Tattooed Heart [n.h au]

Summer had a good life back in America;
But all of that changes when Summers dad was promoted for a higher position. All her family had to move to England, including her. She refused to go along with them, but something changes her mind along the way.She discovers things that she never knew until now about the people she cared about for all these years. But little did she know that someone special was waiting for her.

His name is Niall Horan. A broken boy, with a broken story. Not many people want to be with him and not many people know his story like Summer will.

Will Niall finally let Summer into his life after what happen with his ex-girlfriend Jessica?

The boys in this fanfiction aren't famous. @copyright 2014 all right reserve. #NiallHoran


12. Eleven

-Summer's P.O.V-

After we said out good byes, I went to my mother's car. She cheerfully greeted me with a Hello, asking me who that girl was. I told her that she was the one that introduced me to the school and that she was the first friend that I made so far. She was so please to know that I made some friends. That way I wouldn't be 'alone' in this country. Well I wasn't technically alone; I had a family with me.

When we got home I went straight to my room to change into some comfortable clothes. I choose black legging and a tank top. I wasn't going to go anywhere. When I was going to put my cloths in the laundry basket, a piece of paper felt down on the floor.

"Mm weird, I don't remember writing something and putting it on my jeans" I picked it up from the floor and opened it up. Suddenly I remembered when I got this piece of paper


"Hey wait for me Summer!"

"Oh Zeena you gave me a fright!" We made our way out of the school gates and soon after I spotted my mom waving her hand at me.

"well it was nice to meet you Summer, here," she gave me a folded piece of paper" here is my number and my direction if you need me", she then made her way over a group of people that were standing in a circle at the side of the school's wall.

*end of flashback*

"I better save it now before I lose it" I thought to myself.

I quickly made my way upstairs to my bedroom and over to my nightstand. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it. I added Zenna's number to my phone and I added a photo of me and her doing silly faces at the school's cafeteria at lunchtime. She was funny. I just meet her and I had a feeling that we will be very good friends.

Now I'm laying on my bed on a Saturday morning with nothing else to do I started to scroll through my twitter account. I decided to tweet something.

"@CallMeSummerC: Morning people! Hopefully you have a wonderful Saturday morning"

I got one retweet and a favourite from '@VeroDaFav' .

I got mention from her saying "@CallMeSummerc: It is actually night here in AMERICA! ;) X"

Oh how I miss her. I still remember the day at the airport when we said out good byes...


It was finally the day that we had to go and leave everything else in the past. I was a mess, I haven't sleep all night thinking how much my life has change since the day my father told me that we were moving to England until the day I broke up with Eric. He hasn't stop calling me non-stop, I must have hundreds of missed calls and messages from him. I couldn't bear to hear his voice again, im not that strong.

We were now at the airport in the cue to get in the plain. I wish I could of say goodbye to Veronica, but her grandmother was in hospital and she had to check on her. She wrote to me tho saying that she will miss me and that she will never forget about me. I will treasure the many memories that we made together, from the first day we meet to the last tear I cried on her shoulder.

"Summer! Summer! " someone was calling my name. I turn around to be faced with Veronica running towards where I was. I let my luggage fall to the ground and started to run towards her. Meeting with her halfway, she gave me a bone crush hug. Tears started to run down my face. She was panting hard.

"I thought you weren't coming to say goodbye" I managed to get out with a shaky voice.

"How could you day that! You're my best friend. I could never do that to you"

Secure guards approached towards us. Stopping a meter to so from us.

"Miss you can't be here if you're not taking this flight" the officer said to Veronica." Im afraid you have to come with me". He grabbed her arms and separated her from me, leaving me in the middle of the waiting area. Veronica stared to protest and the officer had to carry her by force. "I haven't say goodbye to my best friend! Let me go!" she protested. She looked my way and waved her free and at me "Goodbye Summer! Hope you have fun!"

"Passengers from flight number 753 destination United Kingdom, please aboard plain"

Well this was it. I can't look back now. I have to be strong from now on. I will see her someday... right?

*end of flashback*

Lazily I got out of bed heading to my bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. EW, I better take a shower. I undress and hopped into the shower. After that, I turned the water off and wrapped a towel round me and dried my hair and body.

I then walked to my wardrobe to pick an outfit for the day. While I was putting my flats on my phone started to vibrate indicating me that I go a message form someone. I unlooked my phone and yup it was a message from Zeena.

"Do you want to go shopping with me? I need more clothes- Zeena"

"Yeah no problem, where are we going?-summer"

"H&M duuuh! I can't wait to see what they have in store!-Zeena"

"Right, how could I forget, you're addicted to H&M! XD-summer"

"Shut up Starbucks addict ;p " haha yeah that is true, im addicted to Starbucks but who isn't? "I'll pick you up in 10 minutes make sure you wear comfortable shoes ;) -Zeena"

Oh boy... this will be a looooooooong day...

*at H&M*

"Oh look at this shirt! So colourful"

"Oh I love these shoes!"

"Oh look over there they have 50% off in the accessories section!"

It's being like this all morning. My feet are sore and im hungry. I need my food and coffee to function properly.

"Zeena, can we stop for a minute and sit down, my feet are killing me right now." I said while heading to the exit of the store. She grabbed my arm and said "Now, didn't I tell you to wear comfortable shoes?"

"I know you did but we've being walking all morning and my tummy is growling loudly. I need a break"

"Fair enough, but let me buy something first and then we can go and eat at Nando's ok?"

I nodded lazily following her to the cashier. Half an hour later we order out food and sat down at the nearest unoccupied table. I let a relief sign, taking my shoes off. Oh this is paradise!

"I thought you liked shopping summer"

"I do, but I needed a break, and I need my chicken" I said while she was laughing at what I just said. "You're funny Summer"

We stared to talk about each other and girl stuff when our food came. We dug in quickly. Man chicken is my passion! IS GOOD! Half an hour later we finished with our chicken and salad. I was so full I could go to sleep right now. You know that feeling you get when you eat too much and you get sleepy, well that is what im feeling now.

I was brought to the cruel reality when Zeena snapped her finger to my face. "Mmmh, what?" I asked confused.

"I was talking to you" Zeena said giggling.

"Oh sorry, I was spaced out" I frankly said, stretching my arms.

We talked and laugh for a bit. We talked about our family, school, our life and obviously boys.

We decide to look around one more time before go head home. Suddenly a group of 5 boys and 1 girl with blond hair made our way over to us. Zeena rushed over one of the boys that was wearing a snappack and jumped on his arms. I think his name was Liam, if I remember right. Zeena told me everything about their relationship; from when they first meet to now. I stared to glance around not wanting to see they intimate greeting. I suddenly meet with a pair of Blue eyes. It was the guy from yesterday. He was hotter from up close. WAIT WHAT? Did I just think that? He was staring at me as well. I was the first to look away. Suddenly started to feel anxious; I could feel his eyes staring at me still. I was brought back to reality when I felt a hand pressed to my shoulder. I looked up to see Zeena smiling to the group. ", and this is Summer everybody".

I was greeted with a "hello" and "nice to meet you" from everybody. I searched for the blonde boy again but he was nowhere to be seen. Oh weird, I just saw his just now.

Where could he be? ...


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