected but I hugged him back.

"What kind of question is that? Of Couse I love you more than anything in this whole wide world! Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to hear it. You know I love you right?"

"I know that baby... is there something wrong Eric because I don't believe that you just wanted to meet me here in the park so you can just tell me how much you love me..." I was getting frustrated with this entire situation. He is hiding something. I can feel it.

"'re hiding something, aren't you?" I said while unwrapping my arms from him." Baby you know you can trust me with anything..."

He stayed quiet. The sound of the water running through the lake, the quaking of the ducks and some thunders was the only thing that you could hear.

He finally looked at me with tears forming on his eyes. His nose red from the cold. the strong and chilli wind that was blowing cause his hair to go in all directions. Small rain drops started to fall from the sky into the ground.

"I-I-I.... I'm sorry Summer" he apologised. Tears stared rolling down his face "I didn't mean to do it"

"W-w-what? What are you talking about Eric? Why are you apologising for? There is nothing to apologise for, you've done nothing wrong and if you did I believe we can get through it together-"

"I cheated on you Summer! That's what happed" he screamed out loud.

No...... this can't be true....


Tan tan taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

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