New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


18. Morning love

 Bellas POV

I woke up to sun shine shinning through my window, I looked over to my phone to see if I had any messages. I'm lucky my mom got an unlimited texting plan for two months, but it cost a lot so I can't make calls.  

Text messages read 

Daddy directioner - Hey Bell are you feeling better, are you busy today ? :) 

Curly- How's the face doing?, remember I'm really sorry :/

My Irish guy :)-  Bella how are you this fine morning?  

Tea Man- Hey love hope your'e feeling better then last night 

Zayn wayne- I heard about last night, sorry Harry did that. I'm glad you forgave him , we're always here for you Bella 

God could these boys be any sweeter. I can't believe I still haven't heard any of there music yet. Made that's something me and Liam can do today if he's not busy.  I only answered Liam's text this morning. 

Text messages 

Bella-Ya I would love to hang out today if you're not busy, I'm feeling better just me eye is pretty black haha

Daddy directioner - Don't worry you're still as cute as a button and no I'm not busy today how about I pick you up in  an hour. 

Bella- Oh stop, sure sounds good see u then :) 

I glanced at the time on my phone  it was 9:00 am, I can't believe I woke up this early on a Saturday. I got up and went to shower. Passing the mirror to the shower I stopped and looked at myself. Oh god now that's a black. Looks like someone punched me. I got into the shower and took a 15 minute one. I walked back to my bedroom unswear, Liam's shirt that was now a cut off and a black pair of jeans. I put my usual jewelry on and my black mascara, leaving my hair natural. I grabbed my phone, it was now 9:30 as I walked down the stairs. I walked to the kitchen , another note from mom. Dear Bella have a good morning , there was left over yogurt and berries at work yesterday in the staff room, their yours if you want them. Love forever always mom. I looked in the fridge and pulled both out mixing them together and quickly eating so I wouldn't be late when Liam came. I cleaned up and grabbed my keys form the hanger. There was a knock on my door .

Liams POV

 I couldn't wait to see Bella this morning. I'm glad that she is feeling better. I arrived at her flat and knocked on her door. The door opened to Bell putting her shoes on and grabbing her bag

Liam- Ready to go Bell 

Bella- Yep (she locked the door behind her) So Liam what are we doing this fine morning? 

I grabbed her face with both my hands and looked at the bruising. 

Liam- Well Bell it doesn't look that bad, did you eat breakfast yet? (I removed my hands from her face)

Bella- Um sorta 

Liam- Let's go for breakfast, I-Hop, I'm paying

Bella- No Liam , why do you always say that 

Liam- What? 

Bella- I don't like when others pay, it makes me feel awkward 

Liam- Well I'm just a nice guy and I'm up for paying for today, so I'm buying you breakfast

I grabbed her hand and lead her to the passenger side, opening the door for her

Bella- Okay what ever you say Liam 

We both go in the car, I pulled out of the drive way and we were on our way. Bella pulled out the sunglasses I gave her out of her bag and put them on. 

Liam- Why you putting those on ? 

Bella- Well onto cover up my eye and two just in case theres paps

Liam-Oh good idea ( I reached over and grabbed my hat and glasses from the console)

Bella- Won't your people, like security people be mad that you left without them again?

Liam- Um yeah but I don't really care. I would rather spend my time with you alone. I just think that it's weird to have someone watching us while were hanging out. It annoys me sometimes I guess

Bella- Are you sure we should be going to I-Hop then

Liam- Yeah I want to go , it will be fun. It's okay I will protect you from the paps 

Bella- Oh my hero haha ( rolling her eyes)

I pulled into the parking lot ,getting out quickly and opening Bella's door. We got in and sat at a corner booth. I took my sunglasses and hat off

Bella- What are you doing ?

Liam- Bell it's fine our waiters a guy so he won't freak. There's like no one here anyways. 

No ones POV 

 (Skip breakfast, they are now at Liam's house) 

They were chilling in the down stairs listening to some of One Directions songs on the computer. Bella was laying on the floor listening, while Liam scrolled through websites on his laptop. Bella was just getting into the song "Rock me" she loved the beat, when Liam turned it off and told her to come look at his laptop. She pushed herself up and sat down on the couch next to Liam. 

Bella- What is it?

Liam- Look

Bella turned to look at the screen. Before her eyes were a million of pictures of her and Liam at the mall with writing on them saying "Mystery girl." There were pictures of them holding hands,walking,him getting the ice-cream off her nose and pictures of them on yet roller coaster. There was even pictures of them from this mornings breakfast. This time you could for sure tell it was Liam because the glasses and hat were off. They didn't even see any paps this morning so who could of taken these pics?

Liam- Oh and look 

Liam clicked on to his twitter. There was a million tweets saying Mystery girl 

#Who is she #Liam's girl? #Is he single or Nah #Who's that girl

Bella- Liam I told you we shouldn't hang like that in public.I probably got you in trouble now

Before he could answer Bella there was a loud banging coming from the front door. 

Liam- I will go see who that is 

Bella- I'm coming with you 

They walked up stairs and opened the door to see ???


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