Tattooed Heart [n.h au]

Summer had a good life back in America;
But all of that changes when Summers dad was promoted for a higher position. All her family had to move to England, including her. She refused to go along with them, but something changes her mind along the way.She discovers things that she never knew until now about the people she cared about for all these years. But little did she know that someone special was waiting for her.

His name is Niall Horan. A broken boy, with a broken story. Not many people want to be with him and not many people know his story like Summer will.

Will Niall finally let Summer into his life after what happen with his ex-girlfriend Jessica?

The boys in this fanfiction aren't famous. @copyright 2014 all right reserve. #NiallHoran


10. Nine

Just to let you guys know, they are in England - London. ok? Now keep reading :)


-Summer's P.O.V-

"Summer is time to go!" my mother shouted from downstairs. I groaned not wanting to get up from the comfort of my warm bed" sweetie I know that you don't want to go, but you have to face it someday. You have to be brave"

As much as I didn't want to get up my mother was right. I had to face it some day and that day was today. I stumble out of my warm bed and walked towards my bathroom. I hopped into the shower, it the perfect place to reflect on many things in life.

It's being nearly 1 month since I ended things with Eric and his words still haunt me every night... I remember it like it was yesterday...


Eric pulled me again his chest and rap his arms around me waist holding me firmly.

"Summer just listen; w-w-we can work our way out through, I-"

"NO GET OF ME! WE ARE DONE ERIC! DONE" I push myself away from him. Rain stared to pour on us, the wind started hauling furiously. I knew I should have brought a jacket. I turned around quickly, I needed to get home, and I couldn't bear to look at his eyes anymore. He was broken, I was broken.

"We aren't through summer! I will get you back! I promise!" He shouted to the top of his lungs. I stared to run faster. My vision was blurry due to the many tears I've cried. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Why now? We were supposed to be together for ever. He was the one I was going to grow old with, but now that dreams was shatter into millions of pieces.

*end of flashback*

With a sign I turn the shower off and stepped out, I wrapped a towel around my body and my hair. Then I made my way to my wardrobe, and pick an outfit for the day. I decide on a flowerily skirt, a black long sleeve blouse and some short black boots. I then did my make up natural, when I finished I made my way downstairs to have breakfast.

"Morning darlin! Did you sleep well?" asked my mother calmly

"Yup" I said shortly after.

When I finished with my breakfast, my mother drove me to my new school. Yaay! I love being the 'new girl'...did you notice my sarcasm there? Good.

I was really nervous. What if I didn't make any friend?

So many thoughts ran through my head, but soon I was brought back to reality by my mother telling me to have a "Great first day of school". My heart started to beat faster and sweat started to form around my forehead. "Thanks mom" I said

Man this school was huge. "The City Of London School" were written In the walls of the big building. I walked to the entrance of the school, everyone was staring at me like I was some sort of strange bug, and I instantly became more nervous. I started to walked faster and into the front office.

An old lady sat there. She must of been on her middle 40s. After a while she noticed my existence.

"Excuse me could you please help me , Im new here and I don't know where to go" I said nervously.

"Sure, what is your name?"

"Summer Collins" I said confidently.

She then got up from her seat and walked over a locked cabinet. She unlocked it and took out a folder with my name on it.

"Collins... well here is your time table and if you would like to take a seat over there someone will be here soon to show you around the school"; said the lady which her name was Melanie.

"Thank you", I walked over to the waiting seats and sat there patiently.

No long after I was waiting there, a girl with long beautiful brown hair walked up to me, "you must be Summer, im Zeena" she smiled widely... well she seems nice.

"Nice to meet you Zeena", I said standing up and stretching my hand so we could shake hands, I really hope we could be friends.

We stated to walk out of the reception when Zeena spoke "could I see your time table?" I passed it to her and she smiled widely "yay we have Science first period and English third period together"


"C'mon we have to hurry up if you don't want to miss first period" she said dragging me from my forearm to our first class

When we entered the class unfortunately Zenna's seat was in a different place to mine but I didn't complain about it. After all I just meet the girl.

"Good morning class" the teacher said, he had light brown hair, a white blouse and black pants, he didn't look that old, I was soon pulled back to reality but the teacher talking to me, " Hello young lady, you must be Summer, welcome to our school"

The lesson went by quickly so did the day. Suddenly the bell rang making me jump. I packed all my stuff in my bag and make my way out of class. I was suddenly pulled back by my bag, "Hey wait for me Summer!"

"Oh Zeena you gave me a fright!" We made our way out of the school gates and soon after I spotted my mom waving her hand at me.

"well it was nice to meet you Summer,here" she gave me a folded piece of paper

"here is my number and my direction if you need me", she then made her way over a group of people that were standing in a circle at the side of the school's wall. They greeted her with warm smiles. A boy with dark sunglasses, a tattooed arm and blond hair caught my attention. He had a lip ring, and was wearing a plain white shirt, skinny black jeans with a demi jacket with ripped sleeves. He was trouble. I could tell.

But ... was he really?


ohhhhh nfkjdsnjfkjds i wonder what will happen with these two? ;)

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