New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


11. Truth or dare at lunch

Freedom , Bella ran out of class to her locker and grabbed her lunch she made. Looking over to see Niall and walked over to his locker. 

Nialls POV

There she was that pretty little face coming down the hallway toward me. Oh Bella my brown eyed girl haha

Niall - Bella are you ready for lunch, you know sitting with us popular kids is kind of big deal   

Bella - Oh shut up Niall : she playfully slapped my arm   

Niall - Ouch love what did I tell you that really hurts   

Bella -oh boo hoo cry me a river ( She smiled ) and started giggling 

Niall - Come on smarty pants, were actually eating outside today cause it's so nice  

Bella- Wait you guys have a popular table outside too?

Niall- No we have an area that nobody else comes to, it's really just Directions spot it's kind of hidden away so don't tell nobody. If you do I might have to .... Tickle you to death. I grabbed Bella and started tickling her , When I saw Harry turn the corner and give us a strange look.  

Bella- Niall please stop I can't take it. Haha never I laughed finally stopping . Okay I won't tell any one ever

Niall- Good girl, the guys won't mind if you come they all seem to like you

Bella - Well that's good,should we go then

Niall- Yes love and were off, I grabbed her hand and pulled here outside

  We were walking for about 10 minutes then turned right into a forest close to the school. I kept walking with Bella hand in mine. We got to a whimsical looking tree and I pushed away all the branches  so we could pass through. There sat Liam, Louis and Zayn . Harry slowing coming in behind us looking angry, hm wonder why? We had 7 beanie bag chairs (just in chase we had visitors ) and a small little table that was barley off the ground.  So what do you think Bell? Niall this is so cool , I'm loving this. Thought you would. 

No ones POV

Small chatter went on during there lunch. The guys happily welcomed Bella, it was nice to have a girl there for a change. Everyone was finishing there lunches when Louis spoke up. Guys what do you want to do now, we still have plenty of time before the bell rings. How about some truth or dare , Zayn said smirking. Everyone looked at each other and all agreed okay. Me first louis yelled out

Louis- Okay Bella truth or dare   

Bella- Truth 

Louis- Okay where the f did you learn to sing like that, you're better then we were when we tried out for the x factor. 

Bella- To be honest Ive never had lessons or anything, I don't know I just sing. Okay my turn Harry truth or dare?

Harry looked a bit shocked and out of place. Uh truth. 

Bella- Okay , have you done it yet ?

Harrys POV

Everyone looked shocked that she asked that  , everyone started to laugh except for me. 

Harry- Ya I have so what ? Okay my turn. Time to get inside Liam's head and figure out what him and Bella were actually talking about.

Harry - Truth or dare Liam 

Liam- Truth 

Harry -Okay , so what were you and Bella really talking about when you were whispering keeping secrets hmm

Liam - I don't know what your'e talking about 

Harry - Yes , you do I swear I heard her say you made her feel better, what happened between you two. Now all eyes were on Liam 

Liam- Harry don't raise your voice

Harry- Answer my question. But it was to late the bell rang and Liam got up and grabbed Bella and put her over his shoulder and ran out . 

Harry- Guys what is going on with them??

Louis- I don't Know 

Niall- Not sure mate : he looked sad when he spoke

Zayn- I'm sure it's nothing mate, come on they're just friends. 

Harry- mmhm   


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