New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


7. Morning Paparazzi

Liams POV

I woke up ,where was I ?. Oh right the spare room, I looked to the  left and Bella was laying there soundly in my arms. I remembered I cheered her up last night . I looked to the clock it was only 8:50 . Wait oh my gosh it was 8:50 we have school at 10. It takes a while to drive there and we have to get ready. I turned back to Bella. ,grabbing both her shoulders  with my hands. I jerked her a little back and fourth, Bella wake up . She moaned five more minutes. Then she got up all of the sudden . Wait what are you doing in bed with me? she asked shocked. You don't remember last night do you, I will tell you in the car. Right now we have to get ready to leave for school. 

Bellas POV 

I was confused as ever, what happened I was trying to jog my memory when Liam walked out the door .God what happened . Okay what to wear , I walked to the bathroom to find that my clothes were still damp. Can't wear these, so I walked over to the dresser and pulled it open. Every shirt in there was light pink, bright pink and flowery. Ya no way in hell was I wearing any of these shirts, Pink and flowers aren't my thing. The pants were okay though I found a pair of light washed jeans with little rips at knees. They looked about my size , now for a shirt. I yelled out the door Liam Do you need this shirt anymore that I wore last night.  No Bella you cane keep it. Score, I  grabbed my bag and took out my mini sewing kit and pulled out the scissors. I cut the T-shirt sleeves off, then pulled the arm holes to make the fabric curl inward. I did the same to the neckline. The shirt looked complety different now , but still looked like a guys shirt. It's a darker green colour with wording that said "TEENAGE RUNAWAY" the shirt went perfectly with the light washed ripped jeans. I Walked out of the washroom and grabbed my necklaces and bracelets and ring and put them back on, walking back to the washroom to put on my black mascara and Little bit of lip chap. Now the hair what to do what to do?  I combed my hair back and put it in a french braid. There perfect I was ready to go when I smelled A delightful smell.  I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs

Bella - What's cooking ?

He was wearing  blue jeans and a casual white t

Liam- You like poptarts ?

Bella- Love um , why? 

Liam- Well I made some to go, Cause we should get going it's 9:15 and we have a long way to go. 

Bella- Ya for sure

With that he handed me a bag with the poptarts  for both of us and we walked to the door to leave. I slipped my red converse on and he put his adidas sneakers on . He grabbed his car keys and reached to open the door when

Liams POV

Flashing  lights, and people screaming questions at me and Bella . Who's that Liam, is One Direction breaking up,tell us about the songs and picture that have been leaked on the web. Enough I yelled I pulled Bella to my purple convertible . I love purple I heard her whisper. Haha cute, I opened the door for her and she got in letting me shut it. I walked around to the other side and got in, Cameras still flashing.  Does this usually happen to you? she asked . Sometimes cause today the security guy that is usually here for me is sick. oh . Sorry Bella about all this I don't want it to scare you . No it's fine it's kind of cool in a way I guess. With that I pulled out trying not to run into any of the people surrounding my car. I backed up and off we were to school.

Bellas POV

I felt the wind in my hair as we drove to school , it felt amazing , his car was amazing . So why were we in bed together I bulrted out ,oops. He explained everything to me , slowy I was remembering the dream ,him holding my hands . His hands were so soft , god pull yourself together girl. We sat there in silence as we drove to school.

*** Finally Harry's back

Harrys POV

We pulled to the last stop but no one was there, strange where's Bella. Liam wasn't on the bus either, he always came on the bus, Liam didn't like wasting gas. Louis tapped me on the shoulder , What you thinking about Hazza? Nothing Lou. But really I was , come on it was her second day of school how could she be missing it . Time passed on the bus quietly , we arrived at school and I walked off the bus towards the school door hearing yelling and shouting. I looked to the school parking lot and Saw Liam giving a hand to some girl pulling her out of his car. They were surrounded by  paparazzi, please move out of the way I heard Liam say. He grabbed the girl by the waist and pulled her to the back entrance. Haha so does Liam have a girl I thought laughing as I walked inside.  



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