New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
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21. Time to tell

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  No One’s POV

They spent almost there whole day at Simon’s house.  Simon and the boys where still trying to get Liam to talk when Bella walked in. The  sun was slowly going down. She walked into the living room once again and everyone look up at her. Harry was back by now and he looked a little disappointed and he was still soaking wet like Bella. Bella asked were the washroom was. Simon told her up the stairs on the left. She thanked him and walked to the washroom. She wanted to break down crying, but she hated crying. She looked in the mirror to see that she still had her black eye, but it wasn't as black as it was from the morning. She was trying to figure out how she was going to talk to Liam. She stood there and just looked blankly into the mirror, She was kind of going a little insane thinking about all this. She started to tape her foot to the beat in her head and danced around singing.


“ Waking up beside you I’m alone again, I can't contain this anymore ,I’m all yours, I got no control, no control. Powerless and I don't care it’s obovuis, I just can’t get enough of you(Slowly two tears rolled down her face)  , the battles that my eyes enclose no control. Wowww. No control , Powerless I don’t care it’s obvious, I just can’t get enough of you, the battles that my eyes in close , no control!”  

This was truly the way she felt, not having control of herself and that she was slowly losing the battle while messing up friendships. She wiped away her tears from her red shot eyes. She walked out of the bathroom and went down the stairs. She kept her head down as she slowly took a seat next to Louis.

Simon- Was that you singing?

Bella- Sorry. Liam can I talk to you for a moment 

She looked up and glanced at Liam with her red shot eyes from crying. Everyone, including the security team looked at her. She looked away from Liam and glared at the floor.

Liam- Can you please excuse us 

Liam got up and grabbed Bella's hand, he brought her up stairs to the washroom an closed the door. He turned around and pulled her into a hug 

Liam- Bell what's wrong? 

Bella- All this Liam, you're lying to your best mates and Simon. This is my fault we shouldn't have ever hanged out in public like that. I still don't understand how you're my friend, who want's to be friends with the new girl anyways?

Liam- Bella stop saying it's your fault. I'm glad that I met you, that's truly coming from my heart  

Bella- I just, I don't want to tell them cause I think things would get awkward. Like all those papers are saying that were dating, so if we tell the boys it's me there going to assume were dating and that I'm just her to take your fame (A tear rolled down her cheek) It will just start a big fight

Liam- First of all you would never do that you're to nice of a person and the boys would never think that. (sigh) We can tell them were not dating, we can even publish that in the paper. It can say " Mystery girl and Liam Payne are just friends. " or something like that. We don't have to say who you're . But do you think we should tell the boys?

Liam placed his mouth on her forehead 

Bella- I don't know , I just know this is driving me insane. You guys are screaming at each other about this stupid little thing. Maybe we should ? 

Liam removed his lips form her head and looked down at Bella 

Liam- Yeah I think it's about time we confuse that were (Liam chocked saying the word ) "Friends"

Bella looked down and agreed. They let go of each other and walked down the stairs to take a seat. 

Simon- So Bella have you convinced our Liam here to tell us 

Liam- I'll tell but all of you have to promise me the mystery girl stays a mystery girl to the public eye and paps unless they find out somehow by themselves. Only you guys in the room will know. I know this girl likes her privacy. And we are nothing more then just friends that like to go out with each other alone. I know that Kind of sounds like going out on dates but it's not okay. Well at least I think she doesn't want it to be dates. 

Bella looked up at Liam with a bit of sadness, she never thought that they were dates because she thought that he didn't want them to be dates. She leaned over and whispered in his ear"Liam I never said I didn't want them to be dates . I just ... never mind you don't even like me in that way." Liam looked at her shocked he was about to whisper something in her ear but Simon interrupted.

Simon- We will have to post something in the magazines that Mystery girl is just a friend without reviling who she is 

Niall- So can you tell us now 

Zayn- Yeah come on 

Harry- We won't get mad

Louis- Promise 

Liam- So Mystery girl as they all call her ,is sitting right next to me . Her name is Bella 

Liam grabbed her hand and they looked at each other and back to everyone else. Everyone, except Paul had a shocked look on their faces. 

*  Author note : I'm in love with the song No Control,it's amazing and it fit the part. So it's only out to the boys who the mystery girl is, what will Simon and the boys think. "Drama" Who will take it the hardest, one of the boys or Bella 

* The next chapter will be way longer promise




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