New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


29. What was I thinking

She got no sleep, she was wide awake all night. The scary movie didn't even phase her that night.Bella heard her alarm go off. It was around 8:50. She got off the couch leaving the blanket, she walked up stairs and looked in her mothers room. Her bed was untouched meaning her mom didn't even come home last night. She walked into her room to see that Harry was no where in sight. Good maybe he left early to walk to his house she thought. She shut off her alarm and then pulled off her clothes that she slept in and through them in the hamper. She put on new underwear and grabbed a pair of black leggings with a simple blue tank top. Bella took off all her jewelry and left her hair normal. She didn't bother with even putting her black mascara on. Today just wasn't her day.She grabbed her school things and put them in here purse for school then grabbing her keys that were laying on her side table along with her phone.She walked down the stairs to the kitchen grabbing a apple and a Banana that sat on the kitchen table stuffing them in her purse. She pulled her converse on at the front door and walked out locking the door behind her.

She walked to the bus stop, the bus would be here in 10 minutes. While she waited she thought about last night , how Harry called her childish and how he always changes moods. Maybe the boys should just leave her and go on tour now. Really they wouldn't be missing her . Once they left she would be a nobody once again and forgotten in the dust. Now she didn't hate the boys no, Harry just got on her nerves now. It reminded her of the first day they met. How could you ever be mad at Lou even though sometimes he can get on your nerves. Zayn was just there for the moment and chilling. Niall was the goof ball that you didn't want to forget about. Liam was different ,the strong type that was annoying sometimes but really they could all be annoying. Her thoughts drifted away when she saw the bus pull up.She walked on showed her pass and looked for a seat. Non of the boys were on the bus today. She quietly thanked the lord, she didn't feel like talking to anyone. Today no one sat in the front row so she slid into the seat putting in her head phones to listen to her one song.But when she went to her music she noticed there were more songs and they were by One Direction.Liam must of downloaded them when I was at his house she thought. She listened to her music on the bus ride there. 

 She walked straight to her english class and sat down in her desk.

Mr.Thomas- Bella , nice to see you again, how was your weekend 

Bella- Uh fine,yours?

Mr.Thomas-Pretty good thank you, did you not get much sleep last night, I don't want to be rude but you have some very dark circles under your eyes

Bella- No I didn't sleep really at all last night , but I'll be fine 

Mr.Thomas-Okay good because we will be working on the group project and a lot of questions 


More people walked into class,Bella caught a glimpse of the boys and put her head down on her desk and closed her eyes. The bell ran and everyone sat down, Bella still kept her head down. The teacher stood up to speak

Mr.Thomas- Good morning class, hope you had a good weekend. Enough of that talk though I want to get in to our questions of the day and see what you think of them. The class had a class discussion about various questions that the teacher gave them. Bella just sat there and listened, the discussion took up almost the whole class leaving no time for the group work  .

Mr.Thomas-Now this  question is my favourite out of all them. The last question is what does it mean to belong ? any answers. Yes Niall

Niall- To belong is to be placed in the right position 

Mr.Thomas- Very good anyone else, yes Liam

Liam - To belong is to, I guess fit in with the crowd or to fit into a specific place

Mr.Thomas- Well done

He asked a few more kids then came to Bella

Mr.Thomas- And what do you think Bella

She lifted up her head to look at the teacher, this was the first question she was asked to answer 

Bella- Um not sure 

Mr.Thomas-Just make a guess 

Bella- I don't know what it is like to belong because I simply don't belong 

Some kids in the class gasped and the room fell silent until the bell broke the silence. Bella quickly grabbed her things and walked out the door to her locker. She opened it putting her stuff away except her phone cause she had foods class next. She didn't notice that Harry was at his locker with Liam and Louis standing by him. 

Harry- Looks like someone didn't sleep well

Bella- Oh shut it Mr. no it all

Harry- At least I'm not childish like you

Bella- At least I'm not Mr. Ego

Louis-Guys stop fighting will you 

Bella- Yeah not till he apologizes 

Harry- Why would I apologize to you spoiled little brat

Bella- Hold it right there, in a million years I will never ever act like a spoiled brat, I'm thankful for everything that I have.You should know that since I trusted you enough to tell you about my life. I don't even want your apology any more because it would be too hard to accept it from that  annoying face of yours

Liam- What happened last night

Harry-She was just being childish,scared of a stupid little storm, acting up like the usual causing a problem. I didn't want to say anything but you do act so childish. The world doesn't just circle around you,this makes me wonder why I even wanted to be around you,you're right you don't belong 

Louis-Oh that's uh,Harry?

Liam-Bella it was just a storm.And Harry what did you just say?

Bella- You know what it's not just a storm, maybe to you guys but every time there's a storm... Actually there's no point in telling you, you'd both side with Mr.grumpy pants . You guys don't even know half of it , thanks for acting like my friends for what like 5 ,6 days sorry for the mess I've caused. Yeah this makes me wonder why I ever trusted you people, specially you Harry, god I can't believe I told you about any of that. Your'e right I don't belong thanks for pointing it out yet again 

She turned back to her locker and slammed it shut locking it. She quickly walked down the hallway passing Niall who was at his locker


She stopped in her tracks

Bella-What do you want Niall?!

Niall- What just happened over there?

Bella- Go ask your friends 

Niall- Our friends 

Bella-Yeah I don't think so 

Niall- W.. 

She stormed off with out letting Niall finish  


Author note: Thanks so much guys 1010 reads(WHAT?!?!) It really has made me a way happier person. Even though that might not make that much sense :)  

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