New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
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15. Those Friday nights

Bellas POV  

I told Liam to take me home, I couldn't handle any of this right now. Everything's happening way to fast. First he see's me after my shower,takes me to the mall ,takes me on rides , holds my hands ,buys me boots, wipes my nose. Ugh we were really close ,you could say kissing distance. God what if I get him in trouble for all this. I don't really want anything to happen between us. Let's face it he's from One Direction, why would he date someone like me and secondly he'll be going on tours soon and there won't be time for a relationship. What am I saying , he probably doesn't  even like me.

Liams POV

I drove Bella home, I was going to ask her if she wanted to go to a movie but she looked really down . I pulled up to her flat, there was still no car there. We both got out I walked her to her door, the ice cream was gone by now and she was caring her bag and boots. So Bella I had a really good time today. Yep she mumbled just enough so I could hear. Look Liam I have to go do uh homework . But it's Friday I thought in my head. Okay Bella well have fun with that,I'll text you later. She didn't say anything to me she just waved and turned to walk into her flat . I thought she had fun I really did. Maybe she's just shaken up about the paps that showed up.

Bellas POV 

Ya I know that was rude but I had to clear my head. Okay so I'm a 16 year old girl on a Friday night with nothing to do and really the only homework I had was from music class and to do that I needed Harry and Liam. I locked the door and walked over to hang my keys up. My mom still wasn't home like always. I looked to the table there was a note. I walked over and read it. Dear Bella I left you $10 in your bedroom, go out and by some dinner I will not be home till late tonight or the morning. Oh I left you something else to . Love Mom xoxo. Finally this kind of cheered me up I wonder what else she left for me. I walked up to my room. I saw that she left the 10 dollars on my bed alone with a box. I walked over to the box and read the note on it. I know how hard this must be on you Bella but I promise that we will be here for a very long time. I opened the box to see a piece of paper that was all. I picked it up and read what it said. So Bella I have decided to give you this,this right her is just a piece of paper but what your going to read will change your life and mind. When it comes the time when your grade 12 I will give you the gift of anything you want. A trip, a life time supply of anything, money, you name it. As soon as you have hit your second week of grade 12 you name it and it's yours. I'm giving you this present because of what I've done to you your whole life. I've made you move place to place. Not really having many friends cause were always on the go. I've never really given you anything you've wanted. You have always shown me respect and kindness and you've never asked for anything from me . So this is my gift to you . Love Mom xoxox P.s We will always have each other no matter what happens.   Wow anything I want that's crazy , how could she afford anything I wanted . I don't even know what I want. I don't even want to except this offer. I took the box and put it under my bed. I'm so stressed everything is just messing with my head. I need to get out of here. I grabbed the 10 bucks, walked to my closet and grabbed my old blue sweater. I walked down stairs grabbed my keys and bag and walked out my door locking it behind me (FYI I still have my converse on from before). Okay where to , where can I get a meal for 10 bucks. Let's see there has be a McDonalds,Taco Bell, Nando's something around here. I started walking to the right of my house. There had to be something just down the road and around the corner. I finally turned the corner to find a gas station, a liquor store , a little super market and a Taco Bell. Well Taco Bell it is . I walked into Tac Bell the line actually wasn't bad . I waited looking at the menu hmm. I have ten dollars what to get. How about a taco and a blue raspberry slush, ya that sounds good . How much is that oh only 7 bucks sweet. I was waiting an felt someones presents behind me , wow this place is popular. Finally it was my turn. Hi, yeah can I please get your simple taco and a small raspberry slush. "Hey that's what I get to" I turned around to see who said that. Harry of all people was standing there with a smirk on his face. I turned back and paid and stood to the side to wait for my order. I didn't say anything to him back. He order the exact same thing and paid. Hey Bella come here often ? Not really you? Ya I love Tacos! Really me to but home made of course they taste way better. I'll have to try these homemade Tacos of yours one day. Sure. Silence came over us as we waited. Finally a guy came out with two bags " I have a order for Bella and Harry?" I went to grab my food but I was to slow cause Harry had our bags and drinks in his hands. Um can I have my food please. Ya you can if you say you'll eat with me . What no Harry I have to go . No you don't  come on. Ugh just give me my food Harry. Not unless you eat with me. Okay fine let's go grab a table. No not here back to my flat lets go. What? why ? Because if anything paps with show up and start taking pictures of us. God, fine let's just go Harry. We walked out, I started to walk to the corner. Where are you going Bella? Well I'm assuming you live somewhere over here so are we going or not. Bella I drove here . What? 

Harrys POV 

Yes all you reading thought I was 16 but really I'm not, see me and the boys can't really tell people our age cause of this whole school thing. Once we are done with this school thing we can ounce Our actually ages. See louis is the oldest he's actually 21 yeah so what he wanted to go through the experience of school for real. Zayn the second oldest he's actually 20 then there's  Niall and Liam they are both 19 but Niall's older cause of his birthday and I'm the youngest I'm actually 18. But Bella didn't know any of this she thought Liam was 17 and I that I was 16 and the rest were 16 to. Well that's not the case .  Ya Bella I got my drivers yesterday. But weren't you on the bus you walked onto it? Ya I got it after school . Oh , okay wheres your car then . Right over there. Her eyes moved to my Range Rover her mouth dropped open. That's your car ????? Ya nice isn't it? That's not just nice that's amazing it's beautiful. Well thanks , shall we go . Yep . We walked over to my Rover and got in . Bella can you hold this while I drive. Yep! She changed as soon as she saw my car. From being pissed about me stealing her food to her seeing my car haha. So Harry where do you live she asked. Oh I live on Cail drive number 101, her eyes went big and she replied with an oh . She looked shocked at what I said. I pulled into my flat and grabbed the food from Bella. Hey I can carry it you know. Na it's fine I got it Bella. We walked in to my flat, I walked to the kitchen putting our food on the table. Omg Harry your flat is amazing , it's so nice just like your car. Well thanks. So wheres your parents? Shit, what am I supposed to say , non of us live with our parents cause were all old enough. Oh I think they might be out on a dinner date or something. Oh that's nice. Bella why don't we go to my theatre room and watch a movie and eat. Sure sounds like a plan she took off her coat and put her bag down. I grabbed our food and lead her to the theatre room. YOU got to Be joking Harry! What ? what's wrong ? This is amazing, like unbelievable , how is this possible. I don't know, spend your money wisely and become a super star lol. What movie do you want to watch Bell. Um up to you I don't really watch movies so you pick. Omg you don't watch movies well we have to fix that, have you ever seen Titanic. No I haven't. Omgoodness we need to change that now!

Bellas POV

He put the movie in and we sat on the big couch that was in the back. We ate our food and continued watching the movie. I knew I had that Titanic for the fist time  look on my face. This movie was amazing. We were finished eating, I continued to sip on my slush . Then the movie came to a really awkward clip, the part where she wants him to paint her. Oh god what was I watching now. Harry was just sitting there watching like nothing wired was going on. I couldn't watch any more. I leaned back in the couch and covered my eyes with my hand. Haha Bella what are you doing? Nothing. Yes you are, you are covering your eyes silly.So , whats your point? Why are you covering your eyes, does this clip make you uncomfortable . What? Well usually goody goods don't like watching things like that you know make outs, Nude clips. I'm no goody good , just cause I don't like watching this, or cause I've never done it with someone like you have or like these people in the movie probably will, that doesn't mean I'm a goody good. Let me guess you haven't even kissed a boy yet he said smirking. I stood up  and yelled So what bid deal I haven't kissed a boy whats it to you? and I walked out the room(aw I didn't get to finish the movie. Why did I agree to this, to go to his house to watch a movie ,to do all this stupid stuff, crap it's already 9pm. I heard Harry yell for me to come back , that just made me even madder . I was walking fast down the hall way when I turned the corner way to fast and hit my head right on the corer. Oh god my head, pain was coming over me . I feel like I just got punched , I was slowly getting dizzy and could feel the darkness coming over me. I heard a faint Bella, are you okay? But it was to late I was in blackness and falling to the ground. 


    * Hey guys thanks for reading it means a lot to me , thanks for all the support. While writing this I was eating Tacos haha. Anyways this book will probably have about 25-40 chapters so I'm not even close to done, I hope you keep reading because there will probably be a sequel in the future for this. What's going to happen to Bella? What will Harry do with her? and will the boys ever find out about her being the mystery girl to Liam ? Keep reading to find out :) 


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