New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


30. Realization

Bellas POV

I fell for it again, I gave them all a second chance to be honest. The one I was mostly mad at was Harry , I didn't know he could just turn on someone like that. But Liam and Louis sure took his side , they thought it was stupid that we were fighting over a little storm. Niall and Zayn didn't even do anything but hey bandmates have to stick together so eventually they will all come to the conclusion to forget about me and not care. Why do I always give second chances, why do I chose to trust. Why couldn't I have learned the first time a gave a second chance. The first time I got hurt,not just physically but mentally. I think I'm going to skip foods class, I need to go lay down somewhere. I walked outside to the quad. The quad is the outside area for lunch where people eat when it's nice out. I chose to sit under a tree shaded from the sun. I sat down and closed my eyes leaning me head on the tree thinking. Wow do I have issues or what. I'm afraid of many things, I don't have a loving caring family to support me even though my mom try's her best ,I find it hard to speak up , it's hard to find myself. The biggest issues I have is my trust issue I would have to say,I'm just pathetic.I felt a tear slid down my cheek.Oh stop this Bella ,stop crying your'e not a cry baby , god I hate crying I thought to myself. I felt a tap on my shoulder, I swear if it is one of those boys I'm not saying a word to them. Your probably thinking how could you do that they are One Direction. Yeah well to be honest who gives a fuck now. I opened my eyes to see a tall boy standing in front of me. He had a nice build specially his arms. He was wearing a white cut off  that said Pink floyd with black jeans and red converse like me. On his lip was a bluey black lip ring. His dirty blonde hair was at the side and his lighter blue eyes gleamed in the sun. He bent down so he was eye level with me.

?- Hey are you okay

Bella-Yeah I'm just wonderful 

?- Ha, you don't seem fine, whats on your mind 

Bella-Well right now it's why is someone like you talking to me 

?-What do you mean someone like me? 

Bella- Well you must be popular, you got the looks, the build and probably the attitude. Sorry for judging a book by it's cover but that's what I see

?-Oh I thought you were going to say something like why is Luke from 5sos talking to me or something like why are you even in California 

Bella- Come again 

Luke-I'm Luke from 5sos, you don't know who we are

Bella- Sorry don't get out much 

Luke-Hey that's fine , anyways we are just getting big so not many people know us

Bella-Why are you in California ,shouldn't you be doing a concert or something?

Luke -Well right now were visiting some cousins down here and we will probably go to Disneyland  

​Bella-That sounds awesome 

Luke- Yeah, so are you going to tell me why you're sad or are you going to make me sit here all day umm 

Bella- Oh I'm Bella 

Luke- Sweet name and cute accent  

Bella- Thanks, I love yours too and I'm not going to make you listen to how I'm pissed off at myself and how I'm pissed off at my so called friends

Luke-What happened?

Bella- Let's just say we got in a fight and I really thought it through, making me not want to be friends with them anymore because really it wouldn't effect their lives if I wasn't there

Luke- Oh that's harsh 

Bella-Yep , that's the story of my life. Question why are you guys even at this school 

Luke- Oh haha, yeah Ashton had to use a restroom, this was the closest thing to one so yeah

Bella- Oh I see , why are you wondering out here

Luke- I like the outdoors , this area is really pretty and I also saw you. So being the questioning person I'am, I was wondering what you were doing out here alone 

Bella- Some one's a curios boy haha

Luke- That's right I sure am ,what about you are you curious about anything

Bella- Yes of course I'am, Im curios of why you're still talking to me , curious on what to do with my life, curious about why I even decide to trust them , curious in whats the point of trusting anyone 

Luke- Wow slow down there girl, I didn't need a life story in 10 seconds 

Bella- Haha sorry, I guess we are both curious people then

Luke- Hey it's not a bad thing at all 

Me and Luke chatted for a while, his friend was taking for ever to use the washroom haha. He was really caring and nice. He told me about his band and what they were like, he said when they get big he will invite me to a concert , that's pretty sweet.He asked for my number so we could stay in touch, Yeah I had a mini heart attack when he asked for it but I gave it to him anyways duh. We then got interrupted by his friend , I think he said he was Ashton.He yelled it was time to go . We both stood up 

Luke- Well that's my cue, it was really great meeting you 

Bella- You as well 

Luke went in for the hug wrapping his arms around me, so I did the same 

Luke- Promise me you won't forget me k?

Bella- How could I, I have your number, Promise me you won't forget me  

Luke -Promise 

But as he said promise I knew it was a lie, cause ever promise that was ever made to me was broken. The boys showed a great example of this. I sighed and said bye to Luke as he ran over to his friend, turning the corner. That was probably the last I would ever see of him. God I don't even want to finish this day of school ,I think I should just walk home. Who's going to miss me any ways , my only friends were the boys. You're probably thinking just go make some friends. Well it's not as easy as you think, what is even the point if I'm probably going to move again.Yeah I know mom said we would stay here for a while but to be honest I'm hoping we don't now. I took my phone out from my pocket.The bell was going to ring for lunch, Luke and his band were lucky they left just in time. I got up and walked back into the school. Today I didn't have a lunch I could buy one with the little money I had, but let's face it I could probably only buy an orange or something , so lunch is not on my list. The bell chimmed and I walked past the cafeteria. I'm not going in there, the boys are probably in there. So I decided to walk to the music room seeing as I had music after lunch. I walked into the music room and sat down looking at all the instruments and the dance floor. I've never learned how to play an instruments but I would love to. An acoustic guitar sat in the corner of the room. I walked over to it and picked it up bring the sheet music and chords with me that sat beside it. I sat back down in my chair. This looks easy enough, the sheet music read the song Good Riddance by green day,sounds good. The chords only consisted of G,C,D,Am and Em easy enough. I started to strum, it actually sounded pretty good, even though sometimes I had trouble remembering the lyrics while looking down at my figures. The D chord was a little challenging to change. I then felt and saw a hand wrap around my hand that was on the guitar neck. I looked up 

Bella- Cameron what are you doing? 

Cameron- I can help you if you want 

Bella- Why would I want help from a jerk like you

Cameron- Hey come on I'm not that bad, I was just playing around with you those days. I can teach you how to switch quicker if you want. And by the way you got me with that chocolate milk so I think were even 

Bella- Haha I sure did. Sure I would like you to help me please  

No ones POV

Bella spent the rest of the lunch getting taught the guitar by Cam. By the end of lunch she knew how to play the full song and half of the song the Heart wants what it wants by Selena. She thanked him for helping her out. She walked over and put the guitar back and walked back to sit next to Cam. They talked while the rest of the class filed in with the teacher. Bella forgot she was in a group with Liam and Harry. She would rather be in a group with Cam now. 

Bella- Hey Cameron 

Cam- Yeah ?

​Bella- I'm not saying you have to but would you want to switch groups , so me snd you could be one ?

Cam- Hey I would love to but we have to talk to Mr.Hatter if we can, I don't think Shelby would mind going with Liam and Harry 

Bella-I'll ask 

Bella got up and walked to Mr.Hatters desk while all the other kids chatted among themselves. 

Bella-Hey Mr.Hatter

Mr.H-Yes, What can I do for you 

​Bella- I was wondering if you could switch me and Shelby groups. So I can do the group protect with Cameron 

Mr.H- What's with the sudden change 

Bella- Me and Cameron thought we would make a better team 

Mr.H-Okay I will think about it and let you know 

Bella- Thanks

She walked back to sit next to Cameron. The teacher hushed the class to a quiet.

Mr.H- Okay class ,todays class we will be working in the groups for your music performances. I will be grading them on how well you sing or dance. You are also allowed to play an instrument if you want

The class started to talk again 

Mr.H-Hush down students. Before I forget to mention Shelby and Bella you will be switching groups. So Bella you're with Cameron now.

Bella looked over to the boys to see if they reacted in anyway. Harry looked pissed off and Liam mad. Hey that's what they deserve well more like Harry Bella thought. The teacher dismissed the class to get to work and all the students stood up to go to the groups and discus. 

Cameron-Sweet it worked out

Bella- Yeah I'm glad

Cameron- So do you want to just sing or what ?

Bella- We could both sing, you can play the guitar if you want or something 

Cameron- Sounds good to me,hey can you go grab that guitar again 

Bella- Sure

Bella walked over to the guitar and picked it up before walking back 

Harry- I thought you didn't even like Cameron,how could you like a jerk like him

Bella-Excuse me 

Harry- You heard what I said 

Bella- Oh is someone jealous that I'm not falling for them anymore,is someone mad I'm not in their group, is someone mad that someone else got chosen over them. At least he's changed his ways and he's being way nicer 

Harry-Trust me I don't like you anymore. We were nice to you , I bet you were just playing us . As soon as you knew we were One Direction you probably just wanted the fame

Bella-Good for you. I can't even you believe you would say that and to think at one point I called you my friend and someone I liked, well goodbye Harry

She turned around and walked back to Cameron with the guitar in her hand 

Cameron- Are you okay Bella?

Bella-I'am now

Cameron- Are you sure, Im here if you want to talk

Bella- No I'm good Cam 

Cam- So what song do you want to do ?

Bella-I'm not sure I don't know to many songs

Cam- We could do a song by your friends over there, you heard their music ?

Bella-I have but there not my friends anymore so please don't call them that 

Cam- Oh sorry I didn't know 

Bella- No don't feel bad, but sure let's do a song by them. Rub it in there face cause our version will be better ahah

Cam- Haha good one, so what song should we pick by them? 

Bella- Well Liam did show me this one song I actually quit liked by them. Have you heard Better then words by them? 

Cam- Yeah, I'm not a big fan of them but I actually like that song a lot 

Bella- Then it's settled,do you know the guitar chords for it 

Cam- I can learn them quickly I'll look them up on my phone, can you use the wifi to to look up the words on your phone 

Bella- Yeah for sure

Bella looked up the lyrics and waited for Cam to get the chords

Cam-Do you want to go down the hallway to practice 

Bella- Yeah, let's go

Cam grabbed the guitar and walked with Bella to the hallway 

Bella-Actually do you want to go to the quad to practice

Cam-That's a great idea

They walked outside to the quad, and sat under the same tree Bella sat under earlier 

Cam- So I guess I can be sitting on a stool while we perform and have the mic in front of me. You could have a head set if you want and throw in some dance moves, you've danced before right?

Bella- Yeah when I was younger I did dance

Cam- Okay so it's settled, let's do this  

Cameron strumed the guitar and sang. Bella stood up and sang while dancing goofy, she wouldn't actually dance like she was right now for the actual performance. Cameron tired not to laugh and same with Bella 

Cameron- I don't know how to sum it up  

Bella- Cause words ain't good enough

Cam-There's no way I can explain your love  

 Bella- Ah woo ,I don't know how  to sum it up, Cause words ain't good enough  

Cam-I can't explain your love ,noo  



 We all sat Our groups in a circle outside on the quad so all of us could talk to each other but still be with our partners. Bella and Cameron sat under a tree across from us. Of course they picked one of our songs I could hear them sining it. Bella was dancing around like a goof ball and they would laugh at each other sometimes. God she's such a trader. I could tell the other boys were looking over at them together to .What did I ever see in her


 She was dancing in a goofy way which I found cute, I'm surprised she was fine with being Cameron's partner. But after I heard her talking to Harry in the music room I kind of figured. They had a big fight which caused us to not talk to her cause when one of us doesn't like someone we all try not to like them. Yeah this was Harry's new rule


Harry's stupid new rule, why couldn't it apply to Shelby and Tina. This was really Harry's fault he caused this whole fight between all of us. It's just like last time almost. But I can't be mad at Harry cause he's one of my better mates but I miss Bella. She should be over here laughing and dancing goofy with me 


Oh Harry,What are we going to do with him. I doubt that Bella will talk to any of us, she's trying to stay clear of us. It really hurts me to see two of my great friends like this. This fight started over a stupid little storm and mean words. Why can't Harry just apologize to be honest he started it. 


Even though I didn't get the greatest chance to get to know Bella, I thought she was kind hearted and treated us well. Harry explained it to us what happened at her house last night when we left them. Nobody just freaks out over a storm like that. There must be something that caused this, but what? I would ask her but Harry would be so pissed if he saw me talking to her.



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