New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


5. Over night Stay : )

Bellas POV

I walked back up stairs to the smell of something appetizing, I walked into the kitchen to see Liam placing a vase with one rose in it on the table.  Just something extra he mumbled to himself . He then took two plates with a pizza slice on each and set them on the table along with two glasses of Ice tea. 

Bella- What's this ??

Liam- Well I was starving so I ordered in , I thought you might be hungry too. So by all means please join me 

Bella - Liam your'e way to nice, first you walk me home, get me Starbucks and now supper

Liam - Hey what can I say I'm a swell guy

I looked at the clock , it was already 8:15

Bella- I'm not sure if I should stay or not my mom might be worried

But really I knew she wasn't even home yet

Liam- Bella come here

With that he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the window to look outside 

Liam- Look it's raining like cats and dogs, can you hear the thunder and see the lightning . It's pretty dangerous to be walking or driving in this weather.

He was right the rain was coming down really hard and the thunder was very loud.The lightning was lighting up the sky  

Bella- Ya I know it looks dangerous,but we have school tomorrow (today it was Thursday) I have to get home some how. 

Liam- Bella I'm not letting you take one step out of my house into that. Im' sure your parents wouldn't mind if you stayed here tonight

I whispered it's just me and my mom

Liam - What

Beth - Oh  nothing. I guess you are right. I will call my mom then, but uhh you don't feel um how can I put this.

I thought for a few seconds while he stared at me. I could feel his eyes on my body, so I spoke up. 

Bella - You don't feel weird letting me stay here, in your house sleep here

Liam POV 

I could tell she was nervous when she spoke- you don't feel weird letting me stay here in your house tonight, like sleep here.  haha that attitude of hers, all boys noticed it by now even , it's not like it was bad it was cute on her.

Liam- No Bella it's completely fine, I would drive you home if I could but it's just to crazy out there right now love. I will go fix up the spare room after we eat. You should go call your parents 

Bella - Can I call on your phone, my phone doesn't make calls 

Liam- Ya, for sure

She walked over to the phone. Hmmm what kind of phone doesn't make calls

Bella's POV

I picked up his phone and dialled my house. Why didn't I just tell him my phone was dead. Like what phone now of days doesn't allow you to make calls.Oh ya that's right my phone can't make calls cause I can't afford a proper plan.Why was I even calling my house ,it's not like my mom would even be home. It rang and rang till I got voice mail. I put on my fake voice on" Hi mom" Ya I'm good , ya the weather is pretty bad . I'm just at my friends house. I don't think I should be walking in this from and it's not greatest to be driving in." "Yep, I will thank me friend, yep love you bye."Haha I just had a conversation with myself. I walked back to the kitchen to sit down 

Bella - Liam thanks again for everything , for walking me home , the Starbucks , for making me feel welcome here in California 

Liam- Well I'm glad you feel welcome, haha this is like a little welcome party just you and me

We sat there and had our meal 

Bella- Well that was splendid love 

Liam- haha

Bella - Why are you laughing 

Liam- Oh I just really like it when you talk like a brit 

Liam got up putting our dish in the dishwasher , want some water he asked grabbing my empty cup. Yes please I replied . He filled up the glasses and walked back over while tripping on his own two feet ( cute he's clumsy ) and pouring the two glasses of water all over my lap. Cold omg , so cold I  yelled. 

Liams POV

Oh shit what did I just :o. She started yelling that it was cold, Why am I so freaking clumsy.  Omg Bella I'm so sorry I quickly apologized and ran over to get the dry towel .I came back and started rubbing and patting her legs dry. I felt so bad, I felt her tap my shoulder. I looked up at her, her face was full on red. I just realized what I was doing . Uh Liam I can do that myself , thank you she spoke and grabbed the towel from me. I could feel my face getting red. Wow way to make this awkward Liam .

Liam- Sorry Bella 

Bella- It's okay Liam stop apologizing , so I think we should maybe get to bed you Know having school and all tomorrow

Liam- Well you can't sleep in those soaking wet clothes and I'm afraid those were the only pj shorts in that dresser ,so come with me.  

I pulled her out of her chair and brought her up stairs to my bedroom . Here I said you can wear one of my shirts to bed I don't mind :) She started blushing  and grabbed the green shirt from my hands thank you Liam , I'am going to get ready for bed. With that she left my room, still blushing :)

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