New Girl

Bella is a 16 year old girl that just moved away from London to California. This is about her 5 or 6 new school in one year. At this new school she runs into some interesting boys, that she thinks look a little familiar. What will happen, will she fall for one of them ,become friends with them or completely hate them. Only time will tell love
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


33. Monday Morning

The weekend went by pretty quick. I tired being the good person and I deiced to text the boys over the weekend but I got no replies. Not even from Niall . I do truly miss them, well I don't miss Harry.

 I got out of my bed and got ready to go to school. I let my hair be natural , I pulled on my blue sweater and black jeans. I got ready in the bathroom doing all the necessary things. I finished and walked down stairs to the kitchen to see my mom sitting at the kitchen table. Three words, What The Fuck. It's been forever since I've even seen my mom, her busy schedule always holds her up. I really don't get how she's her.

"Mom, what are you doing here?"

"I haven't seen your beautiful face for a while now, I get home and you're asleep or gone.I decided to take this day off today. So when you get back from school I'll be here."

"Wow that's great mom, well I should go."

"I'll be here waiting for once, oh take this fruit cup and granola bar with you."

"Thanks mom,love you."

I walked out the door to the bus.It finally pulled up and I got on noticing that non of the boys sat on the bus today just like Friday. What felt like forever , the bus finally pulled up to the school and I hoped off.  I got to my locker and pulled out my books, closing my locker and walking to my english class.

The boys weren't in class today, actually they weren't in any classes today. I spent my lunch with Cameron today and when the bell ringed for home time I went outside and jumped on the bus,the boys still weren't here. I decided to text them all except for Harry, duh.

I waited 15 minutes and still no replay. Oh well maybe  Simon had to talk to them or something today. The bus finally pulled up to the bus stop and I got off walking to my house. I walked into my house and went to my empty living room where my mom sat on the couch by herself. I sat down next to her. We chatted like we haven't seen each other for years or even centuries. We got caught up so much that my phone read 10:00pm,we skipped dinner. We said goodnight to each other and walked to our rooms. I pulled on my Pjs and laid in my bed just thinking. Today was a good day,it would have been better if I talked to the boys or if they would talk to me. I missed talking to my mom I liked that chat we had, it was very reassuring. My thoughts went back to the last words that Niall said to me.

"Bella I want you to remember me , I promise we will meet again, I will always keep my promises that I've made to you. From day one when I met you I knew you were special. He wants me to remember him? and he promises we will meet again? Does that mean that he's going somewhere, does that mean that they are all going somewhere. By saying that does that mean there leaving. Wait they weren't here today at all. That means they probably already left,but to where? Why was I just realizing all this now. Why was I just taking this all in now? They left without saying goodbye, well Niall tired I couldn't blame him for trying to say goodbye, The boys probably didn't want to tell me because it would be easier to forget about me that way. They probably didn't want the memories of me, or the effects that I put on them anymore. Like I said they wanted to leave me in the dust.     

** Author note: This is the second last chapter of this novel, Thanks for everyone who has read it, liked it and favourited it.  Please keep liking, it means a lot .Love you peaches :)

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