New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


23. Styles?

All the boys looked at me as I ran to his room. I felt really bad for yelling at him. I knocked on his door and he said come in. He was sitting on the window bench looking out the window 


Bella- Louis I'm so sorry for yelling at my Bestie, I don't know what came over me . 

Louis- Hey it was the heat of the moment, come over here 

I walked over to Lou and we hugged it out.We sat there for a while looking at the stars . 

Bella- Lou I truly don't no what to do about these feelings 

Louis- Wait so you're saying that you have feelings for those three lads too

Bella- Yes sadly I'am, this makes it 10 times more confusing and interesting 

Louis- So were those really dates you and Liam were on 

P.s The other boys are outside the door listening

Bella- Yeah I don't think so, he went on and on about how we were friends, he didn't even tell you guys half of the story 

Louis-What do you mean?

Bella- You know that picture of me walking out of his house hand in hand in the morning

Louis- Wait do you mean to say you slept at his house 

Bella-Calm down nothing happened, remember were just friends to him

Louis-Yeah I'm go to have a little chat with him tomorrow, no one hurts my sis   

Bella-OKay whatever you say Lou,thanks bro . Well I better be going to bed (she got up)

The other boys ran to their rooms they would disguise this tomorrow 

Louis- Where are you going to sleep?

Bella- Um I'll just sleep on the couch (she walked out his room) 

No one's POV  

Bella walked down the hallway , getting pulled into an orange room to a shirtless Harry wearing boxers. His hand was around her wrist.

" What do you want Harry?"

" You're are not sleeping on the couch Bella."

" Then where I'm I sleeping ?"

"Here you can sleep in my bed."

" No I'm not letting you sleep on the couch."

" I wasn't going to sleep on couch, I was going to sleep in my bed with you."

"Yeah no I'm sleeping on the couch Harry."

" I won't pull anything and My beds way softer then that couch."

" Fine just shut up already."  

She walked over and laid on top of the covers on the bed. Harry shut his bed room door and shut the lights off. He walked over and turned on the side light getting on top of the covers like Bella . They both laid there quietly. "So tell me about yourself"

" Um not much to say, do you actually want to hear the truth, the real truth." (But she wasn't going to tell him everything)

" Yeah I want to know who the Bella is lying next to me."

"Well The day we were on the bus was awkward haha Um, I'm 16 from London , I have a mother no father , she works day and night for the both of us . I really don't have any friends but you guys cause I'm new, I can't believe you guys are my friends. To be honest I didn't even really know who you guys were because I don't get internet or anything. The only song I heard before you guys was skinny love. I'm average and boring. Thats it really any questions? "

 " Have you ever had a boyfriend or anything?"  

" Nah, guys don't look at me that way, why look at the boring girl?"

"So you've never kissed a boy , you've never had a boyfriend , so you're saying you have no experience with boys and don't know what to do."

"Oh shut it Styles."

She bit her lip and looked at Harry in the eyes.

" Well you're good at being a tease."

"How ?"

"Stop biting your lip"


Silence came over the room till Harry spoke 

"Hey Bella?"


"What's your last name?"

She looked away from him.

"I Don't know."

" What do you mean?"

" My Mom's never told me ,Ive never seen my birth certificate or anything."

"Oh strange and you've never asked about it."

"No I just think it would be weird to bring it up now."

 "I have another question."

"Go for it"

"Promise you will answer no matter what the question is."

" Yes , what's the question?"

" Who do you like out of all of us , who do you have a crush on."

She looked back to Harry's eyes.

"My curly sue I would rather not answer that question,what if I don't even have a crush on any of you. I think we should go to bed."

"Sorry I didn't mean to pull at that and I know you so do,  goodnight ."

They both pulled the covers over them.

"Bella you're really far away"

"What's your point?"

" Can you move closer so it's warmer."

" Harry I..."

He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her closer to him, he moved the hair away from her right ear and whispered in her ear.

"I bet you've never been touched by a guy like this before."

Bella was shocked, she liked the feeling that Harry gave her. She heard the boys say that they would all stay friends but apparently Harry didn't get the memo.

" What are you doing Harry?"

"I'm just hugging you Bella, it's okay."

He reached over and tapped the light off. Bella knew she didn't want to think of the three she liked as just friends. "Bell you know I really like you, from the moment I saw you on the bus to this moment now." She  felt herself get warmer.

"Can you too be quiet I'm trying to sleep and I don't think the other boys would like seeing this."

They both looked up and focused there eyes on a Louis  who was standing in the room, this was not an illusion.

" Just go to bed now and I won't tell, night."

He walked out, shutting the door. Harry and Bella started to laugh together quietly.

" Well night Bell."

He kissed her forehead and kept his hands around her.

"Night Styles."

He whispered but you're special to me, hoping that she wouldn't hear. By now she completely forgot about Liam, like he said they were friends, but she had Niall in back of her head.  


*ugh can you say feelings and drama! and did you catch on to that how Harry said she was special cause in the chapter before she said she wasn't anything special, look for those little things or should I say hints. Thanks so much for reading, keep liking and favouriting    

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