New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


14. The little box

Liams POV 

Hey the least she would do was get mad right. No harm no foul right, is that how the saying goes. She was probably going to take her time in the shower any ways . I walked over to her bed and bent down and grabbed the box. It was a dark wooden box with the writing "Bella's Secrets" interesting. Okay I totally Know this is wrong but  wouldn't you be interested to? I opened the box. There inside lied a million pictures, a heart shaped locket  necklace and a diary. I grabbed the necklace and opened it . One side of the heart had a picture of a beautiful lady .She looked just like Bella , same brown hair and eyes,I'm guessing this was a picture of her mom. On the other side there was a black shadow of a man with a question mark on him. Well this was strange, usually there would be a father on the other side but here was just a picture of a question marked man. So did Bella not know who her father was? I closed up the locket and took a look at her pictures. The pictures consumed of her when she was little, she was adorable. There was pictures with her mom that were ripped. Maybe her mom ripped the pictures for a reason. I really don't think I should look in her diary, even though theres no lock I really don't think that would be right. I heard the shower shut off an quickly put everything back shutting  the lid and putting the box under her bed. I got up and sat on her bed. I sat there awkwardly waiting. Bella walked in looking down at her clothes in her hand. Oh I guess she didn't notice I was in here. She closed her door and dropped her towel. Omg she dropped her towel . I should say something like Bella I'm in here.But no I couldn't get any words to come out.At least she was in her underwear. Liam say something come on. Uh Bella I'm sitting right here. She turned around and screamed Omg I thought you were down stairs. I deiced to stay up here . Please just get out and wait down stairs. Ya of course. I got up and walked to the door slightly checking her out. I hope she didn't notice. 

Bellas POV

Liam just saw me naked. Okay well not completely, but still it felt like it. As he walked out I noticed his eyes go up and down my body, but only once. He was checking me out for sure. Ugh this was just embarrassing , like I know I have an okay body , but I'm not comfortable showing it in this way. I don't like showing my body off. I don't even like wearing swim suits,I'd rather not even go swimming. Knowing me though theres not many things I do like. 

List of 9 things I hate

1. Swim suits (swimming)

2. Fake ass rude people

3.Foods I don't like olives and chocolate blah 

4. Girly things ( the only  girly thing I like is hot pink but it can only be hot pink)

5.Boys that are full of themselves ( For example Cameron) 

6.Scary movies ( They are just to scary)    

7. I don't hate roller coasters , I'm just not the biggest fan

8. Screaming/ crying girls that freak over boybands 

9. Kissing boys( Well that's only cause I've never kissed one)

Yeah, yeah,yeah omg she's 16 and she hasn't kissed a boy . Ya whatever big deal.

I put on my long sleeve white flowy top and my black jeans ripped jeans on, I went back to the bathroom to put all my bracelets and necklace back on. By this time my hair was dry and in it's natural state ,I just left it like that. I grabbed my mascara and put some on. I went back to my empty room and grabbed my bag and walked down stairs. 

No ones POV

Bella walked down the stairs into the kitchen ignoring Liam who was sitting waiting on the couch . She opened the fridge.  There was completely nothing . She then walked over and grabbed her keys from the hanger as Liam walked in . So Bella I'm really sorry I kind of froze when you dropped your towel ,I didn't mean to stare at your body. Bella's face was overly turning red.  Her heads admittedly went to her face. Can we just go now please ,she turned and walked towards the door slipping on her red converse yet again. Ya of course , sorry. Liam stop apologizing, yeah you could of spoke up sooner but whatever that's in the past, let's just go please. They both walked out the door Bella locking it behind her. They got into Liam's car and drove to the mall.

Liam finally found a parking stall and parked. He reached over to the glovebox and grabbed out a hat and two pairs of black sunglasses. Look I know it's silly to wear a simple disguise but it really helps not that many people notice me when I wear this. He handed her a pair of sunglasses . You can wear them to, they will give you a little privacy if you want. Ya I'll play alone she giggled I feel super cool with these on . Liam and Bella both looked at each other and laughed out loud. Moments later they walked into the packed mall. There was a lot of people because it's Friday, a lot of kids go shopping duh.  

Liams POV 

 So Bella there's a lot of people here I said looking at her. Ya there is for sure . Make sure we stay close okay Bell. Yes dad she giggled whatever you say. We continued walking down the mall when we were about to pass the rides that are in the mall . Hey Liam what's in there ? Oh thats the little amusement park they have in here, hey let me take you on some rides please. Okay but please no roller coasters. Will see , let's go. The first ride we went on was the swings,  then the mini ferris wheel , the ship and the spaceshot. We got off the space shot ( the ride the drops you from really high up) and I pulled Bella over to the roller coaster. Liam what do you think your'e doing. I'm bringing you on the roller coaster with me. Ya I don't think so. Bella tried to walk away but I grabbed on to her arm. Bella your coming with me that's final. Ugh okay whatever , let's get this over with. We waited in line till we got seated next to each other . We buckled in . Bella was shaking she looked really nervous. Hm I wonder if this will help. Here goes nothing. I reached over with my left hand and started playing with the bracelets on her wrist. 

Bellas POV

Oh god I was so nervous , I couldn't think straight. While sitting in the chair waiting to take off my knees were shaking and I felt myself get nervous more and more. Then I felt Liam's hand on my bracelets, I didn't dare look at him or his hand. Some reason that little touch made me calmer . 

Liams POV 

I was playing with her bracelets , when the coaster started to move slow to start. I could see the nervous go back into her. Okay here it goes. I slowly put her hand in mine. I took my thumb and rubbed the top of her hand. I noticed she noticed and started blushing but she didn't let go of my hand she held on . I leaned over to her ear . Bella you got this, you wouldn't want to act like Harry now. She looked over at me. What do you mean by that? He's scared of roller coasters to. Oh sorry. She went back to looking forward. Okay lets do this and with that the roller coaster ride was over. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to go again. Ya no way lets get off this death trap. We unbuckled and hoped off. She was still holding my hand. She grabbed her bag and we walked out of the amusement park. She was still holding my hand ,we continued  walking down the mall . Um Bella? Ya? Oh nothing, never mind , anyways whats your favourite store , actually whats something you've always wanted. She stopped in her tracks pulling my hand with hers. She looked down to the ground and frowned for a second . Bella did I say something wrong are you okay ?Uh sorry , yeah I'm fine . She didn't seem fine something was bothering her, I decided not to say anything though. Well to be honest Iv'e always wanted brown chelsea boots. Hey your just like Harry. What ? . You don't like roller coasters and you like chelsea boots. That's just two comparisons Liam come on. Ya I know haha let's go buy you some boots. Liam I can't let you do that . Why ? Cause you don't need to, I don't need people buying me things. This is just my present to you. Why , I never gave you present or anything. Yes you have Bella . What no I haven't. The present has been spending time with you. She smiled and didn't say anything. So Bella I'm buying you those boots no matter what. Okay dad , so demanding and forceful . Hey I got to be to keep a pretty little thing like you in line. Hand in hand we walked to topshop, they have pretty nice shoes ( hey my mom shops here okay). I brought Bella over to the shoe section. Her eyes went big "Liam these are way to expensive." I looked at the ones she was eyeing . Only 85 bucks, that's nothing to me . I spoke up Bella it's fine totally, I'm buying you them and thats final. But.. I cut her off before she could speak . Bella I'm getting you them, now pick out your size I said rustling my hand through her hair. Okay, okay Liam I get it , I'll pick a size .Our hands separated has she walked over to pick a size.  She grabbed size 5 , what small feet and walked back over to me grabbing my left hand again.She grabbed my hand again come on this has to mean something right , maybe , I don't know. Okay I picked them out can we go now dad. Haha Bella your so funny. We walked up to the counter and I paid , before Bella could grab the bag I grabbed it out of her hands. Here I'll carry it. Wow what a gentleman. Hand in hand we walked out of the store.  

No one's  POV

They walked hand in hand , a flash caught both there eyes. It was two guys with cameras . They followed Bella and Liam from a distance taking picture of them holding hands and walking. How about some ice-cream Bella? Sounds good but I'm paying no if's ands or buts okay. Fine mom haha. It's only cute when I do it. The paps followed them into a little ice-cream store in the mall and sat in a booth so they wouldn't be seen. Bella do want to share an Ice-cream ? Um sure do you like birthday cake flavour ? Ya for sure, here I will go get us a table. Liam sat down right across from the photographers not even noticing. Bella walked over after paying. She held a cone with two scoops of ice cream on it and sat down. So uh Bella what would you call this. Well just a couple of people hanging out and being friendly I guess. Well at least she didn't say that I was a good friend , not friend zoned yet,Liam thought in his head. Why Liam what would you call this . Well , lets go with what you said. So who gets the first lick. Go ahead ladies first. Hm so plight of you. Bella took the ice cream and gave it a lick and handed it to Liam. Liam started laughing . Hey whats so funny mister. You, you got a little something on your nose there. Oh oops. Bella tired to wipe it off but failed . Here I will get it for you . Liam grabbed a napkin and placed it on Bella's nose wiping off the ice cream. While doing this in the corner of there eyes they saw a flash. Liam quickly put down the napkin and looked straight at Bella. Bella we have to get out of here theres paparazzi.Bella grabbed her bag , standing up and grabbing Liam's hand . Okay let's get out of here then. They quickly walked out trying not to cause a scene, the paps right behind them.  They finally got to the parking lot and got in his car. Oh no . What's wrong Bella ? They got pictures of us together and my face wasn't covered . You were wearing the glasses though that's fine. Ya but they for sure know that it's you , they got pictures of us holding hands being all cute, you wiping my nose, Ought you get in trouble from that , I'm sure of it. Liam didn't think of it that way. If something pops up or happens it's not your fault nor mine okay , do you understand that, it's no ones fault, let's just hope those photos don't get put up . Okay. But really would Liam get in trouble for being somewhere with out security and being with a mystery girl. What would Simon say? More importantly what would the boys say if they knew who the mystery girl was.    

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