Tattooed Heart [n.h au]

Summer had a good life back in America;
But all of that changes when Summers dad was promoted for a higher position. All her family had to move to England, including her. She refused to go along with them, but something changes her mind along the way.She discovers things that she never knew until now about the people she cared about for all these years. But little did she know that someone special was waiting for her.

His name is Niall Horan. A broken boy, with a broken story. Not many people want to be with him and not many people know his story like Summer will.

Will Niall finally let Summer into his life after what happen with his ex-girlfriend Jessica?

The boys in this fanfiction aren't famous. @copyright 2014 all right reserve. #NiallHoran


2. One

*Summer's P.O.V*

It was Summers first day in secondary school. She only knew her best friend Veronica Calderon. They've been best friend since kindergarten, and knew everything about each other.

*7:30 am*

"Hey summer, hurry up will ya!? I'll be waiting outside in the car with my mom"

"I'm coming Vero! I'm coming!"

Summer just finished packing her stuff to go.

"Books. Check"

"Pens. Check"

"Laptop. Check"

"My head....check"

"Ok I have everything.Let's go"

Summer ran down the stairs, excited about her first day in the new school with her best friend.

"Have a nice day darlin'.If you have any problem you just call" said my mother from the kitchen.

"Thanks mom!" I ran to the front door and opened it. Closing it behind me I took at deep breath, admiring the glorious day that we have today. The end of Summer vacations ended, and fast. i'll miss the many memories that I've made. Hopefully school will treat me well this year.

*bip, bip*

"C'mon Summer or we'll be late!" Shouted Veronica from the passenger seat of the car.I made my way over to them. opening the back door I got in and put my seatbelt.

"You go everything?" said Veronica turning around with a smile upon her face.

"Yup, everything's ready, now let go before we arrive late!" I copied her. she just rolled her eyes to me and her mom drove us to our school.

After about 20 minute,they arrive at the school. It was big like her mother said it would be.She couldn't contain the excitement she felt within her.

"This is going to be the best day if my life! Summer said clapping her hands and jumping slightly up and down.

"It better be" said Veronica while grabbing her stuff and making her way over to the front office.


*3 years and a day later*





It was Monday, and summer just had the most amazing dream of her life about her boyfriend. She wishes it could of last longer. But noooo! Her stupid alarm just had to wake her up to go to school.

"I can't wait to finish school. I'm so done with it"

Summer lazily got up from her bed. She wore her favourite zebra onesie She just loves that was so comfortable and warm but soon after she had to undress.

She wore dark jeans, with boot along with her favourite lilac t-shirt. She wore her hair down and washed her face to take some of the sleep away from her eyes and put on some natural make up.

When she finished, she went down stairs and her mom was waiting for her with breakfast ready."Good morning kiddo! Did you slept well?" her mother cheerfully said.

"Morning mom, and yup I slept well" Summer admired her mother from the dinner table. Her mom had her long blond hair down along with some curls. She wore a dress that only reached her knees. Natural make up and some flats. She was stunning.

"Mom, why are you so dress up for?"

"Well, your father wants me to come with him to grab some lunch, you gotta look good when you go on a date, remember that darlin'" she playfully winked and smiled at me from the other side of the table.

"Haha I'll remember that don't worry"

She looked at her watch that was on her wrist."Well, you gotta hurry up young lady; if you don't wanna be late for school you gotta eat you bacon quickly"

Summer ate her breakfast quickly. Washed her teeth and hurry her bum out the door. When she went through the door and walked a few houses down the road, someone beeped their car horn.

*Honk, honk*

"Need a ride beautiful?"

It was summer's boyfriend Eric. He was driving his red BMW. For his 18th birthday he got his car as a birthday gift.He had his brown hair in that style that she liked. He wore his skinny jeans and a plain white shirt.

"You scared me Eric!" Summer responded in surprice putting one hand over her chest.

"Haha sorry babe, I won't do it again. You look beautiful by the way." He smiled and opend the car door for Summer to get in.

"Thanks handsome. Now lets hurry up before we are late" I said happily getting in the car and putting my seatbelt on. The sence of mint filled her nostriles as they drove away. it was suh a beautiful day, no clouds could be seen in the sky as the sun shine with all its might. the breeze made her hair move in all different directions, but she didnt mind. she felt like she was free... well not for long.


Hellooooo! So that was the first chapter of "Tattooed Heart"

I promise you more drama and action and of course ROMANCE!

I'm sorry for some spelling mistakes. I'm on my tablet, so stay with me and I promise it will get more interesting.

If you wish you can follow me on twitter at

@CrazyMofoVania18 I follow back just ask me to.


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