New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


20. Simon's house

Zayns POV

I was the first to wake up as we pulled into Simon's beach house. I looked over to see a tired Niall and everyone else asleep expect for Liam ,odd. Simon's house is beach front, just looking over the beach, me and the boys have been here a couple times. It's cool cause it's like his own beach. Down on the beach he has a little cabin for guest's and a bunch of lawn chairs and a volleyball court, also a nice fire pit . The water here is as clear as it can be. I shouted for everyone to get up and they groaned. Haha rocks to wake up first. I got out of the car followed by everyone else. Bella whacked me on the side of the head ."Hey what was that for ?" "For waking me up ,I like my sleep." 

Bella- Niall are you okay 

Niall- Yeah, I'm just really tired from driving

Bella- You could've got someone to switch with you 

Niall- Awe Bella always caring , no it's okay I like driving 

Bella- Maybe you should lay down for a bit 

Niall- After Simon talks to us

We all walked together to Simons front door and ran the doorbell. Simon opened the door and I took another look at him for a second and then glanced at Bella. They oddly look alike or maybe it's just me thinking that ,probably. He welcomed us into his home and we followed him to his living room where our security team sat and Paul our driver/security/friend sat 

Simon- Take a seat boys (he glanced towards Bella) and who might you be 

Bella looked nervous  

Bella- I'm Bella, I'm a friend of the boys 

Simon just stood there and looked at her , it was quiet for about 5 minutes and no one said anything. Finally he broke the silence 

Simon- Well it's nice to meet you. Boys why did you bring her here?

Liam- Well  

Niall- uh 

Zayn -  um

Harry- uhhhh

Louis- Well we told her sorta what's happing and we wanted to show her your place

Simon- I see, but this really only involves you boys and Liam and she's just your friend you say. Bella can I get you to excuse us for a moment. 

She got up and walked out of the room. 

Bellas POV

Omg I knew I shouldn't have came. I walked out of the room and outside onto the beach front and looked out over the water, It was so calm and peaceful. This was a bad idea in the first place, what is Liam even going to tell them. All the papers thought that we were a thing now. Were we I don't know. I know I spend most of my time with him out of all the boys , but he just seems different , he gets me. But would he ever fall for me, yeah no way not in a million years. He could have a super model or a singer or an actress. Who am I ? a no one. I'm still trying to processes how they are my friends. God I just wish it was Monday!  " Why do you wish it was Monday?"  I turned around to see a man with a suit on talking to me . "Oh sorry was I talking out loud?" " Yes you were a little, oh by the way I'm Paul."

Bella- Nice to meet you Paul and I'm excited because I turn 17 on Monday and there's no school cause of PEday

Paul- Oh well happy early birthday, I'll tell the boys

Bella- Oh please don't I don't want to make a big deal about it, I've never been the one to like birthdays or celebrate 

Paul - Very well I won't tell them

Bella- So anyways why are you out here , not to sound rude or anything

Paul- Oh I had to get out of that meeting, there going on about that girl. All the guys are trying to guess who it is , they have guesses like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez etc. 

Wow did they really think I looked like them, at Lima's house he played some of  Selena's music and he showed me pictures of some celebs, Kendall Jenner was in one of the pics. I love the song by Selena The hearts want's what it wants, it's a good one 

Bella- Yeah I'm glad I'm not in there 

Paul- Yep and Liam doesn't want to confuse anything, he was just saying that it was a girl and non of their business an that he'll be smarter about it next time 

Bella - So no one knows who the girl is ?

Paul - No 

Bella- Who do you think it is?

Paul- Well it's heard to say but I do believe that it's you 

Omg how did he know, okay stay calm Bella play it cool

Bella- Why do you think that?  

Paul- Well if you look close at the photos you see the same bracelet and necklace you are wearing and the way I saw him looking at you a while ago gave some hints, but I see that Harry and Niall look at you that way to. So I'm not sure if it's you in the picture

What Harry and Niall look at me that way. What is this look and Liam has it too ? What is going on. I need some air,  wait  I'm outside already  ugh what is going on. I looked up from my hands and Paul was gone. He was a cool guy but he kind of confused me. I need to cool down. Right now I really don't care, I ripped off my top (well Liam's shirt) I was wearing a sports bra and my jeans. I pulled off my shoes and ran into the water. Gosh this is refreshing the best feeling ever right now. This was clearing my mind from everything, all the confusing crap that was going on. I went into  the water up to my belly button. I walked a bit farther and dived into the water. I don't care if anyones wondering where I'am. I go up for air but as soon as I get enough air I go back under, I like swimming under water.  

Harrys POV 

My head was going to explode with all this yelling. Simon was yelling at Liam and the security . The security was yelling at Liam and Liam was yelling at them. The boys and I were also getting into the conversation now and then 

Simon- Liam why won't you just tell us who she is!

Liam- Because she likes her privacy and I like that, the world doesn't need to know who she is 

Simon- But why can't you tell us 

Liam - Because I can't okay I  just can't

Harry- I need to step out for a minute to get some air

Simon- Go a head I think we will be here all day

I got up off the couch and walked to the backyard , which is actually the beach. I like looking out over the sea to see the water and  I like feeling the sand between my bare feet. Oh look theirs a shirt.  Wait what? There was a green cut off shirt and a pair of shoes on the sand. I glanced up from the sand to look up at the water but no one was there. I turned around to walk away , but heard splashing. I turned back to see Bella in the water. She didn't she me cause she was turned the other way. She would dive in and out of the water. She finished diving and started to spin around in circles not noticing me, it looked like she was finally having fun for a change. She stopped spinning and walked back up to sore with her head looking down. She got on the sand, turned around and fell on to the sand just laying their with her eyes closed enjoying the sun.       

Harry- Bella what were you just doing? 

She opened her eyes, shocked that I was standing by her

Bella- Um were you watching me ?

Harry- Just a little, looks like you were having fun 

Bella- haha yeah, I was just trying to let go a little 

Harry- You do know we have to drive back and your pants are soaking wet 

Bella- Well I'm not the only one soaking wet 

Harry- What ?

Before I knew it she grabbed me and pulled me into the water. 

Harry- Oh it's on like donkey kong 

We started a splash war, splashing each other back and fourth. I made her think I was going to splash her so she closed her eyes but instead I grabbed her and spun her around. She started to laugh and smile. I put her down , we were really close like really close.I could feel her breath on my neck. Our gazes met and we stayed looking at each other. Out of no where she pulled me close and hugged me. I Hugged her tightly  


Harry- For what?

Bella- For being you, for being here for me 

Harry-Well thanks for being you

She kissed me on the cheek breaking the hug but are arms were around each other lightly. Our gaze was still focused on each other.

Bella- Do you think they’er done bickering in there

Harry- I hope so, want to go check?

Bella- sure 

I grabbed Bella’s shirt and shoes off the beach , handing her her shirt while I carried her shoes. We walked to the back door and walked into the living room. We were still soaking wet, everyone looked up and stared at us . Me and Bella looked at each other and smiled and broke out in laughter. 

Simon- What happened to you two?

I didn't want to get in trouble, I dropped Bella’s shoes and grabbed her hand, whispering in her ear telling her to run with me. We laughed as we ran to the front door and out we went. We ran back down to the beach and ran till we couldn't see the house anymore. We came upon a spot with a bench. 

Bella- Why did we run? 

Harry- I didn’t feel like getting in trouble 

Bella- Oh look at you actually using your head for once 

I pushed her playful and she fell over

Bella- Ouch Harry that actually really hurt 

Harry- Shit, Bell are you okay, sorry I didn't me...

But before I could finish she had me pinned to the sand and was on top of me 

Bella- Haha got you lover boy 

Harry- How many nicknames do you have for me?

Bella- A few curly sue haha 

She got off me and we sat there together looking out over the water 

Harry- What do you think ?

Bella- What do you mean? 

Harry- Do you think they will figure out who she is 

Bella looked down, she couldn't look at me. Was it something I said? 

Harry- Bella did you hear me ?

She nodded her head back and fourth 

Bella- I don’t know, can we not talk about that?

Harry- Well I want to know what you think 

Bella- Harry I’m going back 

Before I could stop her she was gone running away from me and the house .

Bellas POV 

Why couldn't I just get away from this stupid topic, can’t they just forget this. I won’t hang with Liam in public any more, is that what they want. I kept running till I was far form the house and Harry . I  spotted a weeping willow tree and walked over to sit under it . Yeah but that’s not I want. I want to be able to hang with him when ever. Why do they care so much if they think were dating. Were not, so why can’t we just tell that to the public but then my privacy would be gone. Why can’t they tell the public without telling them who I’am. But I guess that won’t do because the paps will keep trying to figure out who I’am. That day when Liam pulled into the parking lot at school, he was so protective, I felt safe. Why can’t they just say I’m a girl that goes to school with him. But of course there’s always a flaw in everything. Maybe I should go back and talk to Liam alone, tell him I can’t handle this any more, see what he has to say. Maybe I should get my sorry soaking ass up and walk back to Simon’s. No I don't have the confidence to do that. Can I just die here in the cold under this pretty tree, Of course not. I got up and made my way back slowly.  

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