New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


6. Second part of overnight stay

Second part of Overnight Stay

Bellas POV 

I didn't no know how to act back there , I felt wired. When he was touching my legs I couldn't find a way to react . Gosh what was wrong with me. Bella do you want me to put new sheets or pillow cases on the bed Liam shouted out of his room. No it's fine I yelled. I closed the door to the room and took off my necklaces along with my bracelets. Time for these wet shorts to come off along with my top, I took off yet again another pair of wet clothes. I went to the washroom and hanged them or the curtain rod. I went back to the bedroom and put on the green shirt Liam gave me. Hm well this was a little awkward since I had no pants on and the shirt was short making it fall just under my butt, to make it even more awks I was wearing my lace underwear. The things us girls have to go through.  Bella can you come here for a second Liam yelled out of his room. No I did not want to walk in there like this,hey I know I'm fit and I have a pretty nice body I'm not going to lie but this, this would just be out of my comfort zone . I feel like I have no clothes on just wearing this shirt, how do other girls do this. I got up the confidence and left to Liam's room. I stood awkwardly in the door way. Ya how can I help you. His head lifted up to the sound of my voice and he moved his eyes head to toe of my body. Hello Liam , I waved my hand backhand forth waiting for him to answer .  

Liam-What oh ya , um so about school tomorrow , well actually more importantly the bus ride.  

Oh no I completely forgot about the bus what was I going to do ?

Liam - I was thinking of driving tomorrow ,to school so uh do you want a lift. It's only far since your here at my house and you've kept me company.

Saved by Liam again

Bella - Well that would be lovely, but really it's you that have been doing everything

Liam- Hey don't mention it and that's all

With that I turned around to walk out the door, haha I knew he was staring. I quickly turned around and saw him blush . Thanks I said with a grin and walked out of the room.   The time passed so fast it was already 10:15 and I couldn't sleep because of the storm. I hate thunder storms the scare me , the crashing, the rumbling , the way it looks like the lighting could hit your house an minute and cause a fire. Okay ya I know a little dramatic but I freaking hate storms. I was trying to fall asleep but it was really hard to. I rested my head oh my pillow and gently closed my eyes. Okay Bella you can fall asleep ,you can fall asleep I told myself over and over till I was out cold. 

Liams POV

I was woken by the sounds of rustling and deadly but silent loud screams. I jumped out of bed in my boxers and ran to where Bella was sleeping. She was lightly screaming and moving around in bed , I heard her say make it stop please. I ran over to where she was laying , her cheeks were wet from tears . I placed my hand on her shoulder to wake her up.

Liam- Bella are you okay ?

Bella - What, who , where , why

She started to look confused as she placed her hands on her cheeks. I was having a bad dream she admitted. These days I haven't been sleeping and that storm wasn't helping me either she spoke. It's okay Bella I'm here for you I said grabbing both her hands and keeping them in mine . She quickly pulled away , I'm fine Liam she spoke begging to shake. I could tell she wasn't okay . I pulled her towards me into a hug. Bella you're not okay,can you least tell me about the dream. No I'd rather not she said hugging me back placing her head on my chest. I'm sorry she whispered . For what love I asked . For being a mess , for being a pain in your butt, for just randomly coming into your world like this . Bella your not a mess or a pa but before I could continue I noticed her eyes were closed and she was asleep on my chest . Im glad you came into my world I said  knowing she wouldn't hear. She slept soundly , it was pretty cute . Wait Liam what are you doing , saying these things. I looked at the bed side table , I red 11:15 . I think I should go to sleep but she was asleep perfectly . I didn't want to wake her now , so I moved our bodies to lay down resting both our heads on the pillow and with that I felt my eyes slowly closing to sleep.




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