New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


19. Why does this have to happen on Saturday?

No one's POV 

There stood the rest of One Direction. Louis and Zayn were looking confused and Niall and Harry were looking mad. They pushed Liam out of the way and stood in his house, not even noticing Bella was there. 

Zayn- Liam you have some explaining to do, What's happening? 

Liam- What? 

Niall- Come on Liam don't play dumb 

Louis- It's all over the web, you and that mystery girl 

Harry - Yeah who is she? There was even pictures of you walking out of your house from a couple days ago

Bella was slowly making her way up stairs. Liam slightly eyed her to go to his room. She followed his gaze and went up without anyone noticing. 

Zayn- Simon called and he's down here at his beach house, he wants to talk to us about this situation. 

Louis- Liam you know were not supposed to go out without security, cause this happens 

Harry- And Simon sounded pretty mad on the phone 

Liam- Great,dose he want us to meet him now ?

Niall- Yeah he said to get you and then drive over  

Liam- How long is the drive? 

Zayn- 2-3 hours 

Liam-Okay , I'm going to grab my headphones and phone from my room 

Harry- Okay, hurry up

Liam ran up stairs to his room and closed the door behind him. Bella was laying on his bed staring straight up at the ceiling. Liam went over and laid next to her looking up as well

(sigh)Bella- This is all my fault 

Liam- Bella this is not your fault at all.Simon just doesn't like these things to happen cause it causes drama and then gossip and rumours and so on .It's the paparazzi's fault for being so nosy 

They both looked at each other and started to laugh. Their gaze kept on each other for along time until the door opened and the four boys came walking in 

Harry- Bella? What are you doing here? 

Bella and Liam quickly sat up and she glanced over to Liam with a please help me I have know clue what to say look. 

Liam- Oh me and Bella were just hanging out this morning all morning here. Nothing more we were just listening to music. Isn't that right Bell 

Hoping that the boys wouldn't catch on about how it was them that went for breakfast she quickly replied

Bella- Yeah, we just stayed here all morning I wanted to hear some of you're music 

Niall- Oh 

Bella- Well I should be going 

Bella got up and walked to Liam's bedroom door but before she could leave her hand was grabbed by Louis. 

Louis- Did Liam tell you what's going on 

Bella- Sorta 

Niall- Then you're coming with us 

Bella- Why?

Harry- Cause Simon want's anyone that knows about this to talk to him 

Bella- Well I don't really no that much about this 

Louis- Well to bad, were kidnapping you haha 

Louis took Bella and through her over his shoulder like a firefighter.

Bella-Let go of me Bestie

Louis -Never

Louis ran down stairs to the front door.He slipped on his shoes and then grabbed Bella's shoes and bag. He turned and walked out the door carrying Bella to Niall's car. The rest of the boys came running behind while Liam locked his door. 

Bella- Where exactly are we going and can you put me down now

Louis- Where going to Simon's beach house and not till I put you in the car

Niall got in the drivers and Zayn in the passenger seat. Harry got in the very back 

Harry- Pass her here

Bella- What am I, a football?

Louis passed Bella back to Harry and got in the car. 

Bella- Louis I want to sit by my Bestie 

Louis- You heard her Harry you come sit up here

Harry- ugh fine 

Harry and Louis switched places. Bella and Louis now sat in the back and Harry and Liam sat in front of them 

Bella- So how long is this trip ?

Niall- 2 to 3 hours 

Niall started the car and they were off, he drove at a steady pace and the music was just slightly playing. Everyone was already looking tired even though they had only been driving for 30 minutes. Bella leaned over and put her head on Louis shoulder. 

Louis- Hey Niall you got any blankets in here 

Niall- Yep they're in the back with the chairs,just reach your hand over 

Lou reached over and grabbed a blanket, placing it over his head and body as well as Bella's. Harry looked at them questionably 

Harry- What are you doing Lou? 

Louis - I'm having a one to one talk with my bestie under this blanket 

The car was silent, the music was off and all you could hear was Louis's and Bella's whispers. Zayn was the first to fall asleep. There whispers became giggles and laughs

Bella- Stop it Lou 

Louis- Hahah never!

Harry and Liam looked at each other questioning what was going on

Bella- Lou please stooop, I hattttte being tickled hahahahah

Louis- Haha nope!

Liam reached over and pulled the blanket off both of them. Louis was laying on top of Bella still tickling her not noticing the blanket was gone, she was laughing like crazy. Harry looked a bit mad and his fist's were clenched.

Harry- Lou get off her!

Bella and Louis both looked up, He stopped tickling her and they booth sat up, neither one was wearing a seatbelt.

Bella- Harry calm down we were just having fun (Yawing)

Louis - Are you tired Bella?

Bella- Kind of 

Louis - You can sleep on my shoulder 

Bella- No offense Lou but you're freezing cold. I don't mean like you as a person but you're body. I need something warm to sleep against  

Louis- Okay Bestie I see how it is. 

Liam- I'll switch you places 

Louis- Yeah I want get away from Bella anyways (winking at her ;) 

Liam and Lou switched places 

Bella- You're much more warmer then Lou 

Louis- Hey I heard that 

Harry- You guys are so weird 

Liam- Maybe it's all my muscle ;) 

Louis- Hey I heard that to 

There was an hour and 15 minutes  to still go in the car ride. Niall was still driving keeping his focus on the road. Zayn and Louis were passed out , Harry was looking out the window and looking back at Liam and Bella when they weren't looking. Liam sat up straight while he let Bella's head rest on his lap. She was fully lying down in the back , Liam's left arm was wrapped around her just in case there was a sudden stop. Liam would look back and fourth from the window to Bella who was now also sleeping. He would let out  a smile ever once and a while when he glanced at her. Harry saw all this happening and decided to speak up. 

Harry- Why do you look at her like that ?

Liam- What?

Harry- Do you like her ??

Liam stayed quite and didn't answer Harry 

Niall- Answer Harry's question Liam

Liam- No okay guys, stop bugging me. Focus on the road Niall and Harry get some rest. 

But only Liam knew that he was lying as soon as he said no.  

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